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「How powerful magic can you use……」


Rudolph-san who promptly came to his senses says tiredly.

「Takumi, Evil Viper’s blood is a precious material.

Quickly store it in your《Infinite Storage》before everything spills out」

I follow Rudolph-san instructions and quickly tidy up the Evil Viper.

There, Allen and Elena run up to me.

「「Onii~chan! Ama~zing!」」

「Ahahaha~ Thanks.

Allen, Elena, how are your injuries」


Allen and Elena who saw my magic became slightly excited.

After holding them up in my arms, I confirm their safety first.

There, Iris-san approached.

「Iris-san, thank you very much」

「…… Yeah.

Don’t worry about it.

I didn’t do that much.

Ah… the two didn’t have any large injuries, it was only a scratch.

I healed them just in case, but there may be a bump so look over their state for a while」

I thank Iris-san while embracing Allen and Elena.

She herself is a mage, so her cheeks stiffened a bit under the overwhelming power of the wind.

However, I perceived that she tried her best to act normally.

Both Rudolph-san and she talked to me normally without making a distance…… they are really good people.

Still, Allen’s and Elena’s injuries seemed to be only a few scratches.

Their bodies are more sturdy than that of an ordinary person as expected.

I got goosebumps because an ordinary person would receive serious injuries or even possibly die from that.

I will be careful so something like that never happens again! Yeah, I have made up my mind.

「Takumi, collect all the trees you knocked down too」

「Eh All of it!」

「Naturally! Are you trying to make those splendid tree rot in vain! You shouldn’t have a problem with that much magical power!」

The capacity of《Inifnite Storage》depends on the user’s magical power.

An ordinary user would be able to store about several tons of items.

In my case, I should be all right with tens of thousands.

As the name suggests, limitless.

I can store without limits.

Rudolph-san probably said that because he understood.

I have collected every fallen tree.

And then, after the injured were treated we returned to the original place.


Now then, there’s one more thing to tidy up.

「Takumi, you saved us.

Still, what an unbelievable magic…… wha! O, oi!」

Ignoring Wald-sama, I approach a certain knight and swung my leg at him.

Because I used the power of the wind, he instantly fell down.

「Uwa! …… gu」

I trample down on that man’s throat, take out my katana and graze it against his cheek.


「W, what!」

Surprised voices resound from around.

「Don’t move」

I calmly say to the man under my feet.

It wasn’t that of a loud voice, but it was enough to make him stop trying to run away.

「Takumi, what are you doing!」

Wald-sama calls out again.

「What am I doing…… is it Please ask this fellow instead」

「Ha Sajesh Sajesh, you, did you do something」

「I didn’t do anything!」

「………… Takumi」

「How dare you~ Even though you eyes were so full of thirst for blood just a while ago, to say that you didn’t do anytihng……」

「Come again! Are you sure」

Everyone listening gets surprised.

「It’s the truth.

He was glaring at Takumi since he joined us.

I have turned blind eye because I judged he wouldn’t hurt Takumi, but.

As expected, doing something like that from behind while I was putting my life on the line, I also couldn’t leave it alone」


Looks like Rudolph-san noticed it too.

As one would expect from him.

The people who haven’t noticed became even more surprised.

「Even I who is unrelated is bothered by it.

Takumi had no choice, but to be conscious all the time that he is being target.

And yet, the actual damage actually fell on the pipsqueaks」


Allen and Elena got injured because of this fellow.

「…… No way.

The reason the two suddenly turned around and were attacked by the Evil Viper……」

「They felt this guy’s thirst for blood and promptly turned around」

Rudolph-san explains everything in my stead.

That’s right.

At that time, this man’s thirst for my blood swelled up for an instant.

Because of that, Allen and Elena reacted to the thirst for my blood and turned around.

These children are very sensitive of negative feelings against me.

Because of that, they unconsciously responded to it and turned around.

「Sajesh… you……」

「It’s a lie!! Stop talking crap!」

Sajesh is resisting even after all of that.

「People might have believed you if only I said it.

However, a genuine A-Rank Rudolph-san explained it himself.

And that is a crap Stop joking around!!」

With only my testimony, there would be probably only a few people who would believe me.

In fact, there wasn’t anyone else who noticed his thirst for blood… That doesn’t mean the Knights are incompetent.

It’s just that they weren’t conscious of their colleague.

I think Rudolph-san explained personally because he understood.


“Confess it” with those words, Sajesh crumbled completely.

「You! You are in the wrong!! A commoner like you who came from who knows where favored by Captain Ruven!!」

N Captain Ruven

Sajesh’s reason was a bit unexpected.

「…… Wald-sama」


When I look at Wald-sama, he instantly looks away.

He keeps on looking away.

Because it seemed like I will never get my answer, I look towards Risner-sama for the explanation.

Then, Risner-sama starts inevitably explaining.

「He’s Sajesh Krantz.

He’s a member of the third unit, but that… he has openly declared his love for Captain………」

「L, love! Not respect or admiration!」

「Yes, it’s a love…」

Eeh! He loves him…… seriously……

A masculine knight and a slender, handsome knight…… no need to guess, aren’t they favorite food of rotten women

Haa~ I, it’s my first time seeing it in person… As expected, they are even in the Knights.

No, is that precisely because the Knights is a male society

Therefore, I wind and quietly take distance from Sajesh.

Eh, does that perhaps mean that Sajesh recognized me as his love rival!

Why does he have such misunderstanding!

It’s a mystery how he came to that conclusion.

Because I received a slight shock, I call Allen and Elena for healing.

「Then, the reason this person has picked quarrel with me is because he thinks I have snaged Captain Wald from him」


Wald-sama cries out loudly.

「I definitely have no interest in keeping men company!!!」

Hohou~ To deny it so strongly… right

「Wald-sama seems like a person who trains all the time so it’s unlikely he has a history with women.

Then…… in fact……」

「Takumi! What are you saying!!」

「No, no, isn’t it all right Each person has his own interests, please don’t mind us」

「Yo… you, stop joking! I said that you are wrong!!」

Indeed, it makes you want to tease him, right


Please stop teasing Captain anymore」

「Ah, yes」

Since I was stopped by Risner-sama, I will end my teasing of Wald-sama here.

「Teasing… Takumi, youu!!」

Wald-sama finally notices that I was teasing him.

「I’m really sorry that we have involved Takumi-san in the circumstances of us Knights.

Our supervision was too poor.

However, how about entrusting the punishment to the Knights」

「I don’t mind」

Risner-sama apologized and asked to entrust Sajesh’s punishment to the Knights.

Of course, I agreed.

Risner-sama got taken a back by my simple acknowledgement.

「…… Is that okay It reached the extent the children got injured, you know」

「That is so.

However, in the end, Allen and Elena got off only with some scratches, and I also am responsible for leaving this person’s thirst for blood just like that.

However, if there’s a next time, I won’t be so linient」

Certainly, getting Allen and Elena injured is not tolerable, however, while that may be true, solving him with violence or killing him off…… I won’t do something like that.

I’m not such person.

Because I have no problem with it, I leave the Knights deal with Sajesh.

「I will also apologize.

I’m sorry for my subordinate」

「Thank you very much for your open-mindeness」

Farius-sama and Ganforg-sama lower their heads.

It has been decided that the other Knights will monitor Sajesh, while his punishment will be decided later.

Although I say punishment, it was just a thirst for blood, so I don’t think it will be a heavy punishment.

A wage cut Demotion or discharge from Knights probably won’t happen.

All is fine if he doesn’t pick up a quarrel with me anymore.


「Is it over Takumi, I’m hungry.

Food, please」

「…… Eh」

After tidying up, Rudolph-san suddenly says.

I couldn’t understand for a moment.

No, no, that’s the line you would normally say to Cain-san or Heinz-san, right Why are you saying that to me!

「The most important person of the battle, me is starving.

I don’t want to eat dried meat or a hard bread, I want to eat something delicious」

「Allen is hungry too~」

「Elena too~」

Ah, un.

I have to make a meal for Allen and Elena.

It’s almost time for sun to set, they have been moving all afternoon, huh.

Of course, they’d be hungry.

Well~ I’m grateful to Rudolph-san and the others, so there’s no problem making something, but……

Chirari, I glance and the Knights.

The Knights who weren’t with us don’t know what’s going on, but the eyebrows of the Knights in our team turned into “ハ”.

They want me to prepare their meals too, but they are afraid to ask because of the matter with Sajesh.

They are making such expressions.

Speaking frankly, I don’t have any good feelings towards Sajesh.

However, it’s not like I’m angry at the other Knights……

Now then, what should I do

「Make, many~」

「Will help~」

Seeing me troubled, Allen and Elena grab my hands and drag me to Cain-san and Heinz-san while talking.

「…… Eh That……」

Cain-san and Heinz-san troubled with an answer, look at children, me, Wald-sama and Risner-sama…… then, their eyes wander.


「…… It’s not like that」

Allen and Elena support me.

Mou~! These children are seriously good children!!

I could not bear it anymore and patted their heads.

「Because Allen and Elena are hungry, won’t you help me out」

「Y, yes! What shall we start with!」

Since it’s been decided, let’s start right away!

The gathered mushrooms, wild grass, the dismantled Orc meat at hand, with the help of the two Knights we have prepared a lot of food which everyone ate.

Quite a delicious meal if I say so myself.

I’m satisfied!


The next day, it was judged that there were too many injured people and continuing the investigation would be dangerous.

It has been decided to return to the town after three days of the expedition.


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