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Si Bao Fainted

“Qin family, dont be afraid. We want to ask you, how did you get to know the young master of Guang Lai Luo in the city”

The leader had also seen the young master once in the city, so after recognizing him from a distance, he was immediately curious about the relationship between Mo Ruyue and the young master.

How could a widow, who used to be a lazy person, know a young master from a rich family in the city, let alone make him rush over overnight to buy things

Even if she sold a tiger, she might not be able to make the real owner come to her door personally.

“I just sold some game to Guang Lai Luo. How could I know them”

Mo Ruyue was telling the truth, but her truth seemed perfunctory to others. It was as if she didnt want them to know the real relationship between them.

“Qin family, I see that you are having a good conversation with the young master. Can you reach such a close relationship just by selling wild game”

The villagerswords had a deeper meaning, and even their gazes had some ambiguous meanings.

“What does my relationship with him have to do with you What do you want to say If you dont want to say it, please go back. I dont have time to waste with you. ”

Mo Ruyues patience had always been poor outside of her mission. She had already reached the limit of her patience by beating around the bush with them for so long.

“Alright, alright, dont be in a hurry!”

The person in the lead saw that Mo Ruyue was really anxious and hurriedly changed the topic, finally explaining the purpose of their visit.

“Its like this if the Qin family has a good relationship with the young master, can you introduce me to him I want to find a way to make a living in the city, but I have no way. If youre willing to help, I believe the young master will be very happy to take me in, even if its just a small assistant. ”

Mo Ruyue was stunned when she heard this. She almost couldnt believe her ears.

“Can you repeat that”

After hearing her question, the man thought that there was a chance, so he repeated it again. The two people who came with him also nodded and echoed, “Yes, yes. With the few of us, it shouldnt be a difficult thing.”

After Mo Ruyue confirmed the extent of their shamelessness, he sneered, “May I ask what is my relationship with you”

The few of them were stunned. “Were all from the same village, and we see each other often. We have this kind of friendship, so were just doing a little favor.”

“Where were you when I needed help Why didnt you mention our friendship back then”

Mo Ruyue retorted with one sentence, and the few peoples faces changed, their expressions not looking good.

They looked at each other again. No matter how thick-skinned they were, they couldnt hold it in anymore.

“This... Qin family, its just that were all having a hard time, so even if we want to help you, we cant. Moreover, youre living a good life now, so you dont need our help.”

“Thats right, if you need our help in the future, just say the word. Well definitely do it without hesitation.”

Before they could express their loyalty, Mo Ruyue had already given her response with her actions.

With a “bang,” the black wooden door that had just been repaired was firmly closed.

After a few villagers were denied entrance, there were many rumors about Mo Ruyue in the village.

The young master of the citys Guang Lai Luo had been captivated by the Qin familys widow. The two of them had an ambiguous relationship and even wanted to have a private date in the middle of the night.

The widow of the Qin family sold her tiger to earn countless gold and silver and was afraid that others would see her and borrow it, so she buried it in a jar somewhere in her house and would not have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of her life.

Also, the widow of the Qin family was used to seducing men before she married into the village. Now, she was just using the same old trick. She was even playing hard to get with the men in the village, trying to charm a few of them.

All kinds of rumors were said in a convincing way, once again confirming the saying that there was a lot of gossip in front of the widows door.

It wasnt that Mo Ruyue hadnt heard these rumors, but she didnt take them to heart at all. It was nothing more than the words of those villagers who had been rejected, trying to ruin her reputation.

Now that she had a certain amount of capital in her hands, she was thinking about whether to move to the city. However, she couldnt just sit around and do nothing in the city. She needed to make a living.

After much thought, Mo Ruyue decided to renovate her house first. There were so many resources in the back mountain, and they couldnt just waste them.

All the vegetables in the vegetable field had been harvested and sold. A new batch of vegetables had been planted. Perhaps it was due to the influence of the space, the green vegetables sprouted very quickly this time. When San Bao saw the green vegetable seedlings, he even ran to report to Mo Ruyue excitedly.

“If the vegetables grow too fast, Im afraid it will attract attention. But the time flow in this space can be adjusted. What about the ones outside”

Mo Ruyue looked at this situation and was slightly troubled.

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If the growth rate of the green vegetables was twice as fast as the average, it would not be a big deal, but if it was ridiculously fast, then it would be easy for people to accuse them of using magic. This was a very serious crime in this era, and there was even the possibility of being lynched to death.

In order to solve this problem, Mo Ruyue re-entered the space and tried to find a suitable solution.

By chance, she found the clock that could adjust the flow of time in space in the new watch room in the mushroom house. When the watch room appeared, she didnt know the use of the clocks in the room.

Now it seemed that if the time in space could be adjusted, the other clocks must have their own uses.

It was just that the room of clocks and watches of all sizes really dazzled her. She had no way to judge which watch corresponded to what. Even if she tried them one by one, she didnt know if they worked. It was really a big headache.

Mo Ruyue stayed in the clock room for a few hours, but in the end, she still couldnt find a solution. She just slowed down the flow of time in the space and planned to transplant the vegetables in the space again to see what the effect would be.

Just as she left the medium, she saw Er Bao rushing into the room in a panic.

“Mother, mother! Si Bao suddenly fainted. Quickly go and take a look!”

He rushed over, grabbed Mo Ruyues hand, and pulled her out.

“Wait, lets be clear first. Why did Si Bao faint”

Mo Ruyue steadied Er Bao first. She remembered that the children were playing outside, and the temperature was not high today. How could he suddenly faint

“I dont know. We were catching fish by the small river outside the village. We were having fun when we saw Si Bao falling head first into the small river. It was me and my younger brother who dragged him to the shore. Big brother was not here, so I hurried back to find you.”

Although Er Bao was panicking, his words were still clear. He explained the cause and effect clearly in a few sentences.

Mo Ruyue had an idea in her heart. She carried Er Bao and rushed to the small river at the village entrance without even closing the door.



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