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Believe In Mothers Kiss Once

In the next few days, the children in the village didnt dare to find trouble with the Qin family. Even if the babies went out to play and met them, the children would take the initiative to avoid them, showing an appearance of not provoking them or getting close to them.

Mo Ruyue went to the market again and sold the deer meat, blood, and antlers she had packed to “Guan Lai Luo” and the medicine shop. She made another few dozen taels of silver, which she exchanged for silver notes. She was prepared to renovate the house she was living in after dealing with the tiger in the interspace in a few days.

Now, the vegetables in the interspace had already ripened one after another. Mo Ruyue had also transplanted the vegetables from the interspace in the dead of night to replace the vegetables outside the vegetable field.

She had tried the taste of the vegetables grown in the interspace. The vegetables not watered with spring water were already better than those outside the interspace, and the ones watered with spring water tasted even better. After eating, she even had a relaxed feeling, as if it had a wave of spiritual energy.

After the vegetables in the interspace were transplanted, all the vegetables in the vegetable field were growing well. It seemed that the spiritual Qi in the interspace was brought to the outside world and affected the vegetable field outside.

The babies also especially liked the vegetables produced in the space. Every time they ate, they were even more welcomed than meat. The effect of such a balanced diet was that the babies looked different almost every day. Whether it was their height or complexion, they were visibly getting better.

In the tool room, Mo Ruyue improved the wooden trailer according to the drawings and installed many simple and convenient small mechanisms using the mortise and tenon technique. Not only did it expand the capacity of the trailer, but it also made the wooden trailer more convenient to use and could save more manpower.

Just after the wooden cart was successfully modified, Mo Ruyue brought a cart of vegetables into the city to sell. The verdant and glistening appearance immediately attracted the pursuit of the common people in the city. The cart of vegetables was almost sold out in an instant.

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This time, it was Er Bao who came with the car. He was also stunned when he saw the scene. Although the money earned was only a few hundred wens, which was incomparable to selling the game, a mosquito was still meat no matter how small it was. A few hundred wens could feed a family of four for two to three months.

“Mother, our vegetables are selling so well. I think they are better than the vegetables of other families in the village. If someone else were to sell this cart, Im afraid they wouldnt be able to sell it all by the afternoon.”

He looked at the empty tow truck and then at the sky and said in disbelief.

It hadnt even been two hours since they entered the city, but all the vegetables had been sold out. This speed was simply too inconceivable.

“This is nothing. As long as the item is good enough, anything is possible.”

When Mo Ruyue was packing up the remaining vegetable leaves on the cart, some commoners who had heard the news came forward to ask. Some people did not even let go of the vegetable leaves and took all of them with only a few Wen.

“I say this lady, will you still come to sell vegetables tomorrow When the time comes, leave me a few good ones. How about it”

“Thats right. When are you coming tomorrow Well come over early in the morning to wait for you.

Otherwise, well be late again and wont even be able to get a single vegetable leaf.”

They talked at once and surrounded Mo Ruyue, her son, and the wooden cart as if they could get a few handfuls of green vegetables for themselves in advance.

“Everyone, the vegetable leaves in my familys vegetable field are limited. We will stop here at the same time tomorrow, but they will be sold out in two or three days at most. If you want to eat my familys vegetables again, you will have to wait until the next batch.”

Mo Ruyues words attracted a wave of disappointed complaints, but no one knew that Mo Ruyue had a large field of rapidly growing green vegetables in her interspace. She only didnt take them out so as not to attract attention.

After selling the vegetables, Mo Ruyue took Er Bao around the city. This time, she didnt have the little butler, Da Bao, by her side. She couldnt control her desire to go shopping again.

When it was almost evening, Mo Ruyue brought Er Bao home. Before they entered the house, they were stopped by Da Bao at the door to see what the tow truck had brought back.

“Big brother, I helped you look after mother. We only brought back some food and nothing else.”

Er Bao could tell that his elder brother was in a bad mood. He immediately stood up and took the initiative to tattle.

“Hmph, I think you didnt bring enough money, so you didnt buy it.” Da Bao said in an unfriendly tone.

He kept all the silver notes and broken silver in his hands. He just let Mo Ruyue take some broken copper coins with her for change when she sold the vegetables.

Even if the cart of vegetables could be sold for a few hundred wens, there was a limit to what she could spend.

“Why are you still asking if you already know Hurry up and pull the tow truck in. Im so tired today. I want to rest for a while.”

Mo Ruyue unceremoniously threw the car to Da Bao and went straight into the house to rest. She did not take his words to heart at all.

“Big brother, Mother bought almost all the things for us. You see, she didnt buy anything herself, so dont be so fierce to her.” Er Bao came over and said in a low voice.

Although their mother was always cold now, she gave them food and clothes and taught them how to protect themselves. She also protected them well.

Compared to the vicious woman who only knew how to beat, scold, and abuse them in the past, it was like heaven and earth. They were so much better.

Tang Tang and Si Bao could not wait to stick to their mother every day. Even he and San Bao could not help but want to be close to their mother. He could also see that his big brothers guard against his mother was also wavering. In that case, why not just believe his mother this time and get along well with her

“What do you know! Have you finished your morning practice today You almost didnt wake up in the morning. Who was the one who said that he wouldnt stop his homework It had only been a few days, and he couldnt hold on anymore.

Da bao glared at him and immediately changed the topic.

Er Bao stuck out his tongue and sneaked back to his room. He decided that he could not touch his eldest brothers bad luck now. Otherwise, he would be the one to suffer in the end.

The Qin familys days were getting better day by day. They had accumulated quite a bit of money by relying on Mo Ruyues hunting and planting of vegetables.

Now, Da Bao no longer mentioned the problem of Mo Ruyue spending money extravagantly. After all, the speed at which she spent money was not as fast as the speed at which she earned money.

Just two days ago, Mo Ruyue had gone into the mountains to hunt again. This time, she had actually hunted a big tiger and brought it back. It shocked the entire village. Now, almost everyone knew that the Qin family was really going to prosper. That was a tiger and was worth a lot of money!

That whole day, the babies held their heads high, and their little chests puffed up like proud roosters.

Their own mother had hunted a big tiger. They had never heard of any mother who could hunt such a big tiger. Even the best hunter in the village could not do it!

When Mo Ruyue dragged the tiger home that day, someone came to congratulate her. Usually, there were not many people who came to visit, but on that day, the threshold of the house was almost trampled.

However, the people who came to congratulate him all had their own purposes, thinking that they might be able to get a share of the pie. Not to mention getting some tiger blood and tiger meat, even getting one or two bones to soak in wine would be the best tonic.



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