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He wore a green robe with large sleeves.

Spiritual light flashed, and the person who exuded pressure was the Great Elder of the Spiritual Dao Sect, the number one cultivator in the Western Frontier, Myriad Transformations Sage.

Dressed in a black robe, with a cold face and a demonic aura rising from his body, it was the number one demonic cultivator of the Western Frontier, Li Mubai.

Sword Qi rushed into the sky.

The middle-aged man in a gray robe was the Sect Master of the Wind Spiritual Sword Sect, Zhang Cheng, a Heaven Realm sword cultivator.

It was not just these three Heaven Realm experts.

The Mu familys patriarch and the two demons that he had never seen before were both Heaven Realm experts.

Beside them, the acting sect master of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, Tuoba Cheng, the sect master of the Supreme Solitary Sword Sect, Daoist Yu, the sect master of the Yuntai Dao Sect, Lu Fengyou, and other experts were all present.

This place could be considered the gathering of the strongest group of people in the Western Frontier.

“Board the dragon boat.

You can attack at will a million miles upstream to the river source.”

“On the dragon platform, life and death are up to fate.”

The rule was that there were no rules.

The ranking competition of the nine sects was to prepare the younger generation elites for the future of the sect.

If they were able to fight their way out of this bloody battle, they would be able to dominate the Western Frontier in a hundred years.

“Senior Brother Han, Im afraid this battle will be very difficult,” Qi Thirteen, who had two swords on his back, said softly behind Han Muye.

Very difficult.

If the Nine Mystic Sword Sect continued to develop in a low profile manner like before, this battle might be easy.

However, if they wanted to fight for the first place of the nine sects, everyone present would have to risk their lives today.

“Since youre a sword cultivator, just draw your sword when you encounter enemies.”

Han Muyes expression was indifferent as he flew up.

“With my sword in hand, Im invincible.”

Han Muye shouted and landed on the dragon boat that was more than 100 feet long.

“Im invincible!”

One figure after another landed on the dragon boat.

“As expected of an immortal of the Western Frontier Sword Dao.

Such comprehension of the Sword Dao is really extraordinary.” The person who spoke wore a green robe and carried a long sword on his back.

His eyebrows were long and narrow.

The sword intent on his body was suppressed, as if the surging waves were about to collapse at any moment.

The number one inner disciple of the Tang Mountain Sword Sect, Gu Yuanlong.

At this moment, his alias was Gu Long, the fourth in the inner sect of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

Gu Yuanlong turned into a stream of light and chased after Han Muye, landing beside him.

The moment he landed, Lin Shen and Lu Gao were already standing beside Han Mu, protecting him.

The duty of the Sword Pavilions Sword Guardian and gatekeeper was naturally to protect Han Muye, the guardian of the Sword Pavilion.

Figures landed on the dragon boat, and spiritual light and sword light filled the sky.

The dragon boats moved slowly and began to swim upstream.

The 99 disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect flew down.

Then, Han Muye, who was standing at the bow of the dragon boat, moved his feet and guided the dragon boat slowly in the opposite direction.

Li Xixi and Deng Chungang had yet to return.

The Nine Mystic Sword Sect could only allow 99 people to control the dragon boat.


In front, two extremely fast dragon boats collided.

It was unknown what material the golden dragon boats were made of, but they were extremely sturdy.

However, they collided and swayed, capsizing on the Jialing River.

The figures fell into the water and flew out of the water again, preparing to restore the dragon boat and continue forward.


At this moment, there was a roar.

In Jialing River, a 10-foot-long black fish darted out of the river and bit off half of the waist of an elite disciple who had just flown out of the water.

An elite disciple who was at the high level of the Foundation Establishment realm was bitten off!

Blood instantly turned the river red!

“There are demonic beasts under the river!”

Someone exclaimed.

There was no need to think.

The churning waves beside the fallen cultivator explained everything.

Black demonic beasts appeared in the water.

Blood and spiritual light flashed at the same time.

“In this competition, a group of black-armored demons from the Eastern Sea will accompany us.

They will be the overseers of the competition and also part of the increase in difficulty.”

The Myriad Transformations Sages voice sounded.

“If they have the ability, they can hunt you.

You can also hunt them.”

The Eastern Sea demons.

Jin Jialins jade slip mentioned this matter.

Han Muyes gaze landed on the water in front of him.

In his divine treasures, a drop of water instantly exploded.

His eyes turned blue.

At this moment, there were no secrets in the waters of Jialing River.

His water-affinity power was at its fullest.

Sensing the situation in the water, Han Muyes expression turned solemn.

He looked up at the sky.

At this moment, the Myriad Transformations Sage, who was quietly hanging in the void, lowered his head and looked at Han Muye.

Han Muye could feel a trace of detection crashing into him along his divine sense.

He activated the Spell of the Mortal World in his divine treasures and dispelled the divine sense.

The Myriad Transformations Sages face flashed with a trace of fierceness as he looked away.

Han Muye looked down at the river.

Under the river, thousands of demonic beasts followed.

The strongest of them rose to a height of 400 to 500 feet from the bottom of the river.

Even if such a great demons cultivation and combat strength were not a match for a half-step Heaven Realm expert, it was about the same.

Moreover, there might be someone who had surpassed this realm.

There were other demons below 300 feet who had condensed their demon cores or condensed their demon bloodline divine powers.

Within a radius of a hundred miles, the surface of the water was densely covered with strange black-armored fish.

If these demonic beasts underwater attacked, more than half of the elites of the Western Frontier would die.

Was the Spiritual Dao Sect really recruiting so many powerful demonic beasts from the Eastern Sea just to be the judge of the competition


A demonic beast opened its mouth and bit at an elite disciple who had fallen into the water.

The sword light in the disciples hand slashed down.


A black-armored fish fell into the river.

The expression of the elite who had attacked changed.

Just as he was about to speak, another black fish suddenly rushed out from the side and bit off most of his body.

The surface of the river turned red.

When the two overturned dragon boats flipped back and all the disciples who had fallen into the water returned to the dragon boats, there were a hundred people on each boat.

Now there were fewer than 90.

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