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Ten days later, the bell rang on the Nine Mystic Mountain.

The protective formation was activated.

Endless spiritual light rose, turning the entire mountain into a land of immortals.

The purple-robed sect master, Jin Ze, the elder in charge of the sect, Tuoba Cheng, and the Grand Elder of the Water Lineage, Zhang Zhihe, led the hundred elites selected by the sect into the 10 flying ships.

At this moment, there should be a total of 98 disciples chosen.

From the Sword Pavilion, Han Muye, Lin Shen, and Lu Gao came.

Yang Mingxuan had gone to the Bright Mountain Sword Sect, so it did not count as a spot.

Gu Yuanlong, the number one expert in the inner sect of the Tang Mountain Sword Sect under the alias Gu Long, would go directly to the shore of the Jialing River.

As for the last vacancy, it was not known who would return, Deng Chungang or Li Xixi.

Or they would not return.

“Farewell, Sect Master.

Farewell, Supreme Elder.”

“Help my Nine Mystic Sword Sect win the battle.”

On the Nine Mystic Mountain, countless voices sounded.

There were hundreds of thousands of disciples on the mountain.

At this moment, the sects momentum turned into a sword light that soared into the sky, as if it wanted to rip the sky.

The momentum of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect had already condensed.

It all depended on the competition between the nine sects!

Ten flying ships broke through the heavy clouds and sailed forward.

At the foot of the Nine Mystic Mountain, figures flew up.

They were experts from the various sects under the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

These people would follow the flying ships to the shore of Jialing River.

Firstly, it was to cheer for the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

Secondly, how could they not watch such a major event in the Western Frontier

Watching those peerless elites fight would definitely be helpful to his cultivation.

“Lingjue Sects Zhang Shiyang has come to pay his respects to Sect Master Jin Ze.”

“Wuyang Sword Sects Shenwu Province is here to see Senior Brother Tuoba.”

“Is the Immortal of the Sword Dao here He Yixiao has come to pay his respects.”

Voices echoed in front of the 10 flying ships.

Behind the flying ships, the flying ship of the sect flew on a sword.

It continued for dozens of miles and its spiritual light turned into a long dragon that caused a roar in the sky.

Only with such might would it look like a large sect was setting out.

“Ive seen the power of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect again today.

In the Nine Sects Rearrangement Competition, the Nine Mystic Sword Sects position is secured.”

On the deck of a flying ship, an old man in a green robe gently stroked his beard and smiled.

Not only was the Nine Mystic Sword Sect majestic, but the aura and combat strength of those elite disciples could be seen at a glance.

Such experts would definitely be able to stand out in the Nine Sects Competition.

“Of course.

If not for the fact that the Nine Mystic Sword Sect still did not have a Heaven Realm expert, they could even be in the top three.” Outside the flying ship, a green-robed sword cultivators figure flashed and landed on it.

“So its Senior Brother Jin.” The old man who spoke earlier laughed and said, “Then who do you think will soar into the sky in the Nine Mystic Sword Sect”

Investing early was the way to go.

Which of these 100 sect elites was worth investing in They had to decide soon.

This investment could last for hundreds of years until this person reached the peak.

“If Junior Brother Hu trusts me, you can build a relationship with the direct disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”

Sword cultivator Jins eyes flashed.

The others on the deck looked at each other.

“Senior Brother, wheres the Sword Dao Immortal” someone asked in a low voice.

Among the younger generation of the Western Frontier, who could compare to the Sword Dao Immortal

If they wanted to invest, shouldnt they invest in this person first

Upon hearing this, the sword cultivator surnamed Jin turned around and looked.

The divine light in his eyes disappeared as he said in a low voice, “I saw Immortal Han from afar just now.”

He shook his head and said softly, “The spiritual light is not obvious, and the sword light is difficult to see.

“Im afraid…”

His cultivation was probably insufficient.

In two years, he had to start all over again.

So what if he was a genius

“This time, Immortal Han came to Jialing River to make those experts of the various sects who promised not to fight him fulfill their promise.”

The sword cultivator surnamed Jin raised his head and looked ahead.

He sighed softly and said, “Even I, Jin Yitang, admire him.

“How many sword cultivators in the world can sacrifice their cultivation to slay demons and save people”

After he finished speaking, the others nodded.

As the flying ship moved forward, more and more sects and experts followed behind.

They slowly figured out the situation of the disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

The few direct disciples were all extremely strong.

Most of the top experts in the inner sect were at the Earth, Meridian Opening, and Spirit Awakening Realms.

Such cultivation levels were equivalent to the level of an elder in a smaller sect.

The one they discussed the most was Immortal Han, who seemed to be quiet.

In fact, in the past two years, the famous Immortal Han had never made a move again.

There were no rumors or stories about him.

There was no news even of his cultivation improvement.

This explained everything.

It was just that many people still had fantasies.

Over the past few days, when they saw Han Muye enjoying the morning sun and reading books on the deck, his aura was ordinary, like that of mortals.

Many people sighed in their hearts.

A miracle did not happen.

“If I hadnt seen so many spiritual pills from you in the past two years, I, Old Jin, would have thought that your cultivation level was really gone.”

In the cabin, the head shopkeeper of the Golden Dragon Trading Company and the head of the Jin family, Jin Jialin, looked at Han Muye and laughed.

“You, Immortal Han, are not as ostentatious as the elites of the Eastern Sea, nor are you as reserved and fierce as those sword experts.”

After a pause, Jin Jialin looked curious and stared at Han Muye.

“You look like a Confucian cultivator Ive met before.”

This guys eyes were quite sharp.

No wonder he could build such a huge family business.

Han Muye looked at him and said calmly, “Patriarch Jin, hows the news from the Eastern Sea”

Hearing Han Muyes question, Jin Jialin nodded and handed over a jade slip.

Han Muye took the jade slip and scanned it with his divine sense.

“Guo Tianjin, the first direct disciple of the Eastern Sea Cloud Sword Sect

“What price did the Wind Spirit Sword Sect pay

“The Spiritual Dao Sect has indeed colluded with the Eastern Sea demons”

The jade slip contained all kinds of information about the Eastern Sea.

There was even news of a great demon from the Southern Wasteland.

The value of this jade slip was definitely immeasurable.

“Thank you, Patriarch Jin,” Han Muye said softly as he put away the jade slip.

Jin Jialin smiled and shook his head.

He said softly, “Immortal Han, you are one of my Jin familys most important business partners.

Isnt it normal to provide you with some information

“After this battle, the situation in the Western Frontier will change.

Perhaps the Nine Mystic Sword Sect will go against the trend and suppress the Western Frontier.”

Jin Jialin revealed a strange expression and said in a low voice, “I know that the Spiritual Dao Sect took out a sword as a reward.”

As expected, he could obtain such information.

Han Muye nodded, his eyes deep.

“The Nine Mystic Sword Sects strength is insufficient.

We didnt want to be in a position to attract attention and invite trouble.

“Looking at it now, we have to fight for it.”

At this point, he said indifferently, “Alright, lets fight.”

“As sword cultivators, we can fight for the world.

Just fight for the position of the number one sect in the Western Frontier.”

Hearing his words, Jin Jialin laughed out loud.

Ahead, the clouds shook.

A wave of water vapor rushed over.

They had arrived at Jialing River.

Han Muye walked out of the cabin.

On the first flying ship, Sect Master Jin Ze and Tuoba Cheng stood in the air.

“The Nine Mystic Sword Sect of the Western Frontier is here to participate in the Nine Sects Rearrangement Meeting…”

Tuoba Cheng shouted.

A 10,000-foot white tiger phantom behind him rose and roared at the sky!

On the 10 flying ships, the sword light turned into the wings of a white tiger and flapped its wings to fly.

A monstrous sword intent rushed forward.


The clouds above Jialing River were knocked aside.

“The Muyang Sect awaits the arrival of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect…” As the voice sounded, the spiritual light turned into a pagoda that blocked the white tiger.

“The Dao Pursuing Sword Sect has been waiting here for a long time.” A sword light shot into the sky.

“The Infinite Dao Sect welcomes the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.” Sword lights turned into flying wheels that spun, blotting out the sky.

“The Spiritual Dao Sect welcomes Fellow Daoist Jin Ze.

Fellow Daoists, please participate in this competition.” A golden seal smashed towards the white tigers head.

Tuoba Cheng laughed loudly and shook his arms.


The white tigers sword aura exploded, transforming into a golden tiger.

It charged forward and broke through all the obstacles.


The tigers roar shook the mountains and rivers.

Waves surged above the Jialing River!

The Nine Mystic Sword Sect had arrived!

At this moment, there was only the roar of the tiger and the sword!

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