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“Its amazing that such a large ruin can exist inside the mountain.

How is this possible”

It was not the first time Su Mo had seen a ruin, so he was relatively calm while going through the pictures.

Meanwhile, Feng Long and Feng Tianmin were full of curiosity as it was their first experience.

Unfortunately, the scout robot automatically entered camouflage mode and transformed into a small box after losing contact.

Thus, it had a very narrow field of vision.

From the pictures, they observed that the transportation trucks had stopped three times as they entered to be inspected by the guards.

Other than that, they could only see the ground under the wheels and the surrounding buildings flashing by.

Based on the interior style, it seemed to be a ruin built in line with human habits and was likely the remains of the previous batch of players.

One of the most obvious clues was the concrete structures that could be spotted along the view.

Another was the roads the trucks traveled.

They were relatively smooth cement roads.

From the cracks on the roads that could be seen occasionally, it could be concluded the place had been abandoned for at least five years before anyone “reoccupied” it.

“Im not too sure either.

Ive been in this kind of ruins that appear regularly before disasters, so I am slightly familiar with the operating rules and principles of the ruins.

“However, this is the first time Ive seen this kind of ruin accessible and can be entered at will when there are no disasters.”

Su Mo was still unsure of how the ruins functioned even after observing the images for a while until the trucks finally stopped and started unloading.

In fact, Su Mos knowledge of ruins stayed at the level of the Liangfang ruins, ruins of time, and the White Sand Ruins.

On top of that, there were also the Future Ruins that he had just found out from Feng Mengyue.

Apart from the Liangfang ruins, which were formed from the core of Ma Feis sanctuary and would appear when more than half of the energy was consumed due to the disaster, the other three ruins were special ruins that had unique properties.

It was only the second time that Su Mo had encountered an ordinary ruin after so long.

‘Since the ruins are inside another dimension, wouldnt that mean the outside disaster wont affect the people living inside

‘It seems there are still many secrets I dont know about in the wasteland!

Su Mo squinted subconsciously as he thought about it while looking at the mountain.

In terms of the various shelters in the wasteland, it was safer to be in a natural shelter than to build one on bare ground, and building an underground shelter was safer than a bunker.

However, compared to the ruins within another dimension, these three were evidently far inferior.

‘Is the game really going to tolerate the existence of such a balance-breaking ruin

Su Mo came back to his senses and heard Feng Tianmin speaking.

“Its a bit strange, though.

According to the intel weve collected before, many people have found ruins, but once the ruins were excavated, they would lose all protection and reappear in the outside world, allowing everyone access to snatch whatever is within it.

“It is impossible for them to remain hidden and undetectable within another space like what is happening right now.

“Shelter leader, do you think they used some sort of other means or got a reward that allowed them to create such a space hidden within the mountains”

After being with Su Mo for a long time, Feng Tianmin gradually let go of his reticence while he was in the modern era and became talkative like everyone else.

It was just like Feng Tianmin said.

According to the information they had gathered from the territorys radio, such a strange ruin was indeed a first.

However, they could not rule out the possibility that some people chose not to publicly share about having such unique ruins to keep the benefits to themselves.

This was indeed the first time everyone had encountered such a situation.

Su Mo nodded lightly, neither affirming nor denying the suggestion.

“Other means”

Although the game claimed to have entered survival mode, there were still a lot of loopholes, judging by the current situation.

“Fortunately, the entrance isnt inside a building but in the wilderness, so there is enough room for us to work around.

“Plus, the first inspection checkpoint was not originally at the ruin but a wooden building they constructed themselves.

“The distance between the entrance and the checkpoint is about…two hundred meters!”

Su Mo focused on the table screen, constantly moving the progress bar, and repeatedly watched the footage that was taken when the team entered.

They had plenty of people guarding the place.

Based on the feet constantly walking around on the ground and the duration of the inspection, it could be calculated that there were about 10 to 20 guards at the first checkpoint.

Ordinary people naturally have nowhere to hide while trying to sneak past the tall buildings.

However, the security checkpoint was nothing for someone like Su Mo, who had plenty of transformation forms or a foreign race with invisibility abilities.

“Forget it.

Its a good distance for me to go in and explore a bit, even if they had secret whistles!”


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