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Immediately after Dewitt-san’s signal, Raizel plunged straight towards me just as I thought.

Whether it’s because he’s a beastman, his acceleration was faster that I imagined.

But well, Allen and Elena are faster.

When I took a step to the side, Raizel passed by me.

It seems that he is unable to change his trajectory midway because of the speed.

If it was Allen and Elena, far from changing a trajectory midway, they would ridiculously change the direction they are going in.

Well, as expected wouldn’t comparing the two to Raizel be too pitiful for him

「Hoo~ you dodged that But, that was just a fluke, wasn’t it It’s not over yet!」

Raizel who turned around had an expression of surprise for a moment, but thinking that it wasn’t my intention to dodge but just a fluke, he showed an unyielding smile and plunged towards me yet again.

「《Air Shot》」

With the intention of a test, I shot a light magic at the plunging Raizel.


「…… Huh」


However, the magic I shot splendidly landed on Raizel directly and he got blown off backward.

And then, he crushed into the practice ground’s wall and stopped moving.

I intended to burn a little bit of his skin, so I thought of driving Raizel into the corner bit-by-bit, but…… it appears I finished it in an instant.

Although it was noisy until a little while ago, the surroundings are currently wrapped in silence.

「O, oy!」

Dewitt-san rushed over to Raizel in panic and confirmed his well-being.

He’s fine, right He’s alive, right Rather, I don’t recall shooting such strong magic!

「…… He’s just unconscious.

There are no conspicuous external wounds either」

…… I, I’m glad~

I was seriously relieved by Dewitt-san’s words.

「Victor, Takumi!」

Dewitt-san who confirmed that Raizel only fainted declared my victory.

He then called people over and had Raizel carried away.

Still…… how did it become like this I really planned on using magic very lightly.

I mean, I just tried to test it out.

And yet, a person with a considerable strength got splendidly blown away.

Even after trying to find out the reason, I can’t come up with anything~ Now then, what do I do……

「He insta-killed『Ash Wolf』」

「…… Seriously」

「Can someone be this strong! It’s a trickery!」

「What was that magic just now!」

「Uoーーー! I would have made a killing if I had bet on him~~~」

I heard surprised and confused voices from the surroundings.

Even though nobody predicted my victory, Raizel has been dealt with in an instant instead.

There are several people looking at me with stupefaction.

But, the last person! Don’t you grieve about not making a profit!

「「Onii~chan, victory~!」」


Allen and Elena rushed over and jumped towards me with a great vigor.

「Hey, Takumi-san!! What was that What just happened Aren’t you tremendously strong!! Why didn’t you say anything!」

Carna who rushed over a little later came with a barrage of questions.

「W, wait, Carna, calm down~」

「Calm down, you say That’s obviously impossible, isn’t it There’s no way I can calm down after seeing you defeat Raizel so easily!」

Carna is too excited as I can’t seem to be able to calm her down.

Far from that, she grabbed me by the collar and vigorously shook with me.

「「Calm down~!」」


「Allen Elena」

While a little bit troubled about Carna, Allen and Elena who were in my arms frowned a little and fired slightly stronger words.

Carna was dumbfounded by the two’s words.

I also couldn’t hide my surprise at the two’s unusual behavior.

「「Calmed down~」」

「…… Y, yes.

I calmed down.

T, thank you」


When Carna calmed down, the two showed whole-faced smiles.

「Allen, Elena」


「What’s up with you two all of sudden」

「「Onii~chan, troubled~」」

「Eh Because I was troubled」


Allen and Elena told Carna to calm down because I was troubled

Uwa~ I’m impressed a little, but~~~

「I see~ Allen, Elena, thank you~」

「「Kya, kya」」

I lowered Allen and Elena on the ground and patted the two’s heads with all my heart.

「…… Umm, Takumi-san, I’m sorry.

The shock I received was too devastating, so……」

「Ah, yeah, don’t mind it.

I didn’t tell you anything after all」

Thanks to the children, Carna has completely calmed down and regained presence of mind.


It’s me who got you involved in this strife, but I wouldn’t be this shaken up if you told me at least a little! I was really worried because I’m aware of Raizel strenght」

「Ah, sorry about tha――」


Just when I was trying to apologize to Carna, the practice ground’s door vigorously opened and a woman in her forties dressed in the guild staff member outfit rushed inside in a flustered state.

After looking restlessly around, she walked towards us.

「Huh Why are you so fluste――」

「Oh my, Carna.

It seems it turned into something troublesome.

However, we will talk later.

I have no time to talk with you at the moment」

That woman seems to be Carna’s acquaintance.

Well, she’s the guild’s staff member so it might be only given that they are acquaintances.

But, the woman avoided talking with Carna.

And then――

「Are you Takumi-san Were you perhaps in Bailey before coming to the Royal Capital」

Nodding after taking a look at my and the children’s faces, she spoke to us.

She, for some reason, knew that we came from Bailey.

「You know about us」

「Yes, I do.

I was told to immediately bring you to Guild Master were you to come here.

Therefore, would you please come with me」


I have never been involved with the Royal Capital’s Guild Master, but…… why is a person I have never met concerned about me…… what is the talk going to be about

「N~ It’s only natural for you to have many questions, but we can’t talk about that in here.

Therefore, please!!」

I must have had a really curious expression.

The woman put her hands together in front of her face and earnestly requested for us to come with her.

「…… Erm, you will explain when we move places, right」

「Of course.

Everything will be explained properly」

「I understand」

「Really Thank you!」

When I acknowledged, the woman seemed very delighted.

「Then, shall we go!」

「Eh! Do you really need to go right now」


Then, Carna, I’m sorry but I will be borrowing Takumi-san」

「Ehh! Wait a mo――」

「Now, Takumi-san, let’s go」

After the woman simply dismissed Carna, she urged us out of the practice grounds and brought us to the Guild Master’s office.


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