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“Battle!” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “Use Magicians Rod to attack the Embodiment of Apophis!”

The illusory magician raised his staff, and the avatar of the snake head raised his sword and shield in a demonstration.

The magic shock washed away like flowing water, knocking the golden shield far away from the avatars hand.

The body of the trap monster shook violently, and the body was about to disintegrate into a black mist under the agitation of magic.

But before it died, it threw out the sharp blade in its hand, and the whirling blade split the magicians phantom in two.

Both sides had 1600 ATK, so of course, it resulted in a mutual kill.

“Due to the effect ofTemple of the Kings, I can only set one card per turn.

Then I set a card and end my turn.”

Rishid narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced at the set card at Yuei Vus feet.

If he guessed correctly, that card should be the “Magician Navigation” that was just retrieved by the effect of Magicians Rod.

But it was just the easy part.

The hard part was that he has never seen or heard of that card, thus having no idea what was its ability…

In any case, the duel must continue.

“My turn!” Rishid drew a card, and then inserted the card into the Duel Disk without hesitation, “I will set a trap card… Then according to the effect ofTemple of the Kings, it can be activated this turn.

Flip set card – Reckless Greed! Draw 2 cards and skip my next 2 Draw Phases!”

Rishid drew two cards again.

“Then I set another card on the field.” Rishid set one of the cards and played the other, “Activate Spell card – Graceful Charity! Draw three cards, then discard two cards.”

Rishid discarded the two he had drawn into the GY, and immediately waved his arms: “Then according to the effect ofTemple of the Kings, I activate the trap card I just set – Disgraceful Charity! Both players add all cards from their Graveyards that were discarded by the effect of a Spell Card activated this turn to their hands!” (Anime effect)

Looking at Rishids posture of replenishing three cards in one go, Yuei Vu couldnt help but look up at the sky…

…As expected of a DM duelist, the card draw engine was simply incredible.

Did everyone have a book called “1001 Ways To Refill Your Hand”

Rishid glanced at the newly added hand cards and slowly raised his head.

“The duelist of the Nightcrawler World, you are indeed a strong man.” He said in a deep voice, “So in order to fight against you, I will also use all my strength to perform a sacred ceremony here and summon the holy beast that guards this temple.


Seemingly to confirm his “sacred ritual”, before Rishid inserted the next two cards into the Duel Disk, a hip-hop-like pose of unknown meaning followed, and then two Spell cards were activated one after another.

“Spell card – Cup of Sealed Soul! Spell card – Seal of Serket! Then the final condition is this Temple of the Kings!

When these three sacred artifacts exist on the field at the same time, a sacred ceremony will be carried out, and the holy beast that protects the temple will descend on this field!

Special summon Mystical Beast of Serket! ”

The black mist released from the three cards connected to one place and transformed into an incomparably huge dark energy.

Two deep blue eyes lit up, followed by a huge steel-like body.

The heavy feet landed on the steps of the temple, and the weight of the entire temple seemed to sink.

The huge crawling silhouette moved like a tank that was slowly driving out, bringing a dull and oppressive feeling that enveloped the audience.

When the smoke screen cleared, the holy beast looked like a… red scorpion

It had a sturdy shell, long body, red pincers, and a long tail.

Its huge mouth was full of circles of jagged teeth.

In short, it was a monster that could cause extreme discomfort.

[Mystical Beast of Serket, ATK 2500]

“Mystical Beast of Serket is the guardian of the temple and will knock down any enemy who steps into this holy place.” Rishid said loudly, “and it can devour any opponent who stands in front of him, absorbing its power…”

“To put it bluntly, its own attack power will increase by half the attack power of the destroying monster.” Yuei Vu looked at the disgusting scorpion and said lightly, “And it cant attack during the turn it was special summoned, right” (anime effect)

“Thats right, you survive for another turn.” Rishid said lightly, “But in my next turn, no matter what monster you summon, it will be defeated by the holy beast and become its food!”

Rishid glanced at the last card in his hand.

“I set a card, and then use the effect ofTemple of the Kings to activate the trap I just set this turn.” Rishid waved his arm, “The secondReckless Greed! Draw 2 cards and skip my next 2 Draw Phases..”

Its quite profitable to use two “Reckless Greed” in one turn because the effect of “skip two card draws” would not stack.

No matter using two or three cards, it would only skip the Draw Phase of the next two turns.

Rishid glanced at the two newly drawn cards, and even his tough face which was like being paralyzed for ten thousand years couldnt help showing such an imperceptible smile.

At this moment, what Rishid thought might be similar to—

——Rishid is here.

Who dares to kill me

Oh wait, I take the wrong script…

“Set two cards !” Rishid said, “I end my turn!”

There were two more traps.

Theres nothing to say about this, after all, it would be strange for him to draw something else.

But that had no effect.

Victory has been decided.

“Wait a minute, before your declaration is over… Open the set card!” Yuei Vu swept his right arm, “Trap card – Magician Navigation!

With the effect of this trap, Special Summon 1 “Dark Magician” from my hand, then Special Summon 1 Level 7 or lower DARK Spellcaster monster from my Deck.

Bring it on! The Dark Magician, and the Magicians Robe! ”

The trap card projected a magic circle on the ground, and a dark undercurrent emerged from the whirling magic circle.

The magician in the red robe flew straight out with the emerald staff wrapped around his arms, followed by the illusory robe of the magician.

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500]

[Magicians Robe, DEF 2000]

“Are you actually summoning the top magician before my turn ends” Rishid snorted, “Then Ill end my turn now…”

“Wait a second, its not over yet!” Yuei Vu interrupted again with a wave of his hand, “I also need to activate the ability of theMagicians Robe!”

Rishid: “…”

Hey, is this your turn or mine

“Magicians Robe can special summon 1Dark Magician from the deck by discarding a Spell or Trap Card during the opponents turn!” Yuei Vu said, “Come out, the second Dark Magician!”

Another magician in a red robe flew out of the magic circle and stood side by side with the first Dark Magician.

The NPCs next to them were extremely surprised: “He actually summoned three monsters in one go during the opponents turn!”

“Dont talk about this kind of thing, its completely unheard of!”

In contrast, the players were quite calm.

From their perspective, this was just a basic move.

Rishid looked gloomy: “Then can I end it now”

Yuei Vu smiled: “Please.”

“…I end my turn.”

“My turn! This will be the last turn! Draw!” Yuei Vu said, “Tribute theMagicians Robe…Come on, Dark Magician Girl!”

The Dark Magician Girl who appeared on the stage turned around and waved to the master enthusiastically, expressing her happiness for being able to help the master in person.

However, as soon as the girl turned around, she was a little frightened by such a large number of enthusiastic fans that she had inexplicably created…

“Dark Magician Girl, I love you!”

“Go ahead, Im the one who came first!”

The Dark Magician Girl was a little surprised and pointed her little finger at herself.

Are you calling… me

“AWSL, she just looked at me! My life is complete…”

“I have no regret.”

Seeing how excited the group of screwballs were, although the Dark Magician Girl didnt understand what they were excited about, she still smiled and waved to the enthusiastic fans as a response.

Rishid narrowed his eyes: “I see.

Both Dark Magician and the Mystical Beast of Serket have 2500 ATK.

If you trade one Dark Magician with my monster, then use the remaining monsters to launch a total attack…”

“You think too much.” Yuei Vu chuckled lightly and opened another card in his hand.

“Activate the Equip Spell – Magic Formula! Equip it to a Dark Magician on the field, and increase the attack power by 700 points!”

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500 → ATK 3200]

Rishid gritted his teeth: “The attack power exceeds that of the Mystical Beast of Serket…”

“Dark Magician, attack the Mystical Beast of Serket!” Yuei Vu shouted, “Break down the forbidden temple! Dark Magic Attack!”

The Dark Magician took the order and jumped up, flying condescendingly in mid-air to charge up, and a huge pitch-black magic sphere was brewed with the wand in his hand.

The power of the Dark Magician who has been strengthened by the spell book is absolutely beyond the ability of Serket at this moment.

“This is what Im waiting for!” Rishid raised his voice and swept his arms, “Activate Trap Card – Eye of Ujat!”

The trap card was opened, and an eye like an illusory image appeared in front of the Dark Magician.

The Dark Magicians face changed suddenly, he gritted his teeth, and the wand in his hand began to deflect direction uncontrollably.

The Dark Magician Girl was so frightened that she hurriedly took a step back and guarded her with a small staff in front of her vigilantly.

“Eye of Ujat can confuse the opponents monster, change the opponents monsters attack target so that it hits his teammates,” Rishid said.

Yuei Vu waved his hand: “This kind of low-level trap is useless to the top magician among magicians! Its invalid!”

As soon as the voice fell, the phantom eye that emerged immediately disappeared, as if it had received an absolutely irresistible order.

“What!” Rishid was taken aback.

Is Dark Magician really that powerful Are all trap cards invalid

How did I not hear it before

“Only when there is a Dark Magician on your field, I can banishMagician Navigation in my GY to negate the effect of a Spell or Trap Card on the opponents field until the end of this turn!” As Yuei Vu spoke, a black magic circle was opened on the ground, and the trap card swirled and jumped from it.

Come out, “The effect of Eye of Ujat has been negated, so the Dark Magicians attack continues!

Dark Magic Attack! ”

The impact of the magic was like a straight shot of a javelin, shattering the sturdy shell of the holy beast, and piercing its body from front to back.

The holy beast who guarded the temple let out a groan, and finally was no match for the spell of the top magician, and his body was torn apart.

[Rishid, LP 4000 → LP 3300]

There was still a Dark Magician Girl and another Dark Magician on the Yuei Vu field who did not attack, and the success of the follow-up attack would directly declare the victory of the duel.

“Uh…then I activate the trap again!” Rishid yelled, “Trap Card – Time Machine! When a monster is destroyed by battle, return the destroyed monster to the field in the same position! Come back! Come on, Mystical Beast of Serket!”

“Its invalid!” Yuei Vu waved and shouted.

As he said, white smoke appeared on the trap card in front of Lishid, and the card began to become transparent.

Then it disintegrated, dissipated, and disappeared completely.

“What… what!” Rishids surprise was no trivial matter.

He saw another pitch-black vortex open at Yuei Vus feet, and a red card flew out, spinning several times in mid-air…

…It was “Magician Navigation”!

“Magician Navigation” Rishid exclaimed, “but this card has just been…”

“Thats right, the Magician Navigation just now was removed after the effect was activated, but what Im activating now is the secondMagician Navigation in the GY!” Yuei Vu said loudly.

“The second one But when… dont tell me!”

Rishid looked at the second Dark Magician on the field in surprise and immediately thought of Yuei Vus last operation in the previous round…

… “Magicians Robe can special summonDark Magician from the deck by discarding a Spell Trap Card during the opponents turn!”

Rishid suddenly said, “Could it be that time…”

“Thats right.

Although due to the effect ofTemple of the Kings, I can only set one card to the field in one turn.” Yuei Vu said lightly, “But I activated the effect ofMagicians Robe to Special Summon the second Dark Magician.

At that time, what was discarded from the hand as the cost…is this secondMagician Navigation.”

Rishid was stunned.

Special Summon the Magicians Robe from the deck with the effect of the first Navigation and then use the cost of activating the Magicians Robe to discard the second Navigation to the Graveyard.

Two Magician Navigations, twice negation…

…… Did he actually calculate to such an extent


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