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Although many players gathered around important NPCs like Yuei Vu and Yugi before the Battle City competition started, after the official opening of the competition, most players chose to spread out and fight each other.

It was not good to follow the NPC in the promotion round.

The opponents you met were all defeated by the plot NPC, how could you get puzzle cards to advance

It was obviously unwise to challenge these important NPCs directly at this juncture.

In the early days of the open beta, players were severely lacking cards.

When facing these NPCs, they couldn’t rely on their advanced awareness and deck-building ability to gain an advantage.

Players who were qualified for the open beta had the same dream – to advance into the top eight.

If successful, not to mention other benefits, at least they would definitely be famous among players and may be recruited by any interested club or live broadcast platform in the future.

Therefore, most players still preferred to find soft persimmons.

But not without exception.

For example, Miss Yuehua, the streamer who received some special attention from Yuei Vu before, was a complete salted-fish-mentality player.

For a rookie like her who has just memorized the basic rules like “putting monster cards vertically is attack position and putting them horizontally is defense position”, entering the quarter-finals was really out of reach.

From the beginning to the end, Miss Yuehua hadn’t thought about promotion.

What does it mean to play a game What does it mean to be promoted

Why don’t you go to view Yuei Vu’s playing

That’s right, she was wandering around the city at the moment, looking left and right to find Yuei Vu’s whereabouts.

If someone came to her door, she would accept it.

If not, she would be too lazy to take the initiative to challenge others.

Winning or losing didn’t matter to her.

Anyway, even if she lost the puzzle card and lost the qualification, it would not prevent her from continuing to find Yuei Vu.

But even so, she kept reminding herself in her heart.

Although I was looking for Yuei Vu, it was definitely not because I desired his body!

She has been in the streamer circle for a long time, and she believed that her vision is still broad.

What kind of tall, rich, and handsome had she never seen before How was it possible to fall for an NPC who looks… so handsome

“I, Miss Yuehua, am definitely not a naive girl!

The reason why I am looking for him now is just because of the strong request from the live broadcast room, but in fact, I don’t care.

After all, her character is a queen, the kind that acts a little colder, is absolutely fundamentally different from the kind of little girl who becomes nympho when she sees a handsome guy…”

At this moment, a large wave of comments rolled over: “Hey the streamer, look to your right! That’s Yuei Vu!”

Miss Yuehua’s eyes were instantly filled with little stars: “Ah! Where”

Looking in the direction pointed by the audience, Miss Yuehua quickly saw Yuei Vu’s figure.

The girl whose eyes were full of little stars wanted to rush up for the first time, but her reason stopped her.

No, Miss Yuehua, you have to be calm, you have to be reserved…

…Forget it!

Go go go!

Miss Yuehua trotted all the way to get up.

As a result, it happened that at this moment, a few strong men of Ghouls jumped out to surround Yuei Vu, a group of muscular men formed a human wall, and the air was filled with an anxious breath of freedom…

Then the pop-up screen started again.

“What the hell are those people trying to do!”

“Let go of my husband!”

“The streamer, hurry up and save him!”

Miss Yuehua couldn’t help but complain: Save him Then who is going to save me

As for her small body with less than 30 Endurance, how could she fight those muscular men

But that would soon be unnecessary.

Because the players were quickly surprised to see a flash of light in the deck of Yuei Vu’s Duel Disk, a beautiful magical girl flew out of the deck, and a series of spell bombings instantly blew the strong men to their knees.

The audience was even more shocked now.

“What Why can his Dark Magician Girl beat people Isn’t it a hologram”

“No, you can see that he didn’t even open the Duel Disk, but the Dark Magician Girl flew out of the deck by herself!”

“Fuck! Could it be a monster spirit!”

“Is that Dark Magician Girl real!”

“Wow, it’s blown up, it’s actually my waifu’s spirit! I’m so envious of 555…”

“I’m so envious of the Dark Magician Girl, and I also want to be Yuei Vu’s spirit…”

“I don’t know who to envy==”

Miss Yuehua stared straight at Yuei Vu, who was standing behind the Dark Magician Girl with her arms folded and her side facing her.

She felt as if a mini version of herself was shouting in her heart—

–So handsome!

How can you even have a side face… No, the back of the head is so handsome!

I was so envious of the spirit next to him! If only I could act as this spirit and protect him myself…


At this time, Pandora was also doubting life.

“What! This magician girl… what’s the situation” Pandora’s face was full of astonishment.

“Among duel monsters, Dark Magician Girl is the only disciple recognized by the Dark Magician.” Yuei Vu smiled with his arms crossed, “It seems that even if you claim to be the master of the Dark Magician, you don’t seem to know it at all.”

Hearing this, the Dark Magician Girl puffed out her chest proudly, as if she was a little proud.

Pandora’s heart was shocked – the Dark Magician actually has an apprentice that I don’t know about

It feels like my wife secretly went out to find another man behind my back…

Bah! That’s not the point at all!

“Before this, why were your monsters real” Pandora felt that the worldview was challenged, “Shouldn’t it be all three-dimensional images!”

“Oh It looks like you don’t know anything even if you are with Marik.” Yuei Vu shook his head, “I think you don’t understand at all.”

“Understand… what do you know”

To be honest, Pandora was really a little flustered when he looked at the petite magician girl in front of her, was afraid that the other party’s disagreement and another magic-guided explosive bomb would blow him away…

In fact, it was not uncommon for monsters to materialize in Yu-Gi-Oh.

As early as in the Duelist Kingdom arc, Yugi’s classmate, the holder of the “Millennium Ring”, Bakura, once summoned physical monsters.

Yami Yugi in the animation until the Duelist Kingdom arc didn’t seem to be able to do this (maybe it has something to do with his memory loss), but in the subsequent Orichalcos arc, when the materialized monsters invaded the human world on a large scale, Yami Yugi has also been able to.

He counterattacked by materializing his own monster.

This move should be regarded as a common skill for high-level dark duelists.

For example, Yuki Judai in the later stage of GX could also make his Neos materialize.

In addition, the dueling monster spirit “Honest” that appeared in the later stage of GX not only be able to materialize freely but even transform and disguise as other humans.

Yuei Vu boldly speculated that Marik, who held a Millennium Rod, should also know it, but didn’t bother to tell his subordinates.

“…Since that’s the case,” Pandora gritted her teeth and opened the Duel Disk, “Let’s use a duel to decide the outcome!”

Yuei Vu rolled his eyes.

You just said that you won’t play cards if you don’t want to play cards, but now that you want to play, I’ll play with you.

Isn’t it shameful for me

No, let’s beat people directly today!

There is no need to talk about playing fair with these evils!

“Dark Magician Girl!” Yuei Vu ordered without saying a word, “Directly attack Pandora himself! Black Burning Magic!”

Dark Magician Girl waited for the master to say a word and immediately waved her little wand after receiving the order.

Pandora quickly turned around and ran away, cursing at the same time: “@#%&*”


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