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“I say, how did you hook up with that young master”

The moment the elevator door closed, Jiang Tong lowered his voice and said nervously to Su Yanyun.

Su Yanyun slanted her eyes.

“Hooking up is such an ugly word.

A sister-in-law knowing her own brother-in-law, whats so rare about that”

Jiang Tongs lips twitched.

“The important thing is, does young master know that you are his sister-in-law”

Su Yanyun rubbed her chin.


“Its not that exaggerated, right” Regardless of whether Rong Jinghui was her brother-in-law, even if they were only considered friends, she still had the right to befriend him, right

Why did Jiang Tong sound like she had committed a crime

“Dont say anything.” Jiang Tong said softly.

“When we see Boss later, please dont say that you know Third Young Master.

Dont say anything… do you hear me”

He was doing this for Ms.

Sus sake!

Ever since Young Master Yi met Ms.

Su, he treated her like the top treasure, just like the legendary dragon that loved to hide treasures.

Do you know what the consequences are for touching a dragons treasure

One word, death!

“Its so big and empty here.

What a waste.” Su Yanyun went upstairs and could not help but comment.

“You know that Young Master Yi likes it.” Jiang Tongs voice was still low.

“It looks cleaner the emptier it is.”

“Why isnt anyone here” Su Yanyun was curious.

“Were all going to the airport.

The office is right in front.

Go over yourself.” Jiang Tong did not want to appear side by side with Ms.

Su in front of Young Master Yi.

He had always had a strong desire to live!

Su Yanyun walked through an empty area and finally saw the office door in front.

The double doors to the redwoods were thick and luxurious.

They stood quietly in front of her.

Thinking of seeing her husband, Su Yanyun was still a little happy.

She quickly walked over and knocked on the door gently with no doubt.

“Come in.” A familiar voice sounded from inside.

Su Yanyun opened the door and entered the large office.

She immediately saw the wide table in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and the man behind the table.

For some reason, Su Yanyun found Rong Linyi a little foreign in such an unfamiliar environment.

She had just walked in when Rong Linyis cold and indifferent voice sounded through the empty space.

“Lock the door.”

“Okay.” Su Yanyun turned around and locked the door.

She turned around and blinked, looking at Rong Linyi in the distance.

Thats right, hes too far away!

The office was too darn big and empty.

Even if she was not nearsighted, it would be difficult to see Rong Linyis expression clearly.

The awkward atmosphere lasted for two seconds before Su Yanyun finally caught Rong Linyis frown.

“Come here.” He finally spoke again, and his voice was filled with impatience.

That damned woman was as dull as a block of wood.

Didnt she know that she should come over on her own accord if he didnt say anything

Hearing her husbands orders, Su Yanyun ran forward.

Rong Linyi sat on the wide chair and did not move at all.

He sized Su Yanyun up from head to toe.

“Youre willing to come over”

He sounded upset yet with a pinch of happiness.

This was an unexpected surprise.

He had originally planned to look for her.

In the end, she came over on her own and in such a unique way.

Did she… want to give him a surprise

However, Su Yanyuns next words clearly told Rong Linyi…


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