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“Its the Door of Wonder.

What are we waiting for Lets hurry up and take a look,” Yang Jian said as he produced a cloud under his feet, slowly rising to the skies.

“To be able to have good wine within the Door of Wonder, how wonderful!” The drunkard let out a laugh as his body started to glow and rise into the skies.

“Wow, you sly god.

You didnt even wait for the rest of us!” The strong man cursed out and immediately rose rapidly.

The others started to head toward the Door of Wonder.

They rushed over frantically.

Even though everyone could see the Door of Wonder, it was incredibly far away.

It was at the highest point of the Origins Realm.

Even with their speed, they needed over four hours.

At his residence, Li Nianfan was quite tired after the banquet.

This time, he ate with the various immortals and his old friends.

He drank quite a lot in his happiness, so he headed right back to his room to sleep with Daji and Fire Phoenix.

Not long after he retired to his room, Qin Manyun, Shi Tuqin, Little Fox and the other girls all walked out of their rooms and sneaked out of the residence, heading straight for the Door of Wonder.

The Door of Wonder illuminated the skies like the sun.

It caused countless people to wake up from their sleep.

Countless cultivators opened their eyes in shock.

“What happened Why is there a door in the sky!”

“Looking at that door feels like Im looking at the end of Wisdom.

Its a great opportunity.

We cant miss it!”

“If I can enter that door, Ill be able to get dramatic gains.


“Could the sudden change in Wisdom be to deal with the corruption No matter what, I cant miss this.”

At that moment, all life was filled with reverence, and all cultivators were surprised.

Clouds formed everywhere, and divine light shone.

All of them charged at the Door of Wonder.

Some cultivators had the geographical advantage and laughed uproariously as they rushed into the Door of Wonder.

They suddenly felt Wisdom surging forward.

Dao essence was all around them as their spiritual energy soared.

It was like they entered the most amazing of hidden realms.

In just a day, their cultivation levels increased over the years.

Yet, some of the cultivators let out cries of agony the moment they stepped inside.

Their whole bodies shook intensely as their faces distorted.

“Ah, what is happening My body… No!” After a cry of agony, his body started to expand like a balloon.

His body started to rot uncontrollably, and his skin and soul itself burned.

After that, he exploded into nothingness, leaving a bundle of gray mist to blow away…

That was just the start.

More and more people were destroyed right after they entered the Door of Wonder.

That scene caused countless cultivators to have a change in expression as they stopped in their steps.

“What is happening Why can some people go inside while others are destroyed”

“Hahaha, Im completely fine.

Wisdom flows like the river here.

Im coming for this amazing opportunity.

“Its the gray mist! Any cultivator which absorbed the gray mist will die if they go through the door!”

“So thats whats happening! The gray mist is at odds with Wisdom.

This door is an opportunity given by Wisdom to fight the gray mist!”

“Hahaha, Im so glad I resisted the temptation to cultivate with the gray mist.”

“No, look at what that is” A cultivator let out a cry.

“White-haired monsters.

There are so many white-haired monsters here.

Could they have been attracted by the door”

Just as everyone was taken aback, the white-haired monsters let out a roar.

They did not rush at the Door of Wonder, but at the cultivators who did not absorb the gray mist instead…

At the Endless Sea, the Old Hag stood atop the sea as she let out a cold smile looking at the door of wonder, “Haha, is the last lifetime repeating itself Whats the point of opening the Door of Wonder How many cultivators will help you when the time comes This lifetime will belong to the gray mist!”

She did not bother participating in the matter.

Instead, she turned and fused back into the Endless Sea with a glint in her eyes.

The sea was turbulent as it started to expand like a ferocious beast!

After four hours, the drunkard and the others got closer and closer to the Door of Wonder.

Yet, they had no way of continuing to advance, because things were obstructing their way.

Yang Jian frowned and said, “White-haired monsters.

There are so many of them!”

“Its not just white-haired monsters.

There are a lot of cultivators too,” Xiao Chengfeng narrowed his eyes as he swept around him.

The drunkard said calmly, “They have the aura of the gray mist around them.

They have all been corrupted, and cant enter the Door of Wonder.


“This isnt somewhere you should be.

Get lost, or die!” A cultivator coldly stared at everyone and unleashed incredibly cold killing intent.

Another replied unhappily, “You absorbed the gray mist yourself, and cant enter the door.

Now youre refusing to let us enter.

Wheres the logic in that”

“Hahaha, logic is whatever we say it is! Since this door wont let us in, you can forget about entering too.

If you want to increase your skills, absorb the gray mist just like we did!” A cultivator of the gray mist said with mocking in his eyes.

They were already corrupted and knew that there would be disadvantages.

When they saw that the cultivators who did not absorb the gray mist could get a huge opportunity with the emergence of the Door of Wonder, they were naturally unhappy.

They vaguely felt like it would not be good for them if others increased their skills, so they stopped it.

“You went on the wrong path yourself, and now youre stopping us from getting an opportunity.

How dare you!”

“Bull, the gray mist is the true path.

I wont let all of you walk on the wrong path.

Youre not allowed to enter this door!”

“Go! Everyone, charge!”

A huge battle immediately happened.

Similar scenes constantly happened.

“Lets go, we should charge forward too!” Xiao Chengfeng could not be bothered talking to any of those gray mist cultivators.

With a wave of his sword, a slash was casually sent out.

A red slash shot out in a half-crescent form, turning all of the white-haired beasts it passed through into dust.

He was already a supreme being.

He did not even need to use any spells at that point.

The tyrannical nature of his slash was upped to the limits.

Just one slash killed at least ten thousand white-haired beasts and gray mist cultivators, clearing a whole area.

“Su-supreme being!” The gray mist cultivators around them all had a sudden change in expression as they frantically retreated with shaking voices.


The other white-haired beasts did not know the concept of fear.

They were already wild beasts that were completely under the control of the gray mist.

They gathered there to stop the cultivators from entering the Door of Wonder.

That was because the stronger the cultivators were, the worse it was for the gray mist.

They would all be helpers for Wisdom.

The gray mist was all over the world, and the number of white-haired beasts that were born was uncountable.

There were strong and weak ones, surging over like a raging river.

“Youre not human, and not ghosts either.

Let me use my sword to relieve you!” Xiao Chengfeng said calmly as he moved his wrist, immediately sending his sword into the air.

It turned into tens of thousands of swords, filling up the sky.

“Thousand Sword Assault!”


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