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TL Notes:

With how slow my updates are it seems a lot of people want more updates on this novel, I can definitely say I shouldnt be working on this series up to the end.

If anyone else wants to continue the project, let me know! I dont mind letting someone to continue off from my translations, one who has a much more stable update schedule.

– changed some weird wording in chapter 7

– changed Lao San to old three in chapter 9

For a while, they rested and ate something along the way, looking for the whereabouts of Zhao Sanqis trio.

Now that she promised to rescue them, Dongfang Wanyu was sure on fulfilling her duty.

Dongfang Minghui carried their baggage, following behind silently.

Zhao Sanqis mercenary team was small, his reputation wasnt particularly big among mercenary groups, but he later grew into a cold-hearted man, used by the protagonist.

However, it was a difficult experience, six people came but only one person came back.

Such a bitter tasting hardship, perhaps he was the only one that understood it best.

“It should be this way.” Dongfang Wanyu concluded, after stopping at a tree trunk to look.

Dongfang Minghui didnt have any objections, following the heroine step by step.

This time in the Purple Devils Mountains, most of her experiences was filled with bad luck.

With the female protagonist there, perhaps she would be able to preserve this paltry life of hers.

Judging from the previous experience, the great female protagonist likely wouldnt stand by and watch her die.

But she also couldnt discount the times the female protagonist suddenly turned on her, itd be better if she behaved herself a little more, behaved herself.

They walked on a long path, avoiding several demonic beasts, following a trail,

“Zhao Sanqi.”

Dongfang Wanyu threw a stone directly into the caves, the sound of it tumbling still clear and audible.

Dongfang Minghui shrank back her head, afraid a powerful beast would suddenly emerge and swallow them down.

Shortly afterwords, Zhao Sanqi came out.

His whole body was covered in blood, figure swaying, body shaking.

At the sight of Dongfang Wanyu, his dejected and complicated stare immediately lit up, “Y— youre alright, quick, save my fifth brother, hes going to to die.”

Like a man drowned of hope was suddenly grabbing hold of the last life-saving driftwood.

Dongfang Minghui seemed to understand in that instance why a person would change so much.

After experiencing the ultimate pain, then experiencing the ultimate despair, despair bred hope and the cycle would repeat, as if God played a joke.

If hed never underwent these events, his cold-hearted personality and ruthlessness wouldve never been born.

Knowing his fate, Dongfang Minghui was even more reluctant in witnessing the protagonist treat his fifth younger brother.

There was also Muqings expectant stare.

Theyve just experienced a life and death parting, it seemed the comatose old fifth was the only straw in their hearts keeping them together.

“If you know everyones fate, yet can only helplessly watch as they walk to their miserable death, what should be done” Dongfang Minghui sighed to a group of small grass.

Ever since she was made aware of her ability, shed been using it to the fullest.

When no one was around, something was always spoken.

As the saying goes, communication was the best way to relieve the depression in ones heart.

The less depressed and unhappy you are, the less your heart will be eaten up by worries and anxieties, granting a longer life.

Made aware it wouldnt take long for all of their lives to end, Dongfang Minghui was hesitant on speaking with them all the way back from when theyve first introduced themselves.

She was like a bystander and outsider, watching them talk, watching four taken in exchange for one, watching…… just watching them step by step into the present.

Thinking about them, Dongfang Minghui unexpectantly thought of her own situation.

“Yet saying this, arent I changing my destiny as well” Dongfang Minghui soon regained her spirit, maybe she should be a little more bold in meddling in other peoples affairs.

The ending might not follow the plot of the novel.

“What are you muttering on about” Dongfang Wanyu had washed her hands and went out to see Dongfang Minghui crouched in the corner, unknowing of her soliloquy.

She noted that Dongfang Minghui seemed to like being in the corner of the wall.

Startled by the protagonist, Dongfang Minghui straightened her back and shook her head, “Nothing, Seventh Sister.”

“When he wakes up, well set off.” Dongfang Wanyu explained, turning around to head back into the caves.


Dongfang Minghuis eyes widened, so surprised she wasnt able to respond for a moment.

So did this mean the protagonist placed her in the plans for the short term Dongfang Minghui suddenly felt that what she did had not been in vain.

Though the heroine was stern and acted harshly towards her, shed save her life in a critical moment.

“Ill keep at it.”

In order to treat the protagonist, Dongfang Minghui decided to hunt a delicious rabbit.

As she readied to leave and hunt, a small, furry head poked out from the grass, stretching its head out.

Immediately, Dongfang Minghuis face dropped, as did her shoulders.

“God, how and why do you keep finding me”

The mouses tail stood high, forelimbs pawing at the floor, first acting cute.

Then it drilled into the bushes.

With a swirl of its tail, a smaller creature was thrown in Dongfang Minghui.

The lightning mouse used its forelimb to pat its stomach, the implications clear.

The animal on the floor appeared fat with lots of meat, resembling a pig, only smaller in size.

A mini pig Or so Dongfang Minghui thought.

The mini pig landed on the floor with no response, one could guess it was poisoned with the lightning mouses sharp claws.

“You almost killed me last time, yet you have the nerve to come to me for food” In front of the lightning mouse, Dongfang Minghui used a tree branch to poke the soft fur.

Thinking she wanted to play with it, its forelimbs reached over to paw at the branch.

The moment it moved, she retracted her hand.

A human and a pet, both toying with each other vigorously.


Dongfang Wanyus long whip flung out.

It struck the ground, creating a pit to show the strength she used.

The lightning mouses fur puffed.

Its formerly round eyes narrowed into hostility, showing its teeth, tail standing up.

“Give me an explanation.”

Seeing the protagonist made her hairs stand up on edge, so she stood in front of the lightning mouse, proclaiming, “Seventh Sister, dont be like this, it wont hurt anyone.”

“Wont hurt anyone How do you know it wont” Dongfang Wanyu held her whip and spoke in an aggressive tone.

If it really wanted to harm them, shed lose count of the hundreds of times shed died.

In addition, shed just been invited to the little things old nest and made a grand, meaty feast for its followers.

Though their reward for her almost got her killed, if thought from a basic moral viewpoint, they upheld a friendly relationship.

Shed never make such a foot-shooting statement.

Straightening her neck, Dongfang Minghui replied, “I said it wont hurt anyone, so it wont hurt anyone.”

Dongfang Wanyu almost laughed at her attitude.

Sure enough, the Seventh Miss was still the Seventh Miss, she never changed.

Contrary to Dongfang Minghuis expectations, the heroine chuckled disdainfully, putting away her whip and turning back to the caves.

Anyone with discerning eyes could perceive the opposite partys anger, not to mention the observant and watchful Dongfang Minghui.

“Ah, Im finished.” The female protagonists impression towards her had just slightly improved, and yet, she crashed at the top and brushed back her feelings into negative numbers.

Dongfang Minghui sank to the floor crying in frusteration, it took so much effort to cultivate that small piece of good favor.

The lightning mouse wagged and wrapped its tail around her wrist, dragging her to stand.

Then it used its front paws to pat its stomach……

Dongfang Minghui almost died from anger.

According to the lightning mouse, even if she was angry, it should be fed full first.


She devoted herself wholeheartedly to cooking, skewering the meat piece by piece.

The lightning mouse sat and watched, staring straight at the pieces of flesh being roasted by the fire.

Probably since the fragrance was so strong, two people inside the cave also came out.

At first sight, their gaze landed on the lightning mouse.

Their reaction was just like Dongfang Wanyu, swiftly taking out their weapons.

Noticing the two, the lightning mouse threw the same hostile glare as before, but since itd hinder it from eating the meat, all of its movements remained still.

Dongfang Minghui couldnt help but giggle, “It was the one that brought the meat, its best if you find something else to eat.”

Actually, she wanted to share genorously share it with everyone, but the lightning mouse had a powerful poison, she wouldnt dare take such risks.

Zhao Sanqi touched his the wound on his chest and smiled.

Since his fifth brother woke up, his frame of mind had been refreshed.

He threw a rare tease, “Young master, your courage is unlike any others.

Ive never seen anyone treat a lightning rat like this.”

Theyd have probably never seen a human and a beast live in peace with one another, so in that short time frame, it was fascinating.

Dongfang Minghui responded to him as well, “Chances are it just loves eating more than the rest, it found me roasting meat, came to join the fun, and immediately became addicted when it ate.”

Muqing glanced back to the cave entrance and headed inside, anxious of their fifth brother that had just returned from the edge of death.

“I see miss Muqing cares a lot for fifth brother, are these two in a relationship” Dongfang Minghui began to gossip, since she was already going to die, might as well do something meaningful before her death.

Zhao Sanqi evidently did not expect her to jump topic on these two.

He gave a brief look towards the cave entrance, chuckling helplessly as he said, “As an eldest brother, Im also negligent, lacking your perception.

If not for Wang Fei injuries this time around, Im afraid Id be blind to my sixth sisters thoughts towards him.”

“Then how does Wang Fei think of miss Muqing Does he feel the same way towards her”

Her words hooked up remnants of Zhao Sanqis dusty past.

Zhao Sanqi was silent for a moment, then he smiled and answered, “Fifth brother would always take care of sixth sister on the weekdays, Ive always thought it was just sibling affection.”

Dongfang Minghui continued her work, roasting the meat as she proposed, “Since you already know of their mutual friendship, as the eldest brother, itd be better to help fulfill this idea.

Life is short, no one knows what will happen next.

So why not find some happiness in the moment”

Zhao Sanqi contemplated for a moment before suddenly breaking a smile, “Good to remember that things of this world are impermanent, and to enjoy the present.

Many thanks young master for enlightening me.” After thanking him, he walked back straight into the caves.

Soon after, Dongfang Wanyu came out.

“What wicked plan did you come up this time”

Dongfang Minghuis heart sighed in relief once she saw her anger dissipate, “I didnt come up with a wicked plan, but I do want to play matchmaker.”

***The husband held affection for her, and the wife returned it.

Rather than let them have a difficult time trying to meet each other in the underworld, itd be better now for them fulfill their last dying wishes.

TL #2:

Zhao Sanqis mercenary group seems much more family oriented, its unusual for a mercenary group to refer to each other as siblings (fifth brother = Wang Fei, sixth sister = Liumei Muqing, etc) when theyre not actually related.

***郎有情,妾有意。= The husband held affection for her, and the wife returned it.

情意 = Qíngyì ; Affection

Basically means the couple has a good relationship with each other.


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