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After passing through the bustling business district, the Rolls-Royce drove into a forest of villas.

Pei Song looked at his third brother who was in the drivers seat.

He was just trying his luck, he didnt expect that he would come, let alone drive him.

He couldnt remember the times when his brother drove.

Looking at him who had one hand on the steering wheel and looked so handsome, even he was moved.

Pei Song looked a t the map.

“The coordinates that I was given should be around here …”

As the young master of the Pei family, he usually had a chauffeur.

Pei Song was confused about the coordinates.

Pei Huai looked at both sides and suddenly saw a slender figure at the entrance of Cainiao courier station.

The person was squatting on the ground and packing some items.

They looked like a proper and honest businessperson.

A middle-aged man was standing next to them, holding an umbrella.

“Cainiao courier station Its here!” Pei Song got out of the car and pointed at the coordinates.

“This is it!”

This was where they shipped the Isatis indigotica Fortune every day.

“Lets go in and wait for him.

Well definitely be able to find him!”

Pei Song walked to the door and bumped into Su Ji, “Miss Su”

He didnt even look at the package in her hands.

He just felt that it was strange to see her here.

After all, the last time she had stolen a piece of herb from him, it had left a deep impression on him.

The man pushed his glasses up and asked, “you live nearby”

Wang Zhicheng paused, “miss, its the second master of the Pei family.”

He might be an uncouth man with no sense of beauty, but among the women, he thought Su Ji and Madam Xu were as beautiful as the heavenly goddesses.

As for the men, the masters of the Pei family took the throne.

Su Ji raised her head when she heard the voice.

Seeing that it was him, she sped up the packing guiltily, “ah, yes, just next door.”

Pei Song could see her guilty expression, but he was not a petty person.

In any case, his third brother had paid for her.

Besides, he found a wholesaler for the Isatis indigotica Fortune.

Although he didnt know where the wholesaler got the source, as long as he didnt lack the herb in the future, he didnt care.

Su Ji was still wondering why he was here since Huichun Hall was far from here.

In the next second, Pei Song crossed his arms and asked the delivery man, “excuse me, do you know the person who gave you the package containing some herbs”

Hearing that, Su Ji paused.

No way, they found her so quickly

She had just earned 10 million yuan!

Fortunately, the delivery man didnt know.

He scratched his head and said, “Im sorry, but can you describe the herb you mentioned…what does it look like”

Pei Song smiled.

“They look like ordinary leaves…”

The delivery man thought it sounded familiar.

Eh Wasnt the person packing the goods here just now

Su Ji took advantage of the fact that there were many people at the courier station to pick up her “stolen goods” and was about to move them.

The next second, a pair of long legs blocked her way.

His pants were ironed neatly.

Su Ji looked up, and the man towered over her.

Pei Huai put his hands in his pockets and looked at her cheekily.

He didnt look angry, instead there was a gentle look in his eyes.

“Miss Su, is the business doing well recently” he smiled.


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