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016 Medical Examination

By now, Tao Zheng really understood. His sister was really different from before. How could this be an idea that a wilful little girl could come up with and not panic at all

He secretly poked Tan Rou, “Hey, do you still have a backup plan Are you really going to let them conduct the medical examination”

Tan Rou nodded, “Dont worry, brother. I know what Im doing.”

The police brought Zhou Wu to the hospital alone to check his injuries. When they came back, they continued to question the details of the casino.

Father Tao and Mother Tao did not see the two children return home. They were still wondering where they had gone to play. When they received a call from Tao Zheng, they rushed to the police station.

“Rou Rou! Are you hurt Ah Zheng! Werent you suppose to protect your sister” Mother Tao looked at the two children, afraid that they were being bullied.

“Ah Zheng, didnt I tell you to bring your sister around How did you guys end up at the police station”

“Brother, why did you tell Mom and Dad”

Tao Zheng was feeling as if his head was going to explode, “Stop! Mom, were not hurt. Dad, this was really an accident. And you, Tan Rou, mom, and dad called to ask. We wont be back anytime soon and I couldnt lie to them either!”

Tan Rou pursed her lips. She didnt want her parents to worry about her. Such a small matter could be quickly settled.

The family stayed at the police station, waiting for the results of the medical examination. Tao Zheng and Tan Rou briefly explained the matter to their parents.

“This is too much!” Tao Zhengs parents were furious.

Tao Zheng had thought that his parents would be really angry this time. After all, they had fought and even entered the police station. However, he did not expect that their love for Tan Rou was limitless.

“This is too much. This person is actually bullying my daughter!”

“Xiao Rou, dont be afraid. Does your hand hurt Mommy is here. I will protect you.”

Tao Zheng saw that his parents did not care about the fact that Tan Rou had used a stick to beat down a few men. Instead, they were checking the severity of the injuries on her and were still feeling sorry for Tan Rous hand. He was speechless.

Dad, Mom, your daughter is tough as a nail!

I was also shocked, why isnt anyone here to feel sorry for me !

Tao Zheng leaned against the wall without any feelings. This morning has had a huge impact on him.

Tan Rou looked at her parents worried and angry expressions and felt satisfied. It was great that they cared about her and trusted her unconditionally.

On the other side of the house, Tan Jing received a phone call. “What Jia Jia, are you sure”

On the other end of the phone, Li Jia replied in a low voice, “Sister Jing, I followed your instructions to keep an eye on the Tao family. I saw your foster parents go to the police station with my own eyes just now. It seems that Tan Rou is in trouble!”

Tan Jing was a little excited. Tan Rou had been arrested and brought back to the police station. This was a good opportunity for her. Recently, she had not been able to find anything wrong with her. How could let up such a golden opportunity

Tan Jing secretly calculated in her heart. Ever since Tan Rou returned to the Tao family, she had not been willing to accept them as family members. Naturally, Tan Jing also had a hand in that. What right did she have to go back and still receive the love of her biological parents Everything should belong to herself.

This time, her adoptive parents would probably be disgusted with Tan Rou. She must be there to add fuel to the fire!

At the police station, the police completed the preliminary interrogation of Zhou Wu. The crime of illegal gambling was basically confirmed.

“Little girl, dont be afraid. How many times has this happened”

The police saw that Tan Rou who was very young and obediently stayed by her parents side. She did not seem like a bad child, so they asked her gently.

“Many times. After I just returned to China, I met him once by chance. At that time, I wasnt mature yet. I was half coaxed and half coerced by him. He cheated me of a lot of money. Every time when we went to drink at the bar, he would always spend tens of thousands. There were no limits to his gambling. If I wanted to go home, he would threaten me. Now I know that this is wrong. I dont want to be cheated by him anymore.”

The policeman nodded. “Its good that you now know that this is wrong. He broke the law. You were lucky to be able to get out of it in time. You didnt sink deeper and deeper with him.”

Mother Taos heart ached when she heard this, “My dear daughter, I dont blame you for what had happened in the past. You were still young and gullible, but not anymore.”

Tan Rou nodded. In the past, she had suffered because she wanted to save face. She hadnt been valued by the Tan family, which had triggered her inferiority complex. Although she felt sorry for the money, her ego was boosted every time when they were asking her for money. Naturally, she would never do it again in the future.

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At this moment, a cry of surprise came from behind him. “Ah! Youre really here.”



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