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The magician in black armor appeared domineeringly on Yuei Vu’s field, just like a mirror image of the “Magician of Black Chaos” on Pandora’s field.

[Dark Magician of Chaos, ATK 2800]

On Yuei Vu’s side was the “Dark Magician of Chaos”, which was Special Summoned by the Quick-Play spell “Dedication through Light and Darkness”, an Effect monster.

On Pandora’s side was the “Magician of Black Chaos”, which was Ritual Summoned by the Ritual Spell “Black Magic Ritual”, a Ritual monster.

However, even though the two cards were different, from the perspective of dueling monsters, both sides were actually summoning the same monster, just with different counterparts.

Pandora’s “Magician of Black Chaos” was the version of the DM era, a monster without any special abilities.

Yuei Vu’s “Dark Magician of Chaos” was the new version of the mage when he reappeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

Monsters destroyed by his battle were not sent to the Graveyard but directly removed from the game, and the player could add a Spell Card from their Graveyard at the end of the turn during which he was Special Summoned.

In fact, this was the effect after the adjustment and correction of the K Company.

The earliest effect of the Dark Magician of Chaos was “add 1 Spell Card from your Graveyard to your hand when the summoning is successful”, which was indeed a powerful effect worthy of his title as the strongest mage.

Of course, such a powerful effect also directly caused the magician to be a frequent guest on the Forbidden List for a long time and has been a banned card for many years.

But that’s all history.

The adjusted effect of the Dark Magician of Chaos has eased, and he has already been released from the small dark room.

Because Yuei Vu drew this card from the system card pool, the Dark Magician of Chaos in his hand naturally had a modified effect.

But it didn’t matter.

In the current era, this was already a powerful monster.

Another wave of explosive rhythms was in Miss Yuehua’s live broadcast room.

“Shocking news! Dark Magician of Chaos!”

“6666, this is too awesome, isn’t it”

“A Thousands of Years Banned Card! Receive my respect…”

“Bro, the ban of Dark Magician of Chaos has been lifted for long…”

Pandora’s expression became exciting again at this moment: “How is it possible! This is the top magician, the ultimate posture of a Dark Magician, and its rarity is even higher than that of a Dark Magician… How could this stinky brat have such a card!”

And in his cognition, the Magician of Black Chaos should be a Ritual monster!

Dedication through Light and Darkness… This is another card that I have never heard of!

Pandora began to gradually suspect whether or not he was playing a fake Dark Magician for so many years!

“…Damn, but even so, the Dark Magician Girl can still be destroyed.” Pandora said, “Then I will continue to attack the Dark Magician Girl with the Magician of Black Chaos!”

The powerful chaos magician turned and rushed towards the magic girl.

The staff swirled, and the waves of pitch-black chaos rushed towards the petite and helpless girl…

The girl pouted and waved her staff to counterattack without retreating.

The fluctuations of the two magic powers collided in mid-air, the aftermath of the shock was released, and the magic power spread in all directions.

… The scene looked a bit like the collision between two Kamehameha.

Then Pandora’s eyes widened, and he saw the dark magic power of the Magician of Black Chaos being shattered.

The shock released in the girl’s small wand pushed the wave back and slammed it on the magician.

The high-end magician was slammed in the opposite direction under the tyrannical impact, turned into black smoke, and disappeared from the field.

【Pandora, LP 2250 → LP 2150】

“What” Pandora continued to doubt life,

“Why can’t the ultimate magician defeat that little magician girl”

Have I been punished by Heaven for playing fake cards I can’t beat it because it’s a genuine card and I play a counterfeit card

“Remember the effect of Dark Magician Girl She gains 300 ATK for every “Dark Magician” or “Magician of Black Chaos” in both GYs.” Yuei Vu explained with a smile.

“But even so, there’s only…!”

Pandora suddenly understood when he saw the Dark Magician of Chaos with awe-inspiring eyes on Yuei Vu’s field.

“The Spell card you played just now…”

“That’s right, Dedication through Light and Darkness used a Dark Magician on the field as a sacrifice to special summon the ‘Dark Magician of Chaos’.

At that moment, the Dark Magician on my field also went to the Graveyard.”

Yuei Vu raised the Duel Disk, and at the same time, the shadow of the master appeared behind the Dark Magician Girl.

“The disciple will inherit the teacher’s will and become stronger.” He said, “In your Graveyard, there are two Dark Magicians who were destroyed by Thousand Knives and used as ritual sacrifices.

There are three in total in both GYs.”

So now the attack power of the Dark Magician Girl is…”

[Dark Magician Girl, ATK 2900]

When he explained here, the elf Dark Magician Girl proudly held out her chest, with an expression of “Peak of Life.JPG”.

Even if my master changed his form, he couldn’t beat me! Master, don’t you compliment me

But in fact, from another angle, this passive skill was quite sad for the master.

Simply put, the more the master died, the more powerful the apprentice would be…

“But my turn is not over yet.” Pandora narrowed his eyes.

“I activate from my hand… ‘Monster Reborn’! The ‘Magician of Black Chaos’ in the Graveyard is resurrected!”

[Magician of Black Chaos, ATK 2800]

He called the unlucky ultimate magician back to the field again, but at this time his attack power was only equal to that of the Dark Magician of Chaos on Yuei Vu’s field, and not even as high as that of the Dark Magician Girl.

“Set a card, I end my turn.”

“At this moment, the effect of ‘Dark Magician of Chaos’ is activated.

I return the spell card ‘Dark Magic Twin Burst’ from the GY to my hand.”

The graveyard of ​​Yuei Vu’s Duel Disk lit up with pale golden light, and the selected spell card automatically popped out and returned to his hand.

“It’s that card again,” Pandora said solemnly.

Do you want to do it again

“Then it’s my turn, draw!” Yuei Vu added the drawn card to his hand, and drew another card from his hand, “It’s the last turn, Pandora!”

Pandora: “!”

“Spell Card – Dark Magic Veil is activated! Pay 1000 LP to revive the Dark Magician in my graveyard!”

【Yuei Vu, LP 2000 → LP 1000】

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500]

[Dark Magician Girl, ATK 2900 → ATK 2600]

Dark Magic Veil (Spell Card) – Pay 1000 LP to Special Summon a Spellcaster-Type DARK monster from your Graveyard or your hand.

It’s similar to the “Dark Magic Curtain” that Pandora activated before, but it’s a different card.

Pandora gritted his teeth: “Don’t hesitate to reduce the attack power of the Dark Magician Girl… Are you going to use that trick again”

What happened next was just as he expected.

This time, Yuei Vu didn’t hesitate to play the spell card that he had just recollected last turn: “Activate spell card – ‘Dark Magic Twin Burst’! The attack power of the Dark Magician increases by the attack power of the Dark Magician Girl!”

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500 → ATK 5100]

“Battle!” Yuei Vu directly declared, “Attack with the Dark Magician! Take over the joint power of master and apprentice!”

The wands of the sorcerer and his apprentice intertwined again, and the magic powers of the two converged in one place.

The red and black currents spilled out in all directions, and the swirling magic power turned into consecutive magic spheres and shot out!

With an attack power of up to 5100, even the so-called strongest Magician of Black Chaos was powerless to resist!

“Hahaha! This is not necessarily!” Pandora laughed, waving his arms violently, “Look, what are the tactics of a top magician! Then this is the real end of this duel!

Open the set card – Unbreakable Spirit!”

Unbreakable Spirit (Trap Card) – If you control only 1 face-up monster: Target that monster; until the end of this turn, it gains ATK equal to the ATK of the monster your opponent currently controls with the lowest ATK.

Yuei Vu understands: “The monster with the lowest attack power on my field is the Dark Magician Girl…”

“That’s right! So my Magician of Black Chaos, until the end of the turn, gains 2600 ATK!”

[Magician of Black Chaos, ATK 2800 → ATK 5400]

“Hahahaha, attack power 5400! The current Magician of Black Chaos can even knock down the legendary Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!” Pandora began to be proud again, “I won the magician’s final confrontation!”

Yuei Vu twitched the corner of his mouth and smiled, “Is that really true”

“I said, this is the last turn.” Yuei Vu drew another card from his hand, “This will be the last card to end the duel!

Activate Spell card – Brave Attack! ”

Pandora’s face turned green again: “This…this card is…!”

This time it was finally a card he recognized.

After playing for so long, Yuei Vu finally took out an original DM animation card.

Players who were used to playing real cards may not recognize it, but Pandora, a local duelist, was no stranger to this.

It was precise because of this that he felt an extreme fear… a fear of defeat and the ending that waited for the loser of the Shadow Game.

“Brave Attack can combine the ATK of all Attack Position monsters I control to attack one of my opponent’s monsters.

At the end of the Battle Phase, destroy all my Attack Position monsters.”

Yuei Vu paused: “But you can’t see that time anymore.”

He pointed towards the Dark Magician on the field.

“Due to the effect of ‘Brave Attack’, the attack power of the Dark Magician has once again increased by the attack power of the Dark Magician Girl and the Dark Magician of Chaos on my field! Therefore, the attacking power of the Dark Magician is….


[Dark Magician, ATK 5100 → ATK 7700 → ATK 10500]

Pandora began to tremble, his teeth rattled, and he couldn’t even use his tongue: “Ten thousand… 10,500 attack power!”

It’s just a nightmare.

“The battle continues!” Yuei Vu shouted, “Three Musketeers of black magic, joint attack!”

The Dark Magician of Chaos also joined in, and the three wands were superimposed.

The three magic powers are concentrated and released together, and the moment they erupt is like a dark and boundless ocean.

The defense on Pandora’s side was blasted through in an instant, his monster was drowned in the sea of ​​magic, and even the sharp screams were drowned out by the sound of the explosion…

【Pandora, LP 2150 → LP 0】


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