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A few days passed quickly, and the “Battle City”, the largest duel monster event in history, hosted by the Kaiba Corp, was finally about to kick off.

The duelists equipped with the latest Duel Disks took to the streets of the city one after another, and suddenly they were everywhere in Domino City.

The densely packed duelists gathered from all directions to the designated place where they received the notification, waiting for the announcement of the tournament organizer.

At this moment, Yuei Vu was also among the crowd of duelists, looking at a specially made transparent card in his hand.

Dark Magician Girl floated behind him, her little head leaned over his shoulder curiously: “Master, what is this”

“This It is a puzzle card.” Yuei Vu explained, “Each contestant will get a puzzle card.

I remember that the first eight people to collect all six puzzle cards will qualify for the top eight.”

Generally speaking, Puzzle Cards were given when you receive the Duel Disk presented by the Kaiba Corp in the store, which could also be regarded as a qualification for the Battle City competition.

Therefore, Yuei Vu and other players theoretically did not have this.

However, they could receive the main quest of “Fighting Battle City”.

Everyone could get it from the quest panel two days before the competition.

The system would distribute puzzle cards as special quest items to all players who have received the quest.

Dark Magician Girl nodded thoughtfully: “That is, you can take someone else’s rare card by winning”

“That’s right.

So not only winning, but speed is also important.”

“It doesn’t matter! For Master, entering the top eight will definitely be easy!”

The spirit girl wrote “My master is the best in the world” all over her face.

While speaking, Yuei Vu had already walked to the square where duelists gathered.

Although most of them were passersby, there were quite a few familiar faces here.

The first was the protagonist Yugi Muto.

His colorful starfish head was easy to notice at a glance.

Then the hot gal next to him must be Mai Valentine- although she didn’t face Yuei Vu, for a player like Mai Valentine, it was hard to not recognize her.

After all, the size was just there.

Thinking of this, Yuei Vu couldn’t help but subconsciously glance at Dark Magician Girl who was floating in a ghost state beside him.


……Humph! After all, it still can’t compare to my spirit!

Dark Magician Girl: “”

Why does the master see me like that Is there something on my face

Cough cough, focus, focus…

Immediately afterward, Yuei Vu noticed the cannon fodder duo in the DM, Ryuzaki the Dinosaur user and Haga the Insect user.

Although Haga was just an ordinary person in the DM setting, he was an out-and-out bad guy.

The five Exodia the Forbidden One parts of Yugi were thrown into the sea by him, making the only set of Exodia the Forbidden One parts in the world out of print.

No, now Haga was sneering wildly on Yugi’s face again, saying something like “My insects are already hungry and thirsty”, “The army of insects is unstoppable” and so on.

However, at this time, Haga obviously did not realize the seriousness of the problem, nor did he realize that the starfish head in front of him would become his eternal psychological shadow in the future…

(In the Orichalcos chapter, Haga was attacked by the Yugi multiple times when his LP returned to zero and his soul ascended to heaven.

It’s a famous scene of Yu-gi-oh DM.)

Then of course, there were screwball players who were eager to try it during the Open Beta.

Players were in groups of three and two, their faces were full of anticipation.

After all, this was the first time they participated in the main storyline of DM, and it was still a Battle City competition with clear rules for gambling cards.

Every player would inevitably fantasize about reaching the top eight and rushing to the finals, rewriting history while reaping a lot of benefits.

But they were probably thinking too much.

In the Open Beta, players only had two weeks to mine and collect cards, thus the strength of the deck was limited.

It may be okay to bully ordinary passers-by, but if you encounter a player with a maverick hairstyle, 80% of them would overturn.

In the early stages, players basically came for sightseeing, and it was not practical to reach the quarterfinals.

Then, as expected, a large group of screwball players gathered near Yugi, obviously wanting to follow the protagonist to benefit.

Although most players found out after two weeks that following the original protagonist didn’t seem to have any benefits, there were always some people who don’t give up.

What if

What if Dark Yugi or AIBOU sees me as beautiful and takes me back to being a follower

Yuei Vu knew best about the players’ mentality, but he only found this kind of mentality amusing.

Heh, even someone as handsome as me doesn’t get noticed.

You are all probably thinking too much.

The time was approaching, and the opening speech of the competition finally officially began.


A series of three-stage laughter came from the sky, and through the huge loudspeaker, it seemed to hover over the whole city.

A huge shadow shrouded like a black cloud, and an airship with the KC logo was slowly approaching, covering the sky above the square.

A huge electronic screen hangs under the airship, and the image clearly shows the appearance of the president, Kaiba Seto.

He never missed any opportunity to show off, and if he wanted to show off, it must be on the largest scale.

It was really the style of the president.

When Kaiba appeared on the big screen and the arrogant three-stage laughter sounded, ad it really had the demeanor of a domineering CEO.

Seeing this, you may forget that this guy was actually only sixteen years old, and he was still in the same class as Yugi Muto…

…By the way, President, have you ever gone back to study

The sixteen-year-old president has even worked hard on his own.

This experience was indeed hard to imagine or not to admire.

After all, starting from an orphanage with a younger brother, not everyone has the ability to become the president of a multinational corporation.

Yuei Vu remembered that in the anime, he earned a big amount of money when he was a child.

On Seto’s birthday, he was given a 2% share of KaibaCorp and was told that although he could spend the money any way he wished, he must return ten times the amount in one year.

Ordinary people may be at a loss for such a perverted request, but Kaiba, who was only ten years old at the time, did not.

He returned all the money within a single day.

How He first bought 51% shares of a long-established pottery company with his assets and then sold the company’s shares to the original owner for ten times the price…

What You don’t buy it

I’m sorry, but your entire company will be shut down and leave the employees jobless!

When he saw this, Yuei Vu’s expression was like this: Σ(°△°|||)︴

President, you are so special… Isn’t that just robbing

Is it really possible to make money like this

There are no rules and no laws in this world, right

What about the judge Where is the judge

Oh, by the way, the judge may not be able to beat President Kaiba at cards.

Then it was not a problem…

In this way, Kaiba Seto not only met the expectations of his adoptive father but even more than that.

In the end, he simply threw Gozaburō out of the game and took over the Kaiba Corp.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he is a business genius.

At this moment, Kaiba has explained the rules of this competition to everyone in the air succinctly.

In short, the entire Doshino City was a stage for duels, where duelists could duel each other anywhere in the city and at any time.

The winner could not only take the loser’s puzzle card but also can arbitrarily claim a rare card from the opponent’s deck as a trophy.

The time limit for qualifying was within today.

During the whole period, all other daily activities in Domino City were suspended, all of which had to make way for the Kaiba Corp’s card game!

If you didn’t know the truth, you might even mistake Seto Kaiba as the mayor of Domino City…

However, Yuei Vu knew that it was nothing right now.

After a few more years, when the timeline reached “The Dark Side Of Dimensions”, at that time, Kaiba directly added new regulations – people without a registered deck were not even allowed to stay in the city.

Must know playing cards to live in a house, don’t you believe it…

At that time, Yuei Vu found out that President Kaiba may not really be the hidden mayor of Domino City, but he may be the hidden head of the country…


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