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Chapter 64 – Fiji Company

The largest or second largest commercial company in the Guardia country・Fiji Company.

It’s a company that deals in food and monster materials, managing many shops and of course, they also deal with the goods found in dungeons.

The main store of the Fiji Company is in the royal capital, but they have many branch stores, and one of those is also located in Bailey.

「My my, Risner-sama.

To think Risner-sama himself would visit our store directly! What may I help you with today」

After leaving from the morning market’s plaza, we have visited the Fiji Company together with Cedric-san and others.

Thereupon, we had no appointment, but the branch manager immediately appeared at the storefront.

It seems like there was an employee who has recognized Cedric-san and immediately went to inform the branch manager.

「I’m sorry for the sudden visit.

Actually, I’m looking for an article called soy sauce, I wonder if you are dealing with soy sauce here」

「Oya Risner-sama desires the soy sauce too Of course, we are dealing with them in this store」

It appears that the Fiji Company is dealing with soy sauce.

Moreover, from the branch manager’s words, there were other customers in search of soy sauce.

「That’s relief.

As expected, the demand has increased, hasn’t it」


It has suddenly increased in the last two-three days.

It apparently has something to do with the harbor’s street stall」

「Oya, you know of it As expected of this store’s manager, you are well-informed」

「Information is the life force of bussiness」

「I’m ashamed to say, but I have not known of this flavoring until just recently」

「No, no, soy sauce is a commodity that finally came to light just recently, it can be said that it’s only natural that Risner-sama didn’t know of it.

Me too, in spite of managing a store, I didn’t give it much heed」

Cedric-san and the branch manager are smiling on the surface, but it has some tingling feeling.

Furthermore, the「Fufufu」and「Hahaha~」I hear at the end of their sentences…… it must be just my imagination.

「So, Risner-sama.

Have you visited our store to purchase the soy sauce today then」

「That too, but there’s something else.

Do you have time」

「Of course.

Ah, I’m sorry for making you talk while standing at such place.

I will immediately guide you to the reception office」

「Yes, thank you very much.

――Then, Takumi-san」

「Y, yes!」

Because I was completely absorbed in thoughts, I got startled when Cedric-san called to me.

「I will talk with the branch manager for a while, so, I’m sorry but――」

「Yes, we will look around at the products they have here, please don’t mind us!」

Because I wanted to be excused from going to the reception office, I told Cedric-san that we will wait here before he could say anything.

「Is that so, I understand.

Ah, I’m sorry but can I leave my sons with you」

「Yes, don’t worry」

「Then, thank you」

Saying such, Cedric-san followed after the branch manager to the reception office inside the store.

Thus, while the two are talking, we have decided to have other employees guide us around the store.

The place we were guided to was not shelves of goods for ordinary customers, but a warehouse with all kinds of goods.

Because there are many goods that are not displayed at the storefront, normal customers won’t be guided here unless they are special customers.

Because feudal lord’s companions are special, I have gratefully let them guide me to the ingredient section.

I mean, if they have goods that they are not displaying at the storefront, they might have ingredients that I have not laid my hands on yet, right

It turned into the feudal lord’s sons accompanying me while I do as I please, but because the two were interested, I decided to do what I wanted to.

That being the case, it’s the three of us, me, Allen, Elen, plus Theodore-kun, Latis-kun, and Joshua-san, the six of us in total.

The other two guards went together with Cedric-san.

「「Ah! Anko~」」

Immediately after being shown to the warehouse, Allen and Elena found something they recognized, but――

「Allen, Elena.

Those are red beans」

「「Red beans~」」

「That’s right.

Anko is sweetened boiled red beans」

Allen and Elena seem to think that the red beans I used to make the bean paste are called「Anko」.

「「Red beans~ Swe~et one is anko~」」

「Un, that’s right」

It’s not like all red beans made sweet are anko, but…… they are not wrong, oh well.

「Takumi-san, what is「Anko」」

Theodore-kun who heard the exchange of the children and me became curious about what anko is.

「Umm…… have you heard from Otousan about Anpan」

「Ah! I heard about that.

It’s one of the new bread that recently became popular, isn’t it! I heard that Cream bread and Anpan can be eaten only in the town of Shirin where Ojiisama is!」

「Ah~…… yes, that’s it.

It’s the filling of that Anpan.

It’s made from these red beans」

「Eh, is that so!」

「This will become Anpan」

Theodore-kun and Latis-kun are listening while surprised.

Thus, Joshua-san and the employee who guided us looked at us with surprised expressions.

「Takumi-san, do you mind talking over here」


N Is there a…… problem

While doubting, Joshua-san glanced at the employee.


I finally noticed.

Did I expose the method of making anko in front of the employee

I don’t mind if the way to make anko spreads, but I don’t know how the Lauren House and Risner House would feel about that……

「Umm, from now on, I’m supposed to teach how to make Anpan to a shop recommended by Cedric-san.

And, if the store starts selling Anpan, they will have to purchase red beans on a regular basis……」

「Let’s sign the contract of purchase!」

Joshua-san begins to speak with the employee at his side.

Perhaps, will the content of the contract include the incorporation of secrecy

Joshua-san, I’m sorry for increasing your work, but I will leave it to you.

「Theodore-kun, I’m sorry.

If I say carelessly, even more, I will make troubles for your Otousan, so I will answer what you want to know once we return, okay」

「Yes, thank you very much.

But, I will be able to eat Anpan, won’t I! I’m looking forward to it!」

「I’m looking forward to it as well!」

「Is that so~ Then, I will make them with my best effort, so look forward to it」


While Joshua-san and others were talking, I looked at the things around.

This place is apparently a place where all beans are stored.

In addition to the red beans, black beans and almost the same as soybean「Round beans」, there was something called 「Flower Beans」 that I have never seen.

「Ah, this is……」

There, I found familiar beans in a bottle.

It’s a black oval of the size of the thumbnail with a cracky dent.

It’s slightly larger than those I know of, but the delicate smell is familiar.

「Oya, does Takumi-san know of Kahee Beans」

「Kahe~ beans」

The employee who seems to have finished talking with Joshua-san taught me the name of the beans I was looking at.

Kahe~…… Ahh, Kahee, is it In Syl’s knowledge, the beans themselves are not suitable for edible use, but the extracted liquids are drinkable.

That means, no need to guess, this are coffee beans, aren’t they!

「It’s my first time seeing the real thing.

These are already roasted, aren’t they Are these used with water or hot water to make a black colored beverage」

「Yeah, that’s right」

It’s coffee! Coffee!

I found coffee!

「These Kahee Beans are Risner’s domestic production luxury item, so our country is not that familiar with them yet, but they are popular among nobles.

I’m surprised Takumi-san was aware」

「Well, I have a moderate knowledge about foodstuff……」

It’s all knowledge imprinted by Syl, though.

「Is it possible to sell me these Kahee Beans」

「We surely can, but the price is a little expensive」

「That’s fine.

By the way, do you have a tool that handles these beans here」

「Yes, we have.

Shall I prepare that as well」

「Yes please」

Yosh! If they have a grinder, it looks like I will be able to make a coffee soon♪

Coffee after so long.

Let’s make it immediately after we return!

While cheerful that I obtained coffee beans, Cedric-san and the branch manager who seemed to finish discussing returned.

「Thank you for waiting」

「No, it wasn’t that――…… N」

「Takumi-san, what’s wrong」

I caught the sight of the mark on the documents Cedric-san held.

That’s probably the crest of this store.

Looking carefully, isn’t it drawn everywhere including the shelves and bags

Then, I remembered.

That I have seen a branch of this store before, or not…… a different place.

Where did I……

N~…… ah! That thing! I remember.

The sunken ship in the Mermaid Village! The marks drawn on the body and flags of the ship should be the same as this mark!


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