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A few minutes later, a large group of screwball players appeared next to Yuei Vu.

At first, some nearby players were attracted by the image of Slifer the Sky Dragon appearing.

The scene of Gods appearance was too large, and it was black clouds and thunder, so it was normal to be noticed.

According to the habits of players, the first reaction to seeing something strange was to take a screenshot immediately and throw it into the forum to show off.

Then more people saw the images of gods hovering high in the sky, and they rushed over from all over the city one after another.

In fact, at first, everyone thought that they would find the Muto Yugi here.

In the anime, Yugi defeated the doll and took this God phantom card from Marik.

However, they never expected that when they arrived, what they saw was a bald puppet that was paralyzed…

…and a certain familiar handsome face.

The players were immediately shocked.

What Did Yuei Vu even steal the record of the true protagonist Yugi

In this way, didnt the Sky Dragon already go to Yuei Vus pocket

The news spread and a large group of players expressed their shock.

Even the Egyptian God has been taken

Then Im afraid he wasnt the game designers own son, but the game designer was his own son.

Seeing the players around him chatting like a vegetable market, some people jumping and rolling in place from time to time while talking, Yuei Vu couldnt help feeling in his heart——

– This is too shabby!

Look at the guy over there holding the tree trunk.

Those who didnt know maything think hes trying to ** the tree!

But then Yuei Vu also thought that when he was a player before, he seemed to be quite a screwball… No, it should be said that he was one of the most screwball among the players.

Sure enough, its still a bystander.

When he was a player, he didnt feel it, but now he looked at the performance of this group of people, and it felt like a group of crazy people singing and dancing.

Of course, most of the players who had nothing to do but run around were players who have been eliminated from the game at this time.

Before everyone was busy playing the game.

Only eliminated players had time to wander around the city, watching those high-level players and important NPCs duel.

In a short time, there was such a large group around Yuei Vu.

Of course, that many resources shouldnt be wasted.

Yuei Vu opened the store and sold another wave of cards.

Battle City was regarded as a game activity.

Players still get a lot of rewards for completing the activity quests, and everyone has harvested so many crystals.

Yuei Vu naturally did not miss this chance and received a large amount of crystal from these enthusiastic players.

In the blink of an eye, Yuei Vus savings, which had been spent cleanly, had now broken through ten thousand.

Of course, he also looked at the situation and collected a wave of cards from the players that they had won in Battle City.

Although most of these cards were useless because they were won from passers-by NPCs, there were still some eye-catching things occasionally.

For example, the Solemn Judgment that Miss Yuehua brought to him before.

DM was really such a magical era.

Although the current duelists have a single strategy and poor game awareness, it was not surprising that any passer-by held a future banned card in his hand.

Speaking of which, Miss Yuehua, who was still in the Hunk Club – eh, Nightcrawler World – has finally escaped from the center of the nest of screwballs and brothers, and followed the instructions in the forum to find Yuei Vu again.

Miss Yuehua was angry all the way.

She had made up his mind to keep an eye on Yuei Vu and stick to his back no matter what happened and be a follower, yet she let him run away inadvertently in the club!

…well, its not really a lack of attention.

At that time, there were too many brothers in the Nightcrawler World stronghold, and everyone was drinking and showing off their muscles.

She was a girl in that kind of place, and she felt like a helpless little sheep strayed into the wolf pack…

Miss Yuehua reminded herself: I was a veteran streamer, I have seen it all.

Whats a bunch of muscular guys wearing strange clothes in a game Its not that I havent seen ones without wearing clothes.

(crossed out)

However, it was the head of the screwball who called “Yuei Cannot Escape Fae” began to play rock-paper-scissor with other brothers and NPCs while drinking.

Those who lost not only had to drink but also strip…

…So her live broadcast room was banned.

Miss Yuehua was so mad that she wanted to smash the keyboard in place.

Damn! A bunch of neurotics want to show off their muscles, how could it be my fault

So Miss Yuehua was busy contacting the platform and calling again.

After a long time, she finally finished the formalities and unsealed the live broadcast room.

The first thing she did after the unblocking was to continue looking for Yuei Vus whereabouts, but unfortunately, she saw on the forum that Yuei Vu had just fought with the puppet holding Slifer the Sky Dragon and won.

…… This loss was too much!

If she could follow Yuei Vu all the time, she should have been able to live broadcast the entire duel!

Miss Yuehua became angrier the more she thought about it, she was so annoyed that she wanted to beat her chest and feet… But when she looked down, she felt that she was originally flat.

…… So after all, she still couldnt do it.

Now she was not the only follower around Yuei Vu.

Many screwball players who have been eliminated and have nothing to do are simply following behind Yuei Vu.

This made Miss Yuehua even angrier.

Obviously, I came first!

The forum is also very lively at the moment.

“Yuei Vu defeated Mariks clone account and got the Sky Dragon!”

“Did Mariks Delivery Service get the wrong address Shouldnt the Sky Dragon be given to Yugi”

“So then, there will be no God card in Yugis hand This plot change is a bit big.”

“Look, I already said that this Yuei Vu must be the protagonist of the world, and he is really the main character of the story plot! Dont say it, Im hugging his thick and strong golden legs, Im going to lick it… …”

“Your bootlicking skills are too poor, let him go and let me come! Look at my beautiful tongue!”


Yuei Vu stopped in time when he saw this, and quickly closed the forum to save his eyes.

He was afraid that if he continued to watch it, his mind would be corrupted…

By the way, he remembered that President Kaiba seemed to be paying attention to the infestation of the God Card throughout the whole process.

But the Sky Dragon has been showing up for a long time, and there was still no movement from the president.

Was there something wrong

At present, Yuei Vu has defeated Pandora, Rishid, and Marik in the Battle City, and has obtained a total of three puzzle cards.

He needed three more cards to meet the promotion conditions.

The Battle City Tournament has been going on for a while now, and the remaining duelists should have more than one puzzle card in their hands.

After one or two more games, Yuei Vu should also meet the promotion conditions.

While walking, he suddenly saw two passers-by walking quickly towards a building on the side while talking: “I heard that duelists are dueling in the aquarium, so I come to have a look!”

“Arent duels everywhere now”

“But I heard that it was a duel between the runner-up of the Duel Kingdom and the third runner-up in the national championship!”

“Is Nani fighting against each other in the preliminary stage Lets go and see!”

The passersbys voice was not loud, but Yuei Vu and the players behind him also heard it.

Duelist Kingdom runner-up and national 3rd place, Aquarium…

So it looked like God of Gamblers Jonouchi was fighting Mako Tsunami


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