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Half a month later.

It was grandfather Jiangs 95th birthday, and the Jiang familys old mansion was filled with celebrities.

As the old masters most valued great-grandson, ah Zhen was assigned the important task of entertaining guests.

It was also his first official appearance as the new generation of the Jiang familys heir.

He faced everyones gazes and smiled in response.

He was natural and generous, calm and measured, but he didnt lose the shyness and inexperience of a young man.

For a time, the praises were endless, and old master Jiangs face was full of red light.

Perhaps only Jiang mufei, his biological sister, could see that his brothers mind was not on the birthday banquet at this time.

The little girls eyes turned and found ye Jinhan among the guests.

She nudged him with her elbow and said,”Hey, sister Qinger, what have you been doing recently Shes so busy that she doesnt even pay attention to my brother, causing my brother to dislike everyone now.

Tsk, Zhenzhen has such an attitude towards her own sister.

Its sister Qingers fault for ignoring her!”

Ye Jinhan rolled his eyes at her and said,”how would I know” If my sister doesnt even bother with brother aYao, how would she have the time to bother with me”

“Youre so useless.

Ill go ask brother ah han.” Jiang mufei expressed her disdain.

“My brother didnt come today! Sister Qiao has a very important performance in school today, so my brother went to support her!” Ye Jinhan said gloomily, ” my parents recently went to Australia to play Yingluo.

I came here alone today!

Really, did these adults have any shame They actually made him, an underaged child, the only representative of the Ji family to send a congratulatory gift, Yingluo, really pissed him off!

“Ye Jinhan, your status in the family is so low!” Jiang mufei was half sympathetic and half gloating.

“Shut up!” Ye Jinhan was so angry that he almost jumped.


Jiang mufei wasnt wrong.

Right now, ah Luo was indeed not as calm as she looked on the surface.

In fact, his internal organs were being roasted by the fire, and his whole body was in pain.

He had returned to China half a month ago, which meant that he and Qinger had been separated for half a month.

In the beginning, they kept in touch quite frequently.

Sometimes, a phone call or video call could last for one or two hours.

However, he suddenly found that it was getting more and more difficult to contact her.

Due to the time difference, they did not have much time to see each other.

However, Qinger had suddenly become extremely busy.

His video call requests had been rejected several times, and the reason was that she was busy.

The last time they had contacted each other was 27 hours ago.

He believed that Qinger would not fall in love with someone else in just half a month, but Yingluo had finally managed to steal her attention away from other things.

Once he left, her attention would quickly return to her work.

It was as if all his previous efforts had been in vain.

p-n0ve1、com Ah Luo felt that he might never be able to compete with her love for work in this life.

If thats the case, Yingluo

He pursed his lips tightly and suddenly did not dare to continue thinking.

It was already ten Oclock at night when the birthday banquet ended.

Ah Zhen sent off the last wave of guests.

He stood at the gate and looked at the night view of the front yard.

He took out his phone again and dialed the number for the umpteenth time, but he only got a cold female voice in response.

His phone was still turned off.

She should have already woken up at this time.

Why exactly did he hesitate

A-Qing clenched her cell phone tightly, feeling the fire in her heart burn even more fiercely.

At this time, ye Jinhan and Jiang mu rushed past him with a smile.

Ah Yaos eyebrows were slightly twisted and his tone was a little unhappy.”What are you two doing why arent you sleeping”

“Brother aYao, youre not sleeping either!”

“Thats right, brother! What are you doing here mom was looking for you!”

After the two of them finished speaking, they ran towards the main gate.

One was chasing after the other, but unexpectedly, a car happened to pass by the gate and almost hit Jiang mufei.

The two little fellows were shocked.

When aan saw this scene, she was even more furious.

He strode over and coldly said, ” “Jiang muyue, get back to your room and sleep! Ill handle this.”

The two of them knew that they were in the wrong, so they turned around and ran.

Unexpectedly, an angry female voice suddenly rang out from the car, ” “Ye Jinhan, come over here!”

A-Qings pupils contracted, and she looked over in disbelief.

The door of the drivers seat was pushed open, and the familiar figure that he had been thinking about day and night came into view.

Although it was already late at night, the lights in the front yard of the old house were already on, and the womans side profile was extremely clear.

Yes, the side of his face.

At this time, her eyes were on ye Jinhan, and they were full of anger.

Ye Jinhan was also stunned at this time.

He slowly walked over and looked at her in disbelief.”Sis, why is it you you scared me to death just now, Yingluo!”

Qinger sneered, pinched his right cheek, and pinched him hard.

“You brat, why are you running around with Xiaomu If I hadnt braked in time, you two might have lost your lives!”

“Aiya, it hurts! It hurts! Sister, Im in the wrong, Im in the wrong!” Ye Jinhan shouted.

Jiang mufei came back to her senses and ran over.”Sister Qinger, why didnt you tell me that you were coming back We all miss you! Especially my brother! That, I was the one who ran into the road just now.

Its not ye Jinhans fault, Yingluo.”

Seeing that ye Jinhans face was about to be pinched swollen, she finally spoke up for him out of kindness.

Qinger finally let go and glared at her brother.

Then, she turned around and took her suitcase from the front passenger seat.

She ordered her brother, ” “Help me send my luggage to your room.

Ill go get it tomorrow.”

Ye Jinhan didnt dare to disobey.

He stuck out his tongue, pushed his suitcase, and walked away with a grimace.

Jiang mufei glanced at her brother and ran away.

Qinger then turned to look at ah Zhen.

She looked at the young man who was standing in the wind with his thin lips tightly pursed and his eyes obscure.

She couldnt help but cough.”What, you dont recognize me anymore”

This sentence seemed to have lifted a curse in an instant.

Ah Luo finally walked towards her, and his pace was getting faster and faster.

He quickly stood in front of her, his black eyes fixed on her for a few seconds, as if to confirm that he was not mistaken, then he reached out and pulled her into his arms.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

His breathing was extremely heavy, and his entire body was trembling.

It was as if all the worries and anxiety he had felt these days had materialized and seeped out of his skin inch by inch.

Qinger wrapped her arms around his neck and said in a soft voice, ” Im sorry, Wanwan, for making you worry these past few days.

I wanted to give you a surprise, Wanwan, but Im really busy because I have to hand over some projects to you.

Ill be staying at Capital University after that.

A-Qing only felt that the blood in her body was flowing backward, and she even secretly bit her tongue to make sure that she was not dreaming.

so, Hanhan.

it took him a while to find his voice, but it was already hoarse.

you wont leave, right “

“Im not leaving! but Im afraid I have to go back to Princeton from time to time.

My supervisor doesnt want to give up on me, ” she said with a smile.

but most of the time, Ill be here.

Are you happy to be your senior, Yingluo “

His breathing was heavy, and he could only let out a muffled ” mm ” from his throat.

Qinger rubbed her face against his chin.

ah Luo, I really miss you, Yingluo.

I feel like its hard every day without you by my side, so youve succeeded.

Ah Luo was silent for a long time.

Suddenly, she held his face and kissed him hard.


An hour later, Qinger walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

She was shocked to see ah Zhen standing at the bathroom door waiting for her.

She glanced at him and asked,”what are you doing Are you afraid Ill run away”

The corners of a-Qings lips curled up.

It was as if only at this moment did he dare to confirm that he was not dreaming.

He walked over and hugged her, saying in a low voice, ” “Do you want to have supper”

“Im not hungry yet.” Qinger snuggled in his arms, satisfied.

Ah Yao paused, and finally asked, ” “Wont it affect your graduation, Yingluo I mean, its better to stay here.”

“I wont.

Ive talked to the professor.

He said that our countrys scientific research has been progressing very fast in the past few years.

The level is close to the top, so I wont be buried if I continue my research work here.” Qinger smiled and said, ” its just a little inconvenient sometimes, but its a small problem.

I can overcome it.

To be able to be with you, this little sacrifice is worth it.

A-Qings breathing became heavier.

Qingers heart softened.

aunt Jing Tong said that youve had a long day.

You should go back and sleep.

“Youre experiencing jet lag, so you definitely wont be able to sleep.

Ill accompany you.” He was still hugging her, unwilling to let go.

“Dont! You cant stay at my place tonight!” Qinger was anxious.

This was the Jiang familys old residence, she still had to keep her face, okay!

Ah Luo did not speak.

She just grabbed her hand and placed it on her chest, then lowered her head to kiss her.

Qingers breathing soon became chaotic, but she was still struggling.”You cant let go of Yingluo, Im telling you, no matter what you say, Yingluo”

A-Qing laughed and carried her to the bed.

“Alright, alright, just one time, Yingluo.

You can leave after youre done, Yingluo, youre not allowed to, Yingluo.”

Her unfinished words were blocked by the young mans Hot Lips.

Qinger, I love you.

his breath was hot.

Qinger immediately threw away her armor.

Her heart was beating wildly, and it took her a while to calm down.

alright, I wont chase you away.

You can sleep here, Yingluo.

so be it if she was laughed at, Yingluo.

Anyway, the Jiang family knew about her relationship with ah Luo.

Qinger resigned herself to her fate.

Ah Luos wet black eyes were still locked on her body without blinking, with expectation and grievance.

Qinger had no choice but to hold his face, cough, and say, ” “Alright, Yingluo.”


“Ah Luo, I love you too.”

“Yingluo, yes.”

“Dont cry, Yingluo.”

“Im not crying.”

“Its nothing.

Theres nothing embarrassing about a boy crying, aww!”

——the end——

The book has ended here.

I was looking forward to the end, but when I wrote this, a strong sense of reluctance suddenly hit me.

This story has been serialized for more than a year.

Im very, very grateful to everyone for accompanying me and not leaving me.

Due to various reasons, the updates in the later part were rather lousy.

Yingying was very ashamed.

Fortunately, at least the story of ah Luo and Qinger has been completed.

I hope everyone likes it.

Lets meet again in the pugilistic world!

Thank you again, everyone! He bowed!

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