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In the Rank module, there was also a brief explanation of the duelists strength corresponding to different ranks.

Generally speaking, the rank of passerby duelists was about 1 to 3 stars.

4 stars may be the rank of winning a county or city quarterfinals when you were lucky.

Of course, the premise here was that everyone was using the Normie card piles in the DM era.

Rank 5 to 6 may already be the best among duelists, and have the potential to win championships in international competitions.

The cannon fodder duo in Yu-Gi-Oh DM, the Dinosaur Ryuzaki, and the Insector Haga, maybe at this level.

Rank 7 to 8 were basically human limits.

A rank 7 duelist was basically one of the top duelists in the world.

As for Rank 8, most of them have a Yu- prefix and/or strange and colorful hairstyles…

Jonouchi, who got the title of “Legendary Duelist” at the end of DM, was about Rank 8.

In the middle of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yuki Judai before awakening the power of Supreme King may be at this rank too.

Going up, its already the inhuman realm.

Rank 9 to 12 have not been described at all in the system introduction, but it was conceivable that it must be a cheater among cheaters.

Yuei Vu personally speculated that Yami Yugi may now be Rank 10 according to the evaluation standard of the system, and it should be higher when he finally recovered his lost name and fully awakened his strength.

Yuei Vu wouldnt be surprised if Atem was Rank 12.

Of course, this division would greatly affect the performance of duelists, but the victory or defeat of the card game was definitely not only related to card luck.

Deck strength also played a big role.

This was also the main reason why Yuei Vu has been able to thrive in this environment so far.

He has spent more than 100,000 crystals in the system card pool, not to mention spending money to buy a bunch of local cards.

Although in his own opinion, the deck was still unsatisfactory, its strength was many levels higher than the common decks of this era.

However, in his previous life, he had never heard of such a system, and no player had ever unlocked it.

Maybe this is a new feature exclusive to NPC

…but then, Rank 3 seemed to be a bit shabby.

In other words, if he didnt rely on the tactical awareness brought by playing real-life cards and the future cards obtained from the system card pool, he should only be regarded as mediocre.

In the words of President Kaiba, he was a horse bone…

Eh, wait a moment.

The Dark Magician Girl just said that as a spirit, she also had a “force” similar to that of a duelist.

Then, could the “power” possessed by the spirit be shared with her possessor

Yuei Vu thought about it for a while and directly chose to replace his “Elemental HERO” deck in the Duel Disk with his “Dark Magician” deck, which contained the Dark Magician Girls card.

Then when he opened the panel again, a miracle happened – his rank became four!

Holy crap, so monster spirits could still be used like this To increase card luck

This was a real treasure!

Thinking of this, Yuei Vu couldnt help turning his head to look at the Dark Magician Girl floating beside him.

She was a little frightened: “…Master”

“Its nothing.” Yuei Vu smiled gently, “I just suddenly think youre awesome.”

The Dark Magician Girl blushed a little: “Thank you… thank you, Master.”

The girl lowered her head and fingers while playing with the small staff in her hand… However, judging from the curve, even if she lowered her head, she probably wouldnt be able to see her toes.

Yuei Vu was in a good mood.

He felt as if he had finally found the correct way to use the spirit!

No wonder everyone in the original work desperately pursued those cards that were very high-profile and mysterious, but actually had no effect in actual combat.

In the beginning, Yuei Vu thought it was ridiculous.

Johan Andersen, the user of the Crystal Beast Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX had a total of seven monsters in the entire deck before obtaining the Rainbow Dragon, and each of them was unique.

In other words, he had a total of seven monsters in the 40-card deck, and the remaining 33 cards are all spell and trap cards that support the Crystal Beast, and there were not even a few cards that accelerate the draw.

However, he has never had a brick hand, and there would never be an embarrassment that the six cards in the starting hand contained no monster to summon.


Of course, its because that guy had seven monster spirits!

Yuei Vu thought for a while, and quickly took out the Slifer the Sky Dragon that was rewarded by the system just now, and added it to the deck in his hand.

Then he opened the panel and took a look.

Sure enough, the duelist rank went straight to five stars!

From the rank of an NPC that did not deserve to leave a name in the Yu-Gi-Oh animation, it has been upgraded to the rank of an important supporting role!

However, Slifer the Sky Dragon was already the strongest card at the peak of the duel monsters.

Not to mention practicality and combat effectiveness, from the perspective of “force”, there should be very few beings more powerful than gods in the entire world, right

Looking at it this way, why did it only raise his rank to 5

Perhaps because it was a nefted version of the real sky dragon, it actually only possesses a fragment of divine power

Thinking of this, Yuei Vu took out the real Osiris the Sky Dragon that he snatched from Marik.

If this true God card was added to the deck, shouldnt his rank be able to soar into the sky

From the original work, it seemed that as long as you didnt try to summon gods in a duel, you wouldnt be punished.

Then if he used the God card as a mascot to improve the luck, was this okay

Swap a card slot for a better start, no matter how you think, its too beneficial!

Yuei Vu held his breath, added the second Sky Dragon to the deck, shuffled the cards, and reinserted them into the Duel Disk.

Then when he opened the panel again…

……Well, his rank was still 5, not moving at all.

It couldnt be said to be completely unexpected, but the disappointment was definitely inevitable.

After all, he was neither a pharaoh nor a priest.

Although the Osiris the Sky Dragon card was in his hand now, he has not been recognized by the gods.

To put it simply, it meant getting peoples bodies but not getting their hearts…

Yuei Vu reluctantly removed this Osiris the Sky Dragon from the deck again.

It seemed that he would have to throw it in storage for a while.

It would be great if he could think of a way to make the Sky Dragon willingly follow him.

In that case, he would be able to draw freely without pressure.

However, if there was a chance later, Yuei Vu thought that Osiris the Sky Dragon might be best left to Yugi.

Not to mention the problem that he couldnt control it, or that the plot couldnt advance if Yugi didnt have all three God cards, he couldnt bear the trouble that this card may bring in the future.

He remembered that the Orichalcos arc followed immediately after the Battle City arc ended.

The opening of this arc was that the BOSS Dartz sent someone to snatch Yugis God cards.

Then if Yuei Vu took the God card, wouldnt Dartz come to him

Yuei Vu believed that his current power still wasnt enough to stop the god of Orichalcos, so keeping this God card just brought more trouble.

Just as he was thinking about it, a voice came from not far away.

“Hey, why is it gone I seem to have seen the Sky Dragon here just now”

“I seem to have seen it…”

“…Oh **, isnt that Yuei Vu!”

Yuei Vu turned his head and saw a large wave of screwballs jumping toward him.

The scene was like a kindergarten after school…


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