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“Su Yanyun.” Rong Linyis voice turned cold.

“Ill ask you a few questions, answer me honestly first.”

Su Yanyun tried her best to ignore the warmth on her back and the pressure on her waist, and nodded weakly.

“The first question.” Rong Linyi nibbled on her ear and ran his hand slowly down her waist.

“Im leaving for a month.

Are you happy”

Su Yanyun was speechless.

Isnt that nonsense

She was very unhappy that she wouldnt be able to see her husband for a month, okay

She pouted.

“Im not.”

Rong Linyis lips curled into a smile when he received a satisfactory answer.

“Second question, will you miss me”

“Yes.” Su Yanyun bit her lip and replied softly, “I will…”

“How much”

The redness on Su Yanyuns ears had already stained her face and neck.

She yelled shyly, “Wasnt I supposed to interview you Why are you interviewing me instead”

Rong Linyi clutched Su Yanyuns hand tightly.

“Okay then.” He whispered into her ear.

His breath was hot.

“Write with me.

Watch carefully.”

Then he grabbed her hand and started writing on the notebook.

Su Yanyun was staring at the notebook when she suddenly felt Rong Linyis lips on her neck.

She trembled and almost dropped the pen in her hand.

Her husbands breathing moved down her neck and into her core… Su Yanyuns breathing was also a little erratic.

When she came to her senses, she realized that Rong Linyi was holding her hand and writing a line in his notebook.

Love you, baby.

Su Yanyun was stunned…

In her impression, this was the first time her husband had said the word “love” to her.

“Idiot.” Rong Linyi licked her earlobe.

“Tell me, are you here to interview me today, or are you reluctant to let me go so you found an excuse to see me”

Su Yanyun looked down, her hair falling on the table.

Her face was burning.

“I, I cant bear for you to leave…”

She was no fool and knew what answer her husband wanted to hear.

As expected, Rong Linyis breathing became even more erratic after hearing her words.

“What do you want to eat for lunch” He asked her with a hoarse voice.

“Eat… anything is fine…” Su Yanyun propped her elbows on the table.

She was almost pinned down by her husband from behind.

“Do you know what Im thinking”

Su Yanyun shook her head slightly.

Rong Linyi seemed to smile slightly as his words entered her ears.

“…eat you.”

Before Su Yanyun could answer, Rong Linyi carried her.

She sat back on the chair with him and almost screamed.

She only had time to hug his neck tightly.

The office was bright, but Rong Linyi looked into her eyes and they were brighter than the sun.

Before Su Yanyun could say anything, he had already kissed her.

“You sent yourself to my doorstep… dont blame me.”

In her confusion, Su Yanyun only heard him say this in her ear.

“Wait… wait…” Su Yanyun was hugged tightly by Rong Linyi.

She leaned back and completely lost her support.

She could only let him do whatever he wanted.

Rong Linyi didnt answer her and only held her tightly.

He could not wait any longer.

How would he be able to tolerate not seeing her for a month

After a long time, he picked Su Yanyun up again and strode to the bedroom at the side.

On the side of the office was a bedroom.

Rong Linyi placed Su Yanyun down and intertwined with her.

“You, did you bring that…” Su Yanyun was like a little lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

She trembled and begged for her last chance of survival.

She had thought that Rong Linyi would be devastated by her like before.



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