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Accessory Completion

The winter has arrived.

Winter is a social season in the noble society, the nobles who spend most of their lives in their fiefs gather in the Capital, and hold social meetings day and night.

Matthias-san and Rebecca-san are also leaving the mansion every day for some parties happening outside while the Ruven family also receives many guests, so it’s quite hectic each and every day.

One day, when I was called to a parlor by Matthias-san, who waited for me wasn’t Matthias-san himself, but a person I have a remembrance of.

“Huh You are… the jeweller if I remember correctly, yes”

“Yes, that’s correct.

I am much obligated for the other day.

The pearls Takumi-sama sold us were greatly popular.”

“I’m glad to hear that.

But, I am the one who was asking a favor from you.”

At that time when Matthias-san had invited the jewellers in order to purchse pearl accessory for Rebecca-san, I dropped by, by a coicidence and was asked for an opinion.

The merchants’ design was excellent, but the pearls they had weren’t any good, so I decided to hand them over the pearls I got from the mermaids.

Although the different-colored pearls left Matthias-san and the merchants surprised… well, it was at a toleratable level.

But, the children showed off their golf ball-sized pearls too, which left Matthias-san and others lost for words.

Matthias-san has tacitly not made a clamor about it, but I ended up selling a few good-quality pearls to the merchants.

It appears that the merchants were able to make a good business out of the pearls.

“And so, the reason you called me here today… have you finished the accessories we have ordered, perhaps”

“Yes, precisely.”

Apparently, Rebecca-san’s necklace, Grace-sama and Aurora-sama’s necklace and hair ornament have been finished.


“N The accessories from pearls we have ordered before have been apparently completed.”


“Exciting, isn’t it”


“It’s strange coming out from me, but they have turned out extremely well.”

The merchant seemed to be confident, so they have apparently turned into quite good articles.

“Sorry, have I kept you waiting”

After chatting with the merchant in the parlor for a while, Matthias-san entered the room.

“No, we have arrived just a little while ago, so don’t mind it.

Well then, without a delay…——”

The unveiling of the accessories followed immediately after Matthias-san and the merchant finished their greetings.

The merchant took out three splendid cases and lined them up on the table.

“These are the articles you have ordered.

Please, confirm them.”

First, Rebecca-san’s necklace.

I suggested linking the pearls together, but I was told that using pearls like that would be too extravagant, so my idea was denied.

The final article was a simple necklace with five pearls on a silver chain.

Grace-sama’s necklace was a pendant with a thumbnail-sized pearl.

The pearls itself was of an unheard of size, so it was also a necklace of a simple kind with no excessive additions.

And lastly, Aurora-sama’s hair ornament.

What is it Err… a comb It was a comb-like accessory with a pink-colored pearl made into a butterfly.

It looked very lovely.

“Yeah, each and every one of them are wonderful.”

“Yes, they are very well made.”

“I was confident, but I feel relieved to hear that.”

When Matthias-san and I gave our honest impressions, the merchant showed relief.

“Onii~chan, Onii~chan, this, it’s cute!”

“You like this one, Elena”

“Yup! Super cute!”

Elena pointed at the hair ornament and was unusually merry.

Certainly, rather than something like a silver metal, the cuteness of an elaborate butterfly would curry a girl’s favor.

“Excuse me, would it be possible to make us the same handiwork as this butterfly or something similar to it”

“Yes, of course, it’s possible.”

“Is that so——how about it, Elena Would you like one”


“Haha, is that so”

Elena seemed to be quite pleased with it, so when I asked her whether she would like the same one, or something similar to it, she told me she wants one with a whole-faced smile.

“I am beyond happy it entered Ojousama’s eyes.”

“I would like to order a butterfly hair ornament for this child then, but… do you accept orders for articles that don’t use gems”

“Our store doesn’t deal only with articles made from gems, so there’s no problem.”

I thought it might be bad to ask a jeweller to create an article that doesn’t use any gems, but there appears to not be any problem.

“Then, could I place the order”

“Yes, I have received it.”

As a result of listening to Elena’s opinion and talking with the merchant, we have decided to have a butterfly pin made.

I requested for the butterfly’s wings to be made from a color-changing glass and for the pin to be something a child could wear on a daily basis.

“As for Allen…”

After finishing ordering for Elena, I tried asking Allen “Do you also want something” but he shook his head and told me “Don’t want.”

As I thought, these things are girls’ forte~

How about getting a blade without tempered edge for Allen the next time He seems to have an interest in weapons, so he probably won’t tell me “Don’t want.”

“Well then, I would like you to confirm one more article.”

Saying that, the merchant showed pearl earrings.

“N This is”

Looking at the earrings, Matthias-san made a curious expression.

“This is what I have ordered.

You have said that you were ordering a necklace for Rebecca-san’s birthday, so I thought of using this as our present.”

Right, I realized that I must prepare a present for Rebecca-san and sneakily ordered these.

While on the occasion, I made sure the design goes well with the necklace Matthias-san has ordered.

“I see.

You didn’t have to.”

“She’s always taking care of us, so we also want to congratulate her~”


“Haha, is that so Thank you.”

I’m not sure whether Allen and Elena understood, but Matthias-san could only smile wryly at them.

“Still, it’s exactly what I ordered.

Thank you very much.”

I faced the merchant and thanked him.

“Nono, it’s us who should be thanking you for entrusting us with such good pearls.

If you obtain pearls or any other gems, please make sure to visit our store again.

We will be sure to give you a good price, Takumi-sama.”


All right, I will be sure to when I get my hands on something good.”

“Yes, we will be expecting you.”

After handing over the articles we have ordered, the merchant didn’t forget to appeal for the future transactions and left with a smile.


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