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On the table was a familiar little book.

Red cover, golden fonts…

Su Yanyun almost bit her tongue.

“You, you, you… do you always have your marriage certificate with you”

“I like it.” Rong Linyi picked up his hand domineeringly and tilted his head.

“Take it.

This is the love life you want.”

Su Yanyun…

This was a scam!

How would she have known that Rong Linyi would actually bring his marriage certificate with him

What she did not know was that the seemingly out-of-the-world Young Master Yi loved to take out his marriage certificate and admire it when he was free.

“No Then the interview is over!” Rong Linyi said and was about to put the marriage certificate away.

“Wait!” Su Yanyun waved her hand and gritted her teeth.

“Lets do it!”

Who was afraid of who!

If Young Master Yi wasnt afraid of being exposed, what was she scared of!

Su Yanyun took out her phone and snapped photos of the marriage certificate.

Hmph, if he dared let her take photos, she would dare to report it.

Young Master Yis exclusive news was also explosive news.

Su Yanyun swore that she would be in the headlines for this week.

Su Yanyun was overjoyed.

She put away her phone and realized that Rong Linyi was still looking at her coldly.

Su Yanyun was a little uncertain.

She said carefully, “That… did I waste your time”

Rong Linyis wore his cold expression like a mask, making Su Yanyun unable to guess his thoughts.

He lifted his chin slightly.

“What do you think”

Su Yanyun… did not know what to say.

She could only open her bright and moist eyes, and look innocently at Rong Linyi.

Rong Linyi was at a loss for words at her fawn-like expression.

“Come here.” He leaned back in his chair.

Su Yanyun could smell the plot of a big bad wolf kidnapping Little Red Riding Hood.

She shook her head almost subconsciously.


“Come here.” Rong Linyis expression was relaxed and casual.

“Bring me the book and pen, and Ill give you a deep interview.”

Although Su Yanyun felt that something was amiss, she still picked up the book and pen boldly.

She walked around the large table and stood in front of Rong Linyi.

Rong Linyi glanced at the table.


“Record what” Su Yanyun blinked, not understanding what her husband was trying to do.

Rong Linyi knocked on the table with his long fingers.

“My love life, Ill tell you.


Su Yanyuns eyes twitched…

Seeing her hesitate, Rong Linyis eyes turned cold.

He repeated word by word.

“Ill tell you.


Hubbys suppression was so strong that Su Yanyun had long forgotten about his bold statement.

She immediately placed the book on the table and bent down, saying seriously, “Young Master Yi, we can begin.”

Seeing that the little woman had finally fallen for his trick, Rong Linyis lips curled into a subtle smile.

He suddenly stood up and hugged Su Yanyun from behind, grabbing her hand that was holding the pen.

“Ah…” Su Yanyun gasped in shock.” Hubby…”

“You only know how to call me hubby at a time like this” Rong Linyi wrapped an arm around her waist and squeezed her hand with his other hand.

He leaned into her body and his lips landed beside her ear.

“Didnt you sound so happy calling me Young Master Yi just now”

Her husband breathed down her neck.

It was warm and ticklish.

Su Yanyuns ears turned red subconsciously.


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