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Stealing Money

At this time, Da Bao went to the back of the mountain.

He wanted to try out the noose and noose he had learned these days to see if he could catch rabbits, pheasants, and so on. He did not play with the babies by the river.

Si Bao was lying on the riverbank. He was completely drenched. His face was pale, and his eyes were closed. He looked extremely weak.

Tang Tang lay beside him and was so frightened that she was crying loudly. San Bao was at the side, trying to comfort Tang Tang and shake Si Bao awake. He was sweating profusely.

Mo Ruyue ran to Si Baos side. The first thing she did was touch his nose. Then, she touched his carotid artery. His pulse was extremely weak. Sometimes, he could not feel it for a long time. It seemed that Si Bao had choked on the water when he fell into the river.

He was in a state of unconsciousness.

She decisively started to perform artificial respiration on Si Bao. However, Si Bao was too young. If she were to perform CPR, his fragile sternum would not be able to withstand a few compressions.

Tang Tangs cries sounded intermittently in her ears. Then, she heard Er Bao coaxing her. “Younger sister, dont cry. Lets not quarrel and let mother save younger brother.”

After Mo Ruyue performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Si Bao a few times, she turned Si Bao over and placed him on her knees. She made him look like he was half upside down. Then, she rubbed his back with her hands and pressed down on his spine with her palms.

Very soon, a stream of liquid spurted out from Si Baos mouth and nose. It was the water that had choked his lungs. Although Si Bao coughed and choked badly, Mo Ruyue still felt a little relieved.

It would be fine as long as the water came out. The next step was to pay attention to the his body state and find out the reason why he fainted.

“Hes awake. Hes awake! Little brother is awake!”

“Fourth brother, dont be scared. Dont... Tang Tang!”

“Little brother, how do you feel Say something to second brother!”

The few babies suddenly started to make a commotion. They saw Si Bao coughing violently and then opened his eyes. They immediately started to shout at the same time.

“Theres no hurry. Learn from mother. Breathe slowly. Come, breathe in... breathe out...” He said.

Mo Ruyue could not hear the other babies clamoring at all. She saw that Si Bao seemed to be out of breath from coughing, so she let him adjust his breathing according to her rhythm to prevent him from choking and coughing again or hurting his windpipe.

Si Bao tried hard to follow Mo Ruyues breathing and slowly stopped coughing. Although her face was still very pale, she was already in a much better state than before.

“Alright, dont be afraid. Lets go home now. Dont be afraid.”

Mo Ruyue carried Si Bao and patted his back to comfort him. At the same time, she called the other babies to follow her home.

When they were not far from their home, Mo Ruyue suddenly stopped.

The door looked a little different from when she left.

As a top-notch assassin, Mo Ruyue was extremely sensitive to the changes in his surroundings.

Although she didnt close the door when she left, she still remembered the door clearly. The door was pushed open slightly, so someone must have gone in.

“Er Bao, come and hold Si Bao. You two wait for mother here. If I dont ask you to come back, you must not come back. Do you hear me”

Mo Ruyue placed Si Bao in Er Baos arms and reminded him in a low voice.

Er Bao saw that his mothers expression was extremely serious and also realized that something was wrong.

He pursed his lips tightly and nodded vigorously.

Si Bao was in a daze and did not have any reaction.

San bao and Tang Tang, on the other hand, followed Er Bao and nodded their heads vigorously.

After Mo Ruyue appeased the few babies, she lightened her footsteps and quietly sneaked toward the courtyard door.

The closer they got to their own courtyard, the more they could hear faint sounds coming from the courtyard. Mo Ruyues ears moved and carefully distinguished the subtle sounds. It seemed that someone was flipping something in the room.

Sure enough, someone had barged into the house. It was probably because of the rumors in the village that she had earned countless gold and silver and hidden them in her house, so someone wanted to try their luck when there was no one in the house.

Although Mo Ruyues physical fitness had not returned to the peak of her previous life, she could still approach her target quietly when she deliberately lightened her steps.

She was already outside the door. She looked into the courtyard through the crack. The courtyard was empty, and there was not a single person in sight. The sounds were coming from the house.

Now that there were many new items in the house, it was no longer the bare house walls it used to be. It seemed that the person who broke in had just arrived not long ago, which was why he was still rummaging around in the house.

Mo Ruyue took a step back. She didnt enter the courtyard through the main door but went around to a place very close to the house. She gathered strength on the tip of her toes and jumped up. With one hand on the wall, he easily flipped over.

She had landed quietly, so naturally, she did not see the babies mouths forming anO shape when she revealed her hand.

Now that the weather was getting hotter, the window was slightly open. Mo Ruyue looked in through the crack and saw a hunched figure buried in the bedside cabinet, rummaging inside.

The babies and her clothes were thrown all over the bed, and some of the daily necessities they had bought were also in a mess. When Mo Ruyue saw this scene, anger rose in her heart, and she was even more vindictive.

Although she had only seen that figure once, she had a photographic memory. That figure was Mother Qin, who she had chased away once.

This old lady hadnt learned her lesson from the last time. Now, she still dared to come and steal money. Was it because he wasnt ruthless enough last time and didnt give her enough painful memories

Mo Ruyue was not in a hurry to rush in. She was waiting for a suitable opportunity to break in.

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Very soon, that opportunity came.

Mother Qin was grabbing Mo Ruyues clothes and rummaging through them. She wished she could tear the entire piece of clothing into pieces to find the silver notes hidden inside.

Mo Ruyue picked this moment to kick open the door. The loud sound frightened mother Qin so much that she trembled and almost jumped up. Before she could turn around, a hand had already firmly clamped her hand and pulled her back.

“Old lady, you came uninvited today. Did you enter the wrong door due to your old age”

Mo Ruyue had a smile on his face, but it didnt reach his eyes.

“I... I came to my sons house for a visit. Why Is there anything wrong with that”

Although mother Qin was caught red-handed and felt guilty, she was quick-witted enough to force her to find an excuse.

“Come to your sons house for a visit”

Mo Ruyue playfully repeated, “If I remember correctly, when the news of your sons death came back, you immediately kicked my babies and me out of the door, saying that we had no more ties. I wonder which sons house you came to visit”

Her one sentence made mother Qins expression change drastically. After all, she was the one who said it and did it. Facing Mo Ruyues sarcasm, she couldnt find any reason to refute at all. However, she couldnt lose her status in front of her former daughter-in-law, so she could only hold her head high.

“Although Qin Ming died in battle, he was still a good son of the Qin family. But, according to what you said, if he died, he wouldnt be a part of my Qin family”



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