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Alcohol Workshop

The next day, we were taken by Lionel-sama to the alcohol brewing workshop.

“This is it.”

“Lionel-sama!! What do you need from us today!”

A young man who was a staff at the workshop noticed Lionel-sama and rushed over in a panic.

“Just a tiny favor.

Is Nicholas in”

“Y, yes! Please wait just a moment!”

The person called Nicholas must be this workshop’s chief.

The young man panicked again and ran off.

“Is he always like that”

“Umu, generally.

You see, the alcohol they produce here is a fruit wine made from Kukuru fruit, and ale made from barley.

They also make mead from honey bee’s honey.”

After seeing the young man off, Lionel-sama started explaining about this workshop.

“Three types of alcohol”

“Yeah, that’s correct.

Alcohol changes in taste with minor process differences.

I like the taste of the alcohol they make here, so I am backing them up.”

“Hee~ a taste you like, huh.

That’s making me curious.

Can you buy that alcohol in here Or do I have to visit a store they sell it at”

It’s my selfish imagination, but I believe that Lionel-sama is someone who fusses over the taste.

If such Lionel-sama likes the taste of the alcohol made here, then it must be good.

I would like to drink it.

“I’m buying directly from here, but… it’s not a small amount What is it Do you want to buy it, Takumi”


I am curious about the flavor of the alcohol here.”

“Hoho, I see.

Let’s confirm with them later then.”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

When I said that I would like to purchase the alcohol they have here, Lionel-sama made a delighted face.

Is he happy that others show interest in something he likes

“S, sorry to have kept you waiting!”

Just at that moment, a man in his forties who I guessed to be Nicholas-san came over.

“Oh~ Sorry about the sudden visit, Nicholas.

Did we come at a bad time”

“N, no! Lionel-sama’s business has the utmost priority, so there’s no problem at all!”

“I see, sorry about that.”

It seems that he is Nicholas-san, just as I thought.

We were guided to a reception-like room in the workshop by Nicholas-san, and facing him, we sat on the sofa.

Originally, Lionel-sama should be sitting in the middle in the seat of honor, but Allen and Elena sat there, sitting between me and him.

Lionel-sama’s guard stood behind the sofa.

Normally, this seating order would cause a problem, but Lionel-sama encouraged me to sit by himself, so I obediently followed.

Allen and Elena are treating Lionel-sama, who is surprisingly an obliging person, as their grandpa, so they were sitting down obediently.

“Let’s get down the business right away… Nicholas, I would like you to drink something first.”

Lionel-sama immediately got straight to the point.

Therefore, I placed a bottle of Brandy and Nippy liquor at the table, I presented them to Nicholas-san.

“This is it Please, excuse me.”

While wondering, Nicholas-san took the bottles and confirmed the fragrances first.

“!! Li, Lionel-sama, just what might this be!”

He must have understood that it’s alcohol from the scent.

But, Nicholas-san also realized that it wasn’t alcohol that he was familiar with, so he leaned forward as he vigorously inquired about the contents of the bottles from Lionel-sama.

He’s a bit… no, quite excited.

“Your nose is good, Nicholas~ Before I answer, try drinking it first.”

“Y, yes! Then, excuse me…”

Maybe because it was an alcohol brewing workshop, there were many bottles lined up in the cupboard of the reception room, and glasses were on hand as well.

Nicholas-san took two glasses and sampled each drink by rolling it inside of his mouth.

“What a thing! To think something like this existed in this world!!”

Nicholas-san seemed deeply emotional as he spilled his impressions in anguish.

What kind of reaction is this

“It’s delicious, right”

“Yes, yes! Lionel-sama, please teach this younger generation! Please tell me what this alcohol is!!”

This reaction…

“Since you have come with this young man, does it mean it’s related to him”


This alcohol has been discovered by him—Takumi, in dungeons.”

“!! Dungeons, you say!”


The amber-colored alcohol is Brandy, the clear one is called Nippy liquor.”

“Brandy and Nippy liquor!!”

“How about it, are you up for a challenge of manufacturing these alcohols”

“I, if you are fine with me!”

“I came here because I believe in you!”

Lionel-sama and Nicholas-san got instantly fired up and started talking about alcohol in a good mood.



“”Not done~””

“… N~ a little bit longer, I think”

We are totally left behind.


We got fired up all on our own.”

“Pardon me.”

The alcohol discussion continued for a while, but noticing Allen and Elena’s gazes, Lionel-sama and Nicholas-san made apologetic expressions.

“No worries.

Does it mean that you are going to attempt recreating the Brandy and Nippy liquor then, Nicholas-san”


That being the case, the alcohol brewing will be left to Nicholas-san, and the investment money will be collected by Lionel-sama.

For now, we will be using a reference of another two kinds of alcohol when offering the investment funds.

If the funds weren’t enough, Lionel-sama will contact me.

“The Brandy is made from Kukuru fruit.”

After that, I told him everything I know about the two alcoholic drinks.

I have no doubts about the materials.

They came from my Appraisal after all.

“Kukuru fruit! However, we are already making fruit wine from the Kukuru fruit, you know!”

“From my memory, Brandy should be made by processing the Kukuru fruit wine further, while strengthening its alcoholic contents.”

“I see, processing it further into another…”

Or so I think

Err… what else~ Fermentation is done during the manufacturing process.

The fruit wine should be as mature as possible.

If heated, the alcohol will disappear.

Far from rising, the alcohol’s degree will get lowe——… huh That’s it!

Right, it’s collecting the vaporized alcohol! The science experiment that heated up seawater to create fresh water from steam, it talked about this!

Ermm… was it a distillation

When I poorly explained about the distillation, Lionel-sama and Nicholas-san both listened with great interest.

“That is a new technique! Nicholas, do you understand”

“Yes, I will make sure to inform our members thoroughly to not leak this technique outside!”

While in blank amazement, it was decided that this information will be told only to the authorized people.

Of course, this included me, the source of information, as well.

Well, I don’t have anyone else to reveal this information anyway~

“But, what I told you now might not be precise, as I really am unclear about the process.”

“No! It will be a good reference! Therefore, I would like you to tell me everything, no matter how trivial it is!”

Is he sure There’s a possibility that I might be wrong.

“Is that so Let’s see~ If I am not mistaken, you should be able to make a different alcoholic drink by increasing the alcoholic contents of the alcohol that uses wheat.”

With wheat as the main ingredient and using the process of distillation, you should be able to make whiskey.

“What! There’s a possibility that another kind of alcoholic drink can be made!”

“Li, Lionel-sama, may we attempt manufacturing that one as well!”

“Of course, Nicholas!”

Hearing about another alcoholic drink, both Lionel-sama and Nicholas-san’s eyes were sparkling.

“And so, about the Nippy liquor… I know that it’s made from White Wheat, but I don’t know the exact process.”

“Is that so In that case, we will use the materials and try manufacturing it just as ale and fruit wine first.”

“Umu, that would be good.”

Alcohol would normally take a long time to make, but Lionel-sama will apparently dispatch a person who can use “Aging” magic, to speed up the process.

“Well then, Nicholas.

It will get busy here, but do your best.”

“Yes, leave it to me!”

Lionel-sama will contact me about the funds and any progress.

I will have to inform the Ruven family about this later.

Then, I received the alcohol Nicholas-san made, and we left the workshop.


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