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Do you really want it

A thousand merit points to buy this thing

Qiu Shan did not believe him.

He looked down at the iron lump in Han Muyes hand.

It was the same lump.

“Liu Hong, come here!”

Qiu Shan shouted and Liu Hong, who was wearing a white robe, ran over.

“Martial Granduncle, did you call me”

Liu Hong smiled and leaned towards Qiu Shan.

He lowered his voice.

“Are you giving me a commission”

Qiu Shan glared at him and said, “Kid, this is Senior Brother Han, who is guarding the Sword Pavilion.

You have to call him Martial Granduncle.

Dont show off your little tricks.”

Liu Hongs face stiffened and he shouted, “Martial Granduncle, Martial Granduncle”

He turned to look at Han Muye behind him, his face pale.

“Senior Brother Han, every piece of trash becomes a treasure in this kids mouth.”

“Dont believe him.” Qiu Shan also looked at Han Muye and shook his head.

“Thats really a treasure…” Liu Hong muttered and lowered his head to avoid looking at Qiu Shan.

Han Muye smiled and shook his head.

He raised his hand and placed a pile of high-grade spiritual rocks on the long table.

“Hes right.

It might really be a treasure.”

Han Muye put the iron lump and tiger bones into his storage ring, then cupped his hands and left.

It was not until he walked out of the Treasure Hall that Qiu Shan looked down at the spiritual rocks in front of him.

“Tsk tsk, I heard that Senior Brother Han can refine immortal-grade pills.

I wonder how rich he is.

Is it true”

Qiu Shan shook his head and whispered.

Then he took out the book and began to register.


Liu Hongs eyes lit up.

He reached out and grabbed the pile of spiritual rocks before running.

“Brat, what are you doing” Qiu Shan shouted.

“This is my commission,” Liu Hong said from outside the Treasure Hall.

“If you go to that place where you pay one spiritual rock for a three-night stay again, your grandfather will break your legs.” Qiu Shan slapped the table and shouted.

Liu Hong, who had run out of the Treasure Hall, did not see Han Muye.

He looked around in disappointment.

“Sword Pavilion, Senior Brother Han, I have to hug you tightly…” He muttered and slowly walked down the mountain.

Han Muye flew back to the Sword Pavilion.

After instructing Lu Gao and Yang Mingxuan that he wanted to cultivate in seclusion, he went straight to the third floor.

A faint golden light rose from the Sword Pavilion.

This was the scene of the Sword Pavilions array formation being activated.

The Sword Pavilions array formation connected to the entire Nine Mystic Mountains array formation and could easily block Earth Realm experts.

With the power of the array formation, even a Core Formation expert would find it difficult to gain any advantage.

Han Muye, who was sitting on the third floor of the Sword Pavilion, raised his hand and waved.

Two sets of white demon tiger bones landed in front of him.


Two bull phantoms appeared and rushed towards the white tiger bones.

The bones were instantly shattered, and the bull phantom turned into a green-gray cloud.

The shattered tiger bones were wrapped in the clouds formed by the bull phantom.

The two fused and rumbled.

Han Muye raised his hand, and the two clouds were summoned into his palm.

White Tiger Movement.

He clenched his fists tightly, and all the tiger bones in the cloud turned into powder before crashing into his body.


With a tiger roar, the two tiger shadows landed in Han Muyes divine treasure.

The white tiger roared and charged around.

This was the remnant soul of the tiger demon in the tiger bones.

If it were an ordinary cultivators divine treasure, it would definitely be shaken and torn apart.

Perhaps his soul would be implicated and injured.

However, in Han Muyes divine treasure, an immortal-grade Purple Jade Pill floated gently.

A faint purple halo turned into a light screen and enveloped the two white tigers.

No matter how the two ferocious tigers collided, they could not escape.

Beside the Purple Jade Pill, a light sword qi floated gently.

Han Muyes divine sense turned into a phantom as he stretched out his hand and summoned his soul sword qi.

He raised his hand and the sword light scattered.

The two white tiger demon souls were shattered and turned into blood qi that poured into his body.

As the White Tiger Power entered his body, Han Muye felt like his bones were about to explode.

When Tuoba Cheng said that body refinement was bitter cultivation, it was really bitter cultivation.

Painful cultivation.

Gritting his teeth, he stood up and endured the pain of his body being torn apart.

He raised his hand and punched the Red Flame Pillar in front of him.


The power of this punch increased by more than 20%.


With a smile of pain and pleasure on his face, Han Muye punched again.

In front of the Red Flame Pillar, he flew forward and punched again and again.

Unknowingly, a third bull phantom appeared behind him.

Not only the bull phantom, but also the phantoms of two white-chested tigers.

The White Tigers strength overlapped, allowing Han Muye to increase his strength by 20% with every punch.

With every punch, the power in his body fused.

The enhancement of the White Tiger Movement and the power of the Wild Bull Technique made his physical strength rise rapidly.

In front of the Red Flame Pillar, Han Muyes every punch landed on the fist mark.

In his mind, he slowly saw naked figures sweating.

The soldiers of the Red Flame Army punched with all their might, tempering the power of the Bull.

“Our Red Flame Army is the strongest army in the dynasty.

In the Heaven Mystic World, our Red Flame Army is invincible.”

“We are the blades in the hands of the Great General.

We are the guns in the hands of the Great General.”


“Our duty is to protect the Heaven Mystic World.

We will die without regrets.”

Figures roared, their blood boiling.


With a punch, the six bull phantoms behind Han Muye trembled and then turned into nothingness.

For three days and three nights, he cultivated with all his might.

His body refinement cultivation directly rushed from the second level of Qi Condensation to the sixth level of Qi Condensation.

The six bulls and two tigers slowly retracted into his body.

Han Muyes blood qi was restrained, as if he had never cultivated body tempering techniques.

The six bulls and two tigers slowly retracted into his body.

Han Muyes blood qi was restrained, as if he had never cultivated body tempering techniques.


However, the light in his eyes was deep and difficult to look at.

This physical strength was enough to support his spiritual energy cultivation to the ninth level of Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment.

After establishing the foundation of the Great Dao, spiritual energy and soul fused.

Foundation Establishment was the first hurdle for cultivators.

It was the beginning of truly leaving the mortal world.

The spiritual energy in his body surged.

Han Muye was already looking forward to stepping into the Foundation Establishment realm.

But he couldnt rush it yet.

He had to make it happen.

After calming his spiritual energy and blood essence, Han Muye raised his hand, and an iron lump appeared in his palm.

It was the size of a fist and weighed more than ten catties.

Even if this iron lump was not a sword pill, the material it was wrapped in was not ordinary.

Of course, if it werent for the expensive material, it wouldnt be so expensive.

Back then Su Yuan from the fire lineage could not take out a thousand merit points.

Looking at the iron lump in his palm, Han Muyes eyes turned cold, and sword qi intertwined on his body.

The spiritual energy and sword qi in his palm were carefully injected.

There was no feedback at all.

Naturally, if there was a direct feedback from the sword qi and spiritual energy, this metal lump would not have been thrown into the Treasure Hall.

Taking a light breath, Han Muyes dantian shone with a green light.

A jade-colored pigeon egg sword pill appeared in front of him.


As soon as the sword pill appeared, the iron lump on Han Muyes palm began to shake.

Did he really feel something

Following the vague intentions of the sword pill, Han Muye activated the sword pill and spun it around the iron lump in his palm.

Threads of sword light shone from the sword pill and wrapped around the dark iron lump.

A moment later, the metal lump was wrapped in sword silk and turned golden.

This was the Sword Pill.

Even if it could bear a lot of weight, it could also turn into threads.

In ancient times, a sword pill could transform into endless things.

Now, most of the swords in the cultivation world had been transformed.

The strength swords were heavy, the qi swords were light, and the intent swords were agile.

After the entire iron lump was surrounded, the sword light began to tighten.

A harsh creaking sound came from the iron lump.

Han Muye felt that his spiritual energy was being consumed extremely quickly.

The spiritual energy in his dantian turned into a vortex and surged out, landing on the sword pill.

In the end, his cultivation level was not high enough, and the consumption of the Sword Pill was too high.


A hundred seconds later, there was an explosion.

The black iron lump was cut open.

A dazzling cold light shone from it, and then it instantly rushed towards Han Muyes face.


The jade-colored sword pill blocked the cold light, and there was the sound of a sword colliding.

Looking up, Han Muyes face lit up.

It was really a sword pill!

What else could it be but a sword pill


The sword sphere seemed to be unwilling to be blocked.

It slashed to the side and whistled sharply.

The sword pill paused 10 feet away and rushed towards Han Muye.

This time, the jade-colored sword pill stopped him five feet away.


The sword exploded.

The two sword pills intertwined and collided, constantly fighting in a radius of a foot.

Han Muye stared at the two sword pills and activated his divine sense to the limit.


The Cold Clear Sword Pill was ever-changing.

Every inch of its path was a move from a sharp sword technique.

Unknowingly, the sword pill pushed forward three feet in front of Han Muye.

“Youre one of the Heavenly Cycle Sword Pills of Sword Master Yuan Tian!”

Han Muyes face lit up as he shouted.

From the beginning of the battle between the sword pills, he had been constantly observing and comprehending.

Wasnt the sword technique that this sword pill used the Heavenly Cycle Sword Formation

The Heavenly Cycle Sword Formation had 48 sword pills.

Every sword pill had several sets of sword techniques combined together, finally forming the 360 Heavenly Cycle Sword Formation.

Han Muye could not imagine what kind of expert could control 360 sword techniques at the same time.

How much mental strength did this require

Just as the Cold Clear Sword Pill was within three feet of him, Han Muye suddenly reached out.

The jade-colored sword pill shook and disappeared.

The Void!

Sword Technique Hidden Void!

Han Muye had used up 80% of the spiritual energy in his dantian!


The jade-colored sword pill collided with the back of the Cold Clear Sword Pill, throwing it into his palm.

With the sword pill in hand, the sword intent in Han Muyes sea of qi and the sword qi in his divine treasure surged!


The sword pill shook and struggled.

However, the surging soul power and sword intent were like an incomparably delicious meal.

Han Muye smiled.

For a sword pill that had not been nourished by sword qi for countless years, wasnt sword qi and soul power a delicious meal

In his palm, the sword light trembled, and sword intent and soul power poured into the sword pill.

Images appeared in Han Muyes mind.


The sword light exploded, and thousands of flames scattered.

“Sword Master Yuan Tian, youre at the end of your rope.


A voice sounded like thunder.


Sword Master Yuan Tians voice was as arrogant and cold as before.

“Those fellows from the Central Continent arent qualified to make me surrender.

Just based on you demon brats who came out of nowhere”


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