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Chapter 18: Honesty

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In her memory, the original owners family, the Cai family, was a family in this village. They were not good people. Even if she left the Gu family, she would not go back to her family.

However, if she went far away by herself, the ancient transportation was inconvenient, and many places were inconvenient. The original owner was a real village woman who had only been to the town, so she did not have much memory of the outside world.

The original owner was quite good-looking. If she went out to walk, she would know nothing. wasnt she asking for trouble

Cai Xiaolian hesitated for a moment, then sat up and put on the coat by the bed.

Gu Shouxin silently waited for the answer, but he didnt expect her to sit up.

Cai Xiaolian stood up and lit the oil lamp.

Gu Shouxin also sat up.

“Cai Xiaolian, my original name. Im from City B, China, year 2020. Im a cancer patient. What about you Where did you come from What era”

Cai Xiaolian introduced herself generously. She wanted to see Gu Shouxins reaction before deciding whether to stay or leave.

Gu Shouxin was stunned for a moment before saying, “Nineteen years of Emperor Daye Long.”

He was thinking, which country was China

This country was really amazing. It had gone through so many years, unlike his Great Zhou Dynasty, which had been crippled by him alone in just over two hundred years.

Cai Xiaolian was shocked and asked uncertainly, “Ancient people”

Gu Shouxin did not understand the meaning of these three words.

Cai Xiaolian pursed her lips, she said, “May I ask what you do for a living in the great cause I am, in the words that you can understand, a wealthy merchant, a wealthy woman who started from scratch. It involves many industries, such as clothing, cosmetics, and so on. It is what you call rouge, water, and powder.”

Gu Shouxin looked at Cai Xiaolian in surprise. If a merchant added the wordwealthy, it would be very difficult for an ordinary person to do it. Moreover, they started from nothing, and it was a woman.

It was not that he looked down on women. It was just that in his era, it was very difficult for women, even harder than the women in Great Zhou.

Seeing how sincere the other party was, Gu Shouxin still answered truthfully, “I am Ye Feng, the Chief Steward of Great Yan. My main responsibility is to assist the Emperor in managing the court affairs.”

Cai Xiaolian: “...”

Regent Or a eunuch

Seeing Cai Xiaolians puzzled expression, Gu Shouxin guessed what she was thinking. Without explaining, he changed the topic. “My impression of Gu Nian is different from my memory. Do you have this feeling”

Cai Xiaolian nodded, “Yes, I do feel it. She should be similar to the two of us, but I dont know where she came from. Should we go and ask her”

Gu Shouxin nodded. “Yes. Lets ask her and see if its what I imagined. Then, we can talk about our future plans together. Xin Xin is fine. Shes still the youngest daughter of this family.”

Cai Xiaolian agreed with Gu Shouxin. The two of them put on their clothes, and Gu Shouxin took the oil lamp. Cai Xiaolian followed him and went to Gu Nians room.

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It had been three days since Gu Nian had arrived. She hadnt slept well for the past three days, and now that she was certain that she couldnt go back, her tensed heart relaxed. After lunch in the afternoon, she lay down and thought about it for a long time. She decided to take things as they came, so after dark... She also fell asleep easily.

In her sleep, Gu Nianzhi felt someone patting her face and habitually kicked them away.

When she had been living with her brother and sister-in-law, her niece and nephew had been very naughty. This kind of situation often happened.

In the end, this time she did not hear the screams of her niece or nephew. She only felt her feet being grabbed, and it still hurt a little.

She opened her eyes impatiently.

What entered her eyes was the dim yellow oil lamp. Next to the oil lamp were two terrifying faces.




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