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Picking Up

After that, I was somehow able to appreciate the atmosphere of the evening party a bit longer, but thinking that I should be fine by now, I decided to leave the venue behind and went to pick up Allen and Elena.

Of course, I have received Tristan-sama and Matthias-san’s permission.


When I entered the room where the children were being taken care of, the two vigorously jumped at me.

“”Welcome back~””

“I’m back.

Were you waiting for me obediently”

“Yup, Allen was a good boy!”

“Elena also was a good girl!”

“I see.

You were good children~”

Allen and Elena were appealing that they waited while being good kids, so I praised the two lots while patting their heads.

“Huh That reminds me, where’s Julius-sama”

“It was time for Julius-sama to sleep, so he was taken to his bedroom.”

Just I found it strange that I had not seen Julius-sama together with Allen and Elena, Isaac-san filled me in.

“Is that so How unlucky of me.

I wanted to meet him…”

“If it’s you, you will definitely have another opportunity, Takumi-san.”

I was not able to see Julius-sama when I brought Allen and Elena here, but I had not the luck even this time.

He’s Austin-sama and Aurora-sama’s child, so I believe that he surely is a lovely child, but… I wasn’t able to confirm it.

“Are you two not sleepy”

“”Is fine~!””

The time has already reached the time for children to sleep, but Allen and Elena don’t seem to be sleepy at all today.

“Thank you very much for today, Isaac-san.

I hope there were no problems”

“Everything was fine.

The two were obedient and looked after Julius-sama.”

“Eh, is that so”

Hearing that Allen and Elena looked after a young child, I was surprised a little.


Yes they read him a picture book very wonderfully.”

“Heeh~ you read him a picture book, huh~ Aren’t you two amazing~!”


Hearing that Allen and Elena were not only obedient but even read Julius-sama a picture book, I was very impressed.

When I praised them once more, the two laughed bashfully.

“Rather than that, Takumi-san!”


But suddenly, Isaac-san looked serious, so I was wondering what he was going to say.

“The children read the book as if acting out a theater performance, was it you who have taught them”

“…… Eh”

He was making a serious face, so I was wondering what it was about, but it was about the way they read the book.

As if acting out a theater performance, he said.

Isn’t he exaggerating a bit

“… No, I only taught them how to read normally, I did not do something like that.”

“Is that so It was quite terrific, you know”

“Eh That much!”

“Yes, their performance was nearly bringing the scenes to life.”


Looking at Isaac-san’s expression, he wasn’t joking.

Watching me and Isaac-san having such a conversation, the two looked up at us as if asking “Are we amazing”

“When did you manage to learn something like that How incredible~”

“Obaasama did.”

“Teach us~”


Hearing Allen and Elena’s words, Isaac-san and I raised our voices in surprise.

“Obaasama Eh, Rebecca-san taught you that”


“W, when did she manage that…”

Since living at the Ruven house, Allen and Elena certainly weren’t sticking to me all the time and spent some time with Rebecca-san too, but… it shouldn’t be that long.

In that short time, Rebecca-san managed to teach the two a way of reading that impressed Isaac-san so much

“To teach them something like that without you even noticing… Madam Rebecca is quite a lady of character, isn’t she~”

“… Indeed.”

There have already been several occasions Rebecca-san jumped the gun on me.

Clothes with animal ears and even the preparations for this evening party.

She makes me admire her skills on every occasion.

But well, she’s not a bad influence on Allen and Elena, so… let’s leave it at that.

“So you two are so skillful at reading books, huh~ Will you read your Oniichan the next time”

“”Yeah, will read~””

“I see.

Then, please do so.”

A way of reading that impressed Isaac-san.

I look forward to it.

“Shall we return then Allen, Elena, give your thanks to Isaac-san.”

“”Yup, thank you~””

“Thank you very much.

I will prepare something to thank you the next time.”

“Nono, I was just doing my job.

Rather than preparing something to thank me with, won’t you visit our home the next time Elder brother is eager to see you.”

I see, because of the social season, Cedric-san must have come to the Capital!

What bad luck.

I wasn’t able to meet him at the evening party.

“Then, he came with Theodore-kun and Latis-kun too”

“Yes, the two want to see you as well.”

Theodore-kun and Latis-kun apparently came with him to the Capital.

“Allen, Elena, Theodore-kun and Latis-kun want to see you! Do you want to visit them”

“”Want! Tomorrow~””

“Nono, tomorrow wouldn’t be possible.

I will contact them and we will then decide on the day, so it would be a few days later.”


When I told Allen and Elena that they would be able to see Theodore-kun and Latis-kun, the two were obviously delighted.

However, understanding that they won’t be able to see them today or tomorrow, they got dejected.


I will make sure to let Elder brother know, so let’s see~… how about three days later at the noon”

“There are no problems for us.”

“I will tell him that then.”

“Yes, please.”

Seems like we will be able to see Cedric-san’s family sooner than I thought.

“Well then, it’s dark outside, so be careful on your way back.”

“Yes, we understand.”

Like this, my social debut () somehow ended with various happenings and an unexpected reunion.


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