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The Xu family did not even thank Wu Yi at the time for his help!

He had used his own future to pave the way for others continued power.

Even though Wu Yi had received the punishment he deserved, Xu Yunyun had already fled abroad.

The Ministry of Justice would have to approve any extradition application, and the Public Security Bureau would have to contact Luntan.

The embassy would then have to step in and get the consent of the other party before extradition could be granted.

The Xu family was not foolish.

Xu Yunyun had fled to Luntan, which meant that they had to have some power in Luntan.

Xu Yunyun had not committed any major crime, nor was she on an international blacklist.

Once she found a backer and sought asylum, the Wu family could run to the judicial court to apply for an extradition order and go to Luntan with great effort and money, but in the end, they might not be able to bring Xu Yunyun back.

The Wu family would suffer a great loss.

Therefore, before he applied for an extradition order, he had to find out what trump cards the Xu family had in Luntan.

Thinking of this, Wu Jingzhong immediately sent some people to investigate thoroughly.

After Sze Lingyun and Wu Pingting accompanied Nangong Nuannuan and Chi Yang to eat outside the entire day, the four of them finally returned to the Wu family residence before dinner.

When the group of people returned, they happened to see Wu Jingzhong coming back from work.

When Sze Lingyun saw Wu Jingzhongs car, her eyes lit up instantly and she immediately ran over.

Seeing his daughter so happy, Wu Jingzhong immediately got out of the car.

“Dad, youre back! Are you tired”

“Uncle, youre back! Are you tired”

Sze Lingyun and Wu Pingting were like two caring little fur-padded jackets wrapping around him, leaving Wu Jingzhongs heart extremely soft.

He was so happy to be reunited with them.

However, thinking about how his Pingting might not be able to get revenge for the rest of her life, or even just for a short period of time, Wu Jingzhongs heart was tormented.

“Dad, what happened to you Did something bad happen to you”

Sze Lingyun was a girl who had lackedlove ever since she was young, so when it came to relationships, she was quite sensitive.

The moment Wu Jingzhongs aura quieted down, she sensed that something was wrong.

Elder Wu heard the voices of a few girls and knew that Nangong Nuannuan and Chi Yang had returned.

He immediately came out to welcome them.

Who could have guessed that he would hear Sze Lingyuns question as soon as he came out

“Jingzhong, whats wrong What happened”

After all, Lan Weisong had just been handled, and now Shi Maowen was trying to gain power.

Elder Wu was afraid that something bad would happen again.

Wu Jingzhong looked at Wu Pingting.

His voice was filled with guilt.

“Something not too great.”

“Whats wrong” the members of the Wu family asked in unison.

“Previously, when I was taken away for investigation, Wu Yi from the Eastern Area thought that I would never get out.

He thought that Xu Binren would take over my position, so when you guys called the police and asked them to arrest Xu Yunyun, they didnt.

They even almost sued us for gathering people to cause trouble.”

Elder Wus face darkened as he said this.

“That Wu Yi from Eastern District is indeed a villain who just goes with whoever is the most powerful at the time.”

“At the time, they let Xu Yunyun walk freely.

After I was released yesterday, we were busy celebrating that Lil Yun had returned to our family that we forgot to arrest Xu Yunyun.

In the end, when I got some people to try to arrest Xu Yunyun today, I discovered that the black-hearted girl had already fled to Luntan.

If we want to bring her back, we have to extradite her.”

“Then extradite her.

No matter what, we cannot let the crime that happened to Pingting go unpunished! If their family dares to condone their daughters actions, they should have the courage to bear the consequences.

Our family is in the right here.

If we dont dare to go anywhere, we can make sense of it.”

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