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Drinking Bout

A pot-au-feu-like soup with many garnishes, a salad, bread, and fruits in heaps were carried before Allen and Elena.

For Lionel-sama and Tristan-sama, it was the Flamesaurus steak with steaks of other kinds of meat, stir-fried vegetables, and pickle-like things.

“”Will dig in~””

“Yes, go ahead.”

Allen and Elena promptly sought permission from Grace-sama and started eating.

“Ohh, this is delicious!”

Before I noticed, Lionel-sama as already tasting the Nippy Liquor and was pouring himself another helping.

Although his glass was smaller than usual, he drank it in one gulp from a glass that was bigger than the normal sake cup.

It seems that he liked the taste of the sake, and was also a considerably heavy drinker.

“Let me see, how does the Flamesaurus meat taste~——n.

This is also quite something.

Alfried, it’s tasty.”

“… I am glad to hear that.

However, hogging it all to yourself is not good.”


“The children had been curious about the Flamesaurus meat’s taste all this time.

Despite that, you eat it all by yourself~ See, please take a look.

They are watching you the whole time, Granduncle.”

As Al-sama said, Allen and Elena were jii~… staring at Lionel-sama who was eating the Flamesaurus steak.

“… Allen, Elena, we still have plenty of Flamesaurus meat.

I will cook it for you today, so don’t stare so much.”


“Nono, this was my fault.

Here, lad, missy, let’s eat together.”

“”Is fine””

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

“Sorry about this, Lionel-sama.”

“What are you saying, this meat and alcohol was a present from you guys, so I should be taking part in looking after you, don’t worry about it.”


“I see, it’s delicious”

When Allen and Elena sweetly smiled after tasting the Flamesaurus meat Lionel-sama handed them, he also smiled widely at them.

“Oh, this is certainly tasty.”


The aftertaste is refreshing, isn’t it”

Tristan-sama and Austin-sama tasted the Nippy Liquor too, and they seemed to be pleased with its taste.

“Well~ Tasting new kind of alcohol again is a happy occasion.”

“N Tristan… did you say ‘again’ just now Do you mean that a new alcoholic drink beside this Nippy Liquor has been discovered”


Interjected by Lionel-sama, Tristan-sama made a “Oh, darn” expression.

Did he perhaps mean the brandy Did Tristan-sama keep the brandy secret from Lionel-sama

“Err… that’s…”

Although Tristan-sama was a country’s king, he wasn’t a match for his uncle as his eyes were totally swimming the other way when doubted.

“Oh my, I have not heard about that either.”

Whoaa~ it appears he kept it secret from Grace-sama too.

Grace-sama directed a sharp gaze towards Tristan-sama and his face has visibly turned pale.

“That’s, umm… Takumi.”

“Takumi, you say”



With Tristan-sama’s words, Lionel-sama and Grace-sama directed their gazes onto me.

… Tristan-sama, you have definitely turned the tip of the spear towards me, did you not

“I certainly discovered a drink called Brandy in the ‘Dungeon of Ripples’ however, I gifted it to Tristan-sama at my first audience with him~”


“Oh my~”


Hearing my words, the gazes of Lionel-sama and Grace-sama returned on Tristan-sama.

“I, I just forgot to tell you! Actually, Conrad knows of this alcoholic drink too!”

… Conrad Ahh, the Prime Minister Well, he was there when I presented the brandy, so he is indeed aware~

“Then, where do you keep that drink You won’t say that it’s in your office, will you”


Looking at Tristan-sama’s reaction, it seems to be a bullseye.

A dreadful smile floated on Grace-sama’s face.

What an incredible impact even though she’s smiling.

Still… not in the alcohol storeroom or kitchen, but in his office


“What is it, Takumi”

“Does Tristan-sama have a restriction on alcohol by any chance”

“No, he usually does not have a restriction like that.

It’s normal for him to drink fruit wine or mead at dinner… ahh, but, when he shows obvious exhaustion while not finished with his official duties, Mother forbids him from drinking.”

By any chance… did he hide it in his office to drink in secret But, I gifted him quite a number of bottles, though To hide all of that, it’s actually amazing~

“Takumi-dono, do you still possess the drink called brandy”

“I do.——Ahh, right.

Since Tristan-sama hid it, Austin-sama and others must have not drunk it yet, right”

I asked for new glasses, took out the brandy from my Infinite Storage and poured it into the glasses for Lionel-sama, Austin-sama, and Al-sama.

Grace-sama was lecturing Tristan-sama, so I quietly pushed the glass towards her.

“It’s a strong kind of alcoholic drink, so please don’t drink it in one gulp.”

“Hooh~ so this is the brandy, huh.”

“It smells nice.”

“That’s certainly true.

The color is also of a lovely amber.”

The three who received the glasses confirmed the appearances and fragrance and tasted the brandy.

“Ohh! It certainly is a strong drink, but this is also tasty!”

“It’s a little bit too harsh for me.”

“In that case, ice…——no, let’s dilute it with water.”

The drink was apparently too strong for Austin-sama, I added cold water to his glass.

“Yeah, it became easier to drink.”

Thus, Lionel-sama and Al-sama followed and added water.

“Hooh~ it became easy to drink like this!——Takumi, you said you also got this alcohol from a dungeon On what floor did you get it Ah, if you are hiding it, then you don’t have to say.”

“It’s fine.

I got this from the twentieth floor.”


I don’t intend to keep the brandy spot secret.

Far from that, I already talked about it with the Risner Household.

Therefore, when I told the three on what floor I found it, their breath was visibly taken away.

“T, twentieth floor, you say! Takumi, the Dungeon of Ripples has thirty floors in total, right Does that mean that you captured it!”

Al-sama was thoroughly excited.

“… Calm down, Alfried.

Takumi-dono has the strength to walk through an intermediate dungeon with ease, so it’s not strange for him to capture it.”

“I know that very well from going to the dungeon together with him! However, Elder brother! The timing is weird! The dungeon was discovered just a while ago! And yet, he already captured it, what’s up with that!”

“That’s………… because it’s Takumi-dono, so it can’t be helped.”

“………… Ahh, that’s true.”

… That was cold of you, Austin-sama.

Also, don’t agree with him so readily, Al-sama.


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