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“Elemental HERO Stratos, the sky hero.” Yuei Vu repeated it again, still with an expression of “You don’t even have this, right”

Marik: “…”

Fortunately, at this moment, he was talking to Yuei Vu through a puppet, and his own expressions and reactions were invisible.

Otherwise, Yuei Vu would have been able to see that the newly-promoted behind-the-scenes boss in the underground world was having a sore face at this moment.

Marik’s reaction now is a bit like a deaf janitor——

What did you say about the sky

What hero


No wonder he felt embarrassed.

As the head of the world’s largest fake card dealer, he just finished boasting that he has all kinds of cards.

Then came a card he had never even heard of…

“Ahem, our Ghouls’s card library is very comprehensive and rich in variety.

Sometimes I can’t remember all their names.

Can you describe the card you’re talking about in more detail”

Of course, there was no pressure on Yuei Vu.

Stratos’s effect must be branded into the DNA of every HERO player, and it can be written down when blindfolded.

“Level 4, Warrior-Type, ATK 1800, DEF 300, with two special abilities.

When this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can activate 1 of these effects.

● Destroy Spells/Traps on the field, up to the number of “HERO” monsters you control, except this card.

● Add 1 “HERO” monster from your Deck to your hand..”

Marik was lost in thought.

Marik, who thought he had a lot of experience in reading people, felt that the other party was not fooling him.

Judging from the fact that the other party could give the card description so quickly and in detail, he thought that this card might actually exist.

However, he never heard of it…

But Marik didn’t expect that Yuei Vu seemed to be surprisingly easy to talk: “It’s fine if you don’t have it, I also have some other needs.

Besides HERO, Dark Magician is also one of my main decks, and I happen to be missing some supporting cards… ”

As soon as he said this, Marik got excited again: “For the Dark Magician series, we Ghouls have everything in our hands! Come on, which card do you need”

“I think about it,” Yuei Vu thought for a while, “Then…give me a Dark Magical Circle”

“Dark Magical … what” Marik felt that he was deaf again.

What is that

“The Continuous Spell Card which is the key to the Dark Magician’s deck… there is no such thing Forget it.

What about the ‘Eternal Soul’ This should be there, right

……No Okay, okay, how about ‘Dark Burning Magic’

What kind of broken organization are you Why don’t you have even one good card

You don’t even know how to print cards yourself, just faking some meaningless cards all day long.

Now I understand why you can’t beat Yugi…”

The image of the golden eye on Pandora’s head flickered for a moment, and it seemed that Marik on the other end was almost exploded out of anger.

He said gloomily: “So, you don’t plan to join us”

“I don’t plan to, I think you bastards are doomed.” Yuei Vu shrugged.

Marik snorted heavily.

Obviously, before he came to contact him, he had long thought that Yuei Vu would reject his proposal, but he never expected that he would be so angry after being rejected.

“Very good, then don’t regret this choice.” Marik said coldly, “Your choice will attract the wrath of God.

Not only that, but also your weak organization will sink into the dark…

……what are you doing! ”

Marik couldn’t help but stop halfway through speaking.

Because at this moment, Yuei Vu strode to the body controlled by Marik, raising his arms.

Then, in front of Marik, he graciously raised Pandora’s Duel Disk, and without a word, pulled out the entire deck…

At this moment, Marik looked down at the empty Duel Disk in his hand and fell into deep thought for a long time.

Dude, when I said harsh words…

……you still have the mood to pull my deck

What are you so…

Even Miss Yuehua’s live broadcast room was full of joy.

“666666, I really didn’t expect him to pull out the deck halfway through the conversation.”

“I would like to call you the strongest!”

“I laughed so hard, the rare card hunter now becomes the hunted…”

“False Rare Card Hunter: You must win a card game before you can honestly steal a card.

Real Rare Card Hunter: I just skip the plot dialogue and pull the entire deck…”

Yuei Vu shook the deck of cards in his hand and explained, “Oh, according to the rules of the duel city, the winner can take only one card.

But most of your deck are fake cards, and I can’t find out which one is the genuine card, so I had to take it back and pick it slowly.

Don’t worry, I’m a man who keeps his word.

In case we can meet again in the future, I’ll return the rest after the selection…”

Is it too much Yuei Vu didn’t feel that at all.

The second time he won against Pandora, the system gave him another Dark Magician, but it was a task reward after all.

According to the rules of Battle City, he could also take a rare card from Pandora.

Actually, it’s a pity that Pandora was defeated here, because it meant that he won’t have the chance to beat Pandora for the third time in the future, and his third Dark Magician was also missing.


Although more than half of the Pandora decks may be fake cards, even if he took them back and sell them as scraps, he could get a little back.

What You said that according to the rules, the winner could only take one card from the opponent.

Too much was a foul

Then you may have forgotten that Yuei Vu was not only a contestant at the moment but also a consultant of the dueling monster department of the Kaiba Corp, barely half of the organizer of the competition.

As the organizer, I found out that my opponent was suspected of using fake cards during the competition, so I temporarily brought the deck back to test and check it.

Is there any problem

Anyway, he felt that there was nothing wrong with his logic…

At this moment, Marik, who was remotely controlling Pandora at the other end, was already full of the character “Well” which was unique to comic characters.

Marik controlled Pandora to raise his arm and pointed at Yuei Vu angrily: “You can still be arrogant now! Do you think that if you find the protection of a second-rate organization like Nightcrawler World, I won’t dare to do anything to you

Don’t be too proud! I’ll leave my words here today, the Battle City will be your burial place! You wait for me, and I’ll…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Yuei Vu turn around again, and took off the Duel Disk he was wearing on his raised arm.

Marik: “…………”

Ah, ah, ah, I’m so pissed off! How could there be such a shameless duelist! ! !

“You, you, you……”

Pandora’s body pointed at Yuei Vu, angrily as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t seem to be able to say anything.

, twitched twice and stopped moving.

Yuei Vu: “…”

Marik… doesn’t he die by anger

The comment section in the live broadcast room was blooming with joy.

“66666, it’s okay to be pissed off.”

“In ancient times, Kong Ming killed Zhou Yu, but now there is Marik who exploded in situ…”

Of course, it was too exaggerated to die by anger, but Marik was really angry and exploded in place.

At that time, an emotional person accidentally disconnected the tele-control of Pandora and dropped the line directly.

It’s just that because the disconnection was too sudden, it seemed as if he had been pissed off and was very happy…

At this moment, somewhere far outside the city of Domino, Marik was sitting on a stone chair, trembling with anger.

His most loyal confidant, the big man Rishid came up: “Lord Marik…”


That was the sound of the Millennium Rod in Marik’s hand smashing to the ground, and sparks burst out from the end of the golden rod.

“The plan has changed.” Marik said solemnly, “Let’s go to Domino now.”

Did he feel sorry for those cards that Yuei Vu pulled out Or because of the Duel Disk

Of course not.

Such a loss meant nothing to Ghouls.

He was angry at the guy’s attitude.

He actually stole away the most important card and Duel Disk from the duelist, is this scum still worthy of calling himself a duelist!

The head of the world’s largest card robbery group/fake card publishing group, Marik Ishtar thought.


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