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“Uncle-Master, I roughly know about Tang Chi.”

Liu Hong, who was sitting opposite, spoke softly.

“He was recommended to the Sect Master by Elder Wu Ziyuan.

Its a pity that the Sect Master didnt take him in as a disciple.

His talent is top-notch in the Sword Sect.

Even Boss Deng said that Tang Chis talent in the Sword Dao is peerless.”

Looking at Han Muye, Liu Hong lowered his voice and said, “Its fine if its just cultivation aptitude and sword talent.

“Hes ruthless enough.

“Hes ruthless to himself and to others.

“Its said that Boss Deng didnt want to compete with him, so he left the spiritual land and went somewhere.

“Back then, he wasnt confident that he could beat Third Sister Li, so he went into seclusion for a few years.

“Hes very proud and selfish.”

A talented person like Tang Chi attracted the jealousy of Liu Hong and the others.

Not only did he snatch the resources of the second-generation cultivators, but he might also snatch their future opportunities.

Liu Hong did not have a good impression of Tang Chi.

Han Muye didnt believe all of it, but he knew that 70% to 80% of it was true.

“But my grandfather told me not to offend him.”

Liu Hong curled his lips and picked up a peanut to throw into his mouth.

“This guy is probably going to become a young sect master.”

Young Sect Master.

The future sect master of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

Lu Gao, Yang Mingxuan, and the others looked at each other, their expressions darkening.

It was really difficult to resolve this matter with such a person.

“Brother Lu, do you remember when I first came to the Sword Pavilion”

At this moment, Han Muyes voice sounded.

Lu Gao nodded.

At that time, Han Muye was not even qualified to enter the Sword Sect.

It was he who led him into the Sword Pavilion.

It was also because of this that he had the opportunity today.

“At that time, I was disturbed by the sword qi and only had a few days left to live.”

Han Muyes eyes shone with a deep light as he said softly, “Sixth Brother gave me a hundred spiritual rocks and asked me to go to the Martial Arts Practice Hall to learn a body-tempering technique.”

Lu Gao nodded.

With only a few days left to live, these 100 spiritual rocks might be wasted.

A hundred spirit stones would have taken Huang Six a year to accumulate.

“I heard that Sixth Brother is benevolent.

Everyone in the sect says that he sacrificed himself for the sect.

Now that I hear you say that, I realize that Sixth Brother is really a worthy brother.”

Liu Hong picked up the wine glass in front of him and downed it.

As a second-generation disciple of a sect, there were many people in the sect who wanted to curry favor with him, but there were very few who were sincere.

“Senior Brother Han, Ill protect Sixth Brother.” Lu Gao stood up, and the sword qi on his body condensed into a line.

At this moment, his strength seemed to have increased again.

Yang Mingxuan and Jiang Ming looked at each other and stood up.

“You dont need to go.”

Han Muye shook his head, stood up, and walked into the Sword Pavilion.

“When the elder left, he handed the Sword Pavilion and the people from the Sword Pavilion to me.

When I need to attack, I wont hold back.”

With that, he strode upstairs.

In front of the Sword Pavilion, a few people had complicated expressions.

Liu Hong looked at Lu Gao and the others and said softly, “Brother Lu, I want to ask if the Sword Pavilion still accepts people”

Lu Gao turned to look at him and shook his head.

“Senior Brother Han has the final say.”

After returning to the third floor of the Sword Pavilion, Han Muye sat cross-legged in front of the long table.

The spiritual energy and sword qi on his body intertwined.

Everything in the world was disturbed.

If the sword in his hand was sharp, everything would be broken.

If the sword in his hand was not sharp enough to cut off these worries, there would never be peace.

Han Muye, who had lived two lives, saw through everything.

Only with monstrous combat strength could everything be resolved.

Reaching out, small jade bottles appeared in front of him.

Sixth-grade pills.

Immortal Grade.

There were six bottles and eighteen pills.

Opening the jade bottle, he held pills in his palm.

Then he wrapped them in spiritual energy and sword qi and refined them.


Two pills.

Three pills.

The 18 Immortal Grade Pills landed in his dantian like small stars that revolved around the two sword pills.

Wisps of spiritual energy dissipated at the top of the pills.

The Immortal Pill had two uses.

The first effect was to nourish and slowly increase its cultivation with the spiritual energy it condensed.

The second effect was to instantly explode and release a massive amount of spiritual energy.

This time, Han Muye refined all 18 Immortal Grade Pills in his dantian.

In his divine treasure, there was also an immortal-grade Purple Jade Pill.

It took him three days to refine the 18 pills.

In the past three days, he had also gone downstairs to ask about the situation.

Lu Gao and Liu Hong had both inquired about the news and told him.

Two days ago, the Changming Mountain encampment officially issued an edict, asking Huang Six to lead all the cultivators to gather at Changming Mountain.

It was not a private matter.

The Sword Sect would give Huang Six an explanation.

Tang Chi even gave Huang Six the position of deacon.

A day ago, Huang Six distributed the pills that Han Muye had given him to the experts accompanying him.

Then he left quietly with Gao Xiaoxuan.

He did not bring the experts who followed him for the bounty.

According to him, he could not ruin the sects momentum because of his personal feelings.

Han Muye, who had refined 18 pills, spent three days wiping nearly 10,000 swords on the first floor of the Sword Pavilion.

This time, he collected four sword intents.

There were 21 sword intents lingering in his Qi Sea.

Liu Hong had been here for the past few days.

The news he brought was about Tang Chi reorganizing the cultivators.

This person was indeed impressive.

He gathered nearly 300,000 cultivators and directly threw out five million spiritual rocks to greatly boost morale.

These 300,000 cultivators only trained for two days on Changming Mountain before they were brought south by Tang Chi.

This was exactly what the cultivators originally thought.

“Uncle-Master, Tang Chi is leading these cultivators south at a very fast speed.

“I heard from Grandfather that he brought hundreds of experts and set off alone.

It seems like he wants to block the escape route of those sects who have defected.”

Outside the Sword Pavilion, Liu Hong glanced at Han Muye and said in a low voice, “At his speed, Im afraid he can really block it.

We can still block Fengshou Mountain before Brother Six.”

Han Muye nodded and said nothing.

Sounds like a good thing.

After all, if he blocked these defected sects, Lu Qingping would be intercepted.

This seemed to be a favor to Huang.

The scary thing was, would Tang Chi really be so kind

Looking at the southern horizon, Han Muye took a deep breath.

He hoped that Tang Second really wanted to help Huang Six.

In his Qi Sea, 21 sword intents condensed, causing his body to flash with sword light from time to time.

He was almost at his limit.

In particular, the sword intent absorbed by the sword pill was too thick.

It floated in his Qi Sea and squeezed it with every breath.

If there were a few more sword intents, it would probably break the balance in his body.

At that time, he would quickly consume his lifespan.

“Uncle-Master, do you think its better to cultivate, or to stay with your lover” Liu Hong looked at Han Muye and asked in a low voice.

After helping to gather information these days, Liu Hong became more and more curious about the past of the people in the Sword Pavilion.

He admired Sixth Brother Huang even more.

Is love in the world really so addictive he wondered.

Spending three spiritual rocks at the foot of the mountain is like this.

Hearing Liu Hongs question, Han Muye shook his head and said, “When you think it through, itll probably be time for you to really enter the Dao.”

Liu Hong was about to ask more when Han Muye waved his hand and said, “If you want to enter the Sword Pavilion, get your grandfather to agree first.

“The sword in the Sword Pavilion hurt people.

I wont let you off just because youre the eldest grandson of an elder.”

Get my grandfather to agree

Liu Hong nodded with a wry expression and turned to leave.

It wouldnt be easy for him to get his grandfather to agree.

After taking a few steps, he suddenly turned around and said, “Uncle-Master Han, is that sword pill real

“I keep feeling that I can sense many treasures, but my grandfather doesnt believe me.”

Han Muye nodded and raised his hand.

A cold pill appeared in his palm.

“Its real.”

Sword Pill!

It really was a sword pill!

Liu Hongs eyes widened, then he laughed and turned to leave.

“Im definitely entering the Sword Pavilion.

I said so.”

Seeing him leave, Han Muye shook his head.

It would probably not be easy for this second generation cultivator to enter the Sword Pavilion.


On the Nine Mystic Mountain, the bell rang briefly.

This was the first time such a sound had come in several days.



Three bells later, a deacon elder died

Did something happen on Fengshou Mountain

Han Muye frowned as he watched the sword lights rush up the Nine Mystic Mountain.

“Luo Yisheng, the inner sect deacon of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, was carrying out a demon extermination mission.

He encountered the great demon Hu Taisheng and died.

“The Nine Mystic Sword Sects inner sect deacon, Sun Lin, was carrying out a demon slaying mission and was killed by the great demon, Hu Taisheng.”

The two deacon elders fell and the bell rang three times.

Hu Taisheng

Luo Yisheng

Han Muye frowned.

Luo Yisheng once had a sword that was related to the Demon Race.

Could his death be related to this sword

Standing in front of the Sword Pavilion, a group of disciples in black robes strode over.

“Luo Yisheng, the deacon of the Sword Sect, encountered a great demon.

He lost in a bitter battle and died heroically.

“Sword Sect Elder Qin Lin, send Junior Brother Luo Yishengs sword into the Sword Pavilion.”

The person in front had a thin face, a short beard, gray hair, and a sorrowful expression.

Beside him, a young man in his thirties stood holding a sword.

Zhu Guangsheng.

Or rather, the outer sect expert of the Sword Sect, Ji Yuan.

Looking at the two people holding swords in front of him, Han Muye slowly glanced behind them.

“Elder Qin, do they know the rules of the Sword Pavilion”

Han Muye suddenly spoke.

Qin Lin was stunned and looked up at Han Muye.

Han Muyes gaze landed on Zhu Guangsheng, who was beside Qin Lin.

Then he said indifferently, “Those who came to deliver the sword are all people close to the owner of the sword.

So, you should shed a few more tears.”

A look of confusion flashed across Zhu Guangshengs face.

Beside him, Qin Lin was laughing.

He shouted in a low voice, “Your eyes are indeed very sharp.

If you cant get in, just barge in!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he grabbed the hilt of his sword and unsheathed it.

A cold sword light pierced towards Han Muyes chest.

Zhu Guangsheng, who was beside him, also reacted.

He reversed the sword in his hand and held the hilt.

He pulled out his sword and took a step forward, rushing towards the door of the Sword Pavilion.

Han Muye stood motionless on the stone steps with his hands behind his back, as if he had been scared silly.


Zhu Guangsheng, who was charging towards the Sword Pavilion, advanced quickly and retreated even faster!

His body flew horizontally and fell from the nine stone steps, crashing into Qin Lin, who was stabbing forward with his sword.

Qin Lins expression changed.

He sheathed his sword and retreated, allowing Zhu Guangsheng to fall and roll at his feet.

At the entrance of the Sword Pavilion, Lu Gao, who was clenching his fists, strode forward and stood in front of Han Muye.

“You want to enter the Sword Pavilion Get past me first.”


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