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The hammer crashed on my shields, and immediately, the stream of my essence had turned into the tide; I could not let it see a single crack on my shields.

If it had been an old snake only, I would have shown a few cracks, but I could not show it in front of this Elephantman.

I read its file and knew what its reaction would be the moment it sees my weakness.

It will become frenzied the moment it sees my weakness and will continue to attack till it breaks my shields, and it has the power to do that, but I do not have the absolute essence.

I could only afford to spend a limited amount; if I spent more, I would require greater rest, and I could not do something that would make me weak for more than a day.

Even a day is more than I could afford.

This time, it was not shocked, but there was a blazing fury in its eyes, and it raised its hammer again while its aura bubbled, going slightly past even the peak.


It roared again and swung down that black smoke-covered frosted warhammer with a might that was greater than before.


The hammer landed on my shields, and I poured even more of my burning essence into my shields to defend myself, and I wished that was the end, but it was not.

It had gone into a frenzy, and now, it is repeatedly crashing its hammer against my shields as it presses its bloodline for more and more power.

The Grand Lords do not into a frenzy; they might anger and rage, but they are always in control, but there is always an exception; this bastard is an exception.

It is mental, and I am not saying that in a derogative way; it has mental problems.

It is bipolar, quick to anger, and obsessive, among other things.

The bastards at the coven did not try to fix it; instead, they amplified its problems even more with the aid of old snakes experiments.

The reason for that is progress is always is.

According to the intelligence we have, this bastard is the most untalented of the bunch, with a mediocre bloodline.

It shouldnt have reached Grandmaster class, forget Grand Lord with its talent and bloodline, but mental problems made it push itself higher and higher, with the aid of old snakes, experiments.

There is a nickname in our files, the pet.

It is a pet of the coven, precisely of an old snake; it is due to its experiments, it was able to reach this height and also the world such well with the curses of the old snake.

Other Grimms, including the old werewolf, wouldnt dare to get such close to old snake curses, much less use them to increase the power of their attack.

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1

It continued with the frenzied attacks, and I poured more and more essence into defending against it.

“Arnd enough, we have got what we wanted,” said the old snake with a big smile, and the frenzied Elephantman calmed instantly and moved back toward the Grimm.

I am quite surprised by the change, I did not think the old snake had such high control over another Grand Lord, but it is my mistake.

I should not have underestimated the curse; the curse power is capable of shocking with thousands of applications.

It is extremely hard to get control over another intelligent being, but when you are foremost in your field and have centuries, you could do many things, even make another Grand Lord submit to you in heart and mind.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

“We are leaving Zaar, but we will meet soon, and when we do, I promise you, we will kill you,” said the old snake with complete confidence that I have seen on very few people.

It flashed me a last smile before it disappeared, and when it did, a small smile appeared on my face.

‘Next time, I will have your pet, I said in my mind; I know what it did, and I let it do that.

If I wanted to, I could easily stop it, but I did not; there was no fun in that.


I controlled my emotions and looked down, seeing the destruction; I couldnt help but sigh.

The beautiful neelam forest is destroyed; there barely anything has remained, and it was the result of the battle that had lasted less than minutes; if we had fought for an hour, then wouldnt be any sign of it left.

I waved my hand and stepped into the formation a second later before appearing in the central command.

“Congratulation Lord Zaar; handling the two old Grand Lords is not easy,” said Supreme Commander.

“No, it is not,” I replied.

“I am tired, supreme commander, and will be taking a rest; contact me if there is any emergency,” I said, and teleportation formation appeared beneath my feet, and I disappeared, appearing in my room a moment later.

I did not change or even remove my shoes before sleeping on my bed, with recovery formation burning the precious resources in my core.

‘Wake up!

I had slept for four hours and thirteen minutes before being woken up by my clone; I had asked them to let me sleep for five hours so that I could recover faster.

The only condition I had kept before waking me was that either emergency or they were finishing the silence method; it is clear they have finished with a suppression method.

I tapped a few buttons on my holowatch before I disappeared and, a second later, appeared in the infirmary.

There is only one patient there, Elder Lord, and two High-Grandmaster guards.

I nodded at them before turning to Elder Lord; he is sleeping or rather in an artificial coma in which I have kept him.

So, he could recover faster, he had recovered a lot with the recovery formation I had put around him, but the curse had wrecked him well, and would need another two days to heal.

“Lets silence the curse inside you,” I said, and a black seed came out of my finger and seeped into the body of the elder lord.

My clones finished with the method about an hour ago, but they needed time to integrate resources into it, which took nearly two and a half hours inside the core.

I looked at the meta-scan of an elder with a worry-free expression, but around eleven minutes later, a smile bloomed.

The method worked, and it worked better than I had imagined.

If the results I am seeing are right, then with this method, I will be able to silence the curse for more than a month, about a month and a half to two months.

It is not a long time, but I am sure I will be able to find a way to get rid of the curse in time; I am confident I will be, as I already have some good leads.

I was looking reading the meta-scan when I sensed presence behind me; I had sent a message half an hour delay.

It seemed like half an hour had passed since they all had appeared at once.

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