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However, Su Yanyuns next words clearly told Rong Linyi that he was thinking too much!

She quickly took out a pen and notebook, then looked around.

She dragged a chair from the side and sat opposite Rong Linyi.

“Young Master Yi, Im here to interview you.

This is my mission today.

I know your time is precious, so lets keep this short.

Firstly, thank you for accepting my interview, and secondly…”

“Interview” Rong Linyi suddenly interrupted Su Yanyun.

He looked at Su Yanyun strangely for two seconds.

Then he smiled.

He was laughing instead of being angry!

Okay, Su Yanyun, youre good!

Forget that she ran off without a care this morning, she even came to do an interview!

Do you really love your job that much

Is that damned job of yours really more important than me!

Su Yanyun was not blind.

Her husbands exuberant anger was enough to lower the air pressure by several degrees.

It was a sunny day outside, but the large office was surrounded in darkness like the clouds before the storm.

Su Yanyun crossed her fingers carefully.

She changed the topic a little.

“Well… I heard that youre going overseas today”

Rong Linyis expression was still dark, but he felt a little better.

However, he still did not answer Su Yanyun.

He only looked at her with his sharp eyes.

Su Yanyun continued to fight with her fingers and pouted.

“Didnt you say that you would leave in a few days… You are leaving early and didnt even tell me.

If I didnt come, would you have left without a word”

These words sounded a little resentful.

But Rong Linyi enjoyed it.

He scoffed.

“Have you ever given me a chance to say it”

He only found out about it last night.

If it werent for her, he would have left last night.

“Isnt there a chance now” Su Yanyun pouted.

She looked so coquettish that Rong Linyis throat tightened and his body stiffened.

His grip on the pen tightened and he was about to ask her to come over.

Su Yanyun suddenly asked before he could.

“When are you leaving”

The worry and reluctance on her face made Rong Linyi feel more at ease.

His expression finally softened.

“Its originally scheduled to be in two to three hours.

We can have lunch together… I can delay it a little.”

As long as you can accompany me for a little while longer…

“Thats good.” Su Yanyun smiled brightly.

Rong Linyis lips curled into a smile at her happy expression.

He was about to get her to come over again and hug her.

Su Yanyun opened her laptop.

“Then lets hurry and finish this interview.”

Rong Linyi was speechless.

“This is a task given to me by your sister.

She actually told me to interview you about your love life.” Su Yanyun didnt see Rong Linyis expression change again and continued, “But if my interview is successful, I can fire Wang Tong.

Just thinking about it makes me happy.

Okay, where do we start”

She looked up and blinked at Rong Linyi.

Rong Linyi was about to flare up when he saw her bright eyes.

This woman was definitely sent by God to deal with him!

Seeing how happy and expectant she was, he… did not have the heart to give her a stern look.

“Where do we start” Rong Linyi suddenly opened the drawer and took out something.

“Take it and publish it!”

Su Yanyun widened her eyes…


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