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“I had a nagging feeling that the professors attitude towards me that day was very strange.

In the past, he was always gentle towards me, but towards Natalisa, he was condescending, as if he was the one who created her.”

The actor understood.

Natalia might not know this, but Hua Jin did.

Hed heard from Alice that it was Professor Romanka who had created a second personality in Natalias body.

Naturally so, it was this way.

Natalia continued, “Professor Romanka was very fierce.

His attitude towards me was different from before.

Anyway, it just felt rather strange.”

As she spoke, she subconsciously shrank back her shoulders.

Clearly, that terrifying side of Professor Romanka still haunted her.

Hua Jins heart ached as he hugged her.

“Alright, dont be afraid.

Ill protect you from now on.

I wont allow you to be hurt again!”

Natalia nodded and put her arms around him.

“Now, Im going to take you to Hurricane Group.

Are you willing to come with me” Immediately, he raised his hand and swore, “I will never hurt you.

I will protect you with my life…”

“Pfft!” Natalia laughed out loud before Hua Jin could finish his oath.

“Why do you make such an oath It reminds me of those actors in television dramas.


The actor grimaced in embarrassment.

Natalia added, “Dont worry.

Since Im willing to go with you to the Hurricane Group, I wont suspect you of anything.”

Just as Hua Jin finished packing, Alice called to inform that the private jet would be landing at Huashan Airport.

Hence, they arranged to meet there.

Mu Yazhe also instructed one of the servants to pack Gong Fans suitcase, so that the butler could drop it off at the hospital.

Gong Fan was still in the ward, watching over Yun Shishi.

Gong Jie walked to the ward entrance and gently tapped on the jamb.

“Time to go.

The plane will pick you up in half an hour.”

Gong Fan heard him, but acted as if he did not.

He continued to sit by the bed, his yearning for his mother growing as he nuzzled against the back of her hand.

Previously, he might not have felt anything.

Now, when Gong Jie mentioned that it was time to leave, he was consumed by the sadness in his heart.

“Mommy, Im sorry…” He tightened his grip on her hand in frustration, and tears of grief rolled down his cheeks.

Little Yichen saw this and froze.

He rarely saw Gong Fan cry.

In his mind, Gong Fan was an extremely stubborn person.

No matter the situation, he rarely shed tears.

This was the first time he had seen the boy cry.

Little Yichens heart softened.

He walked over and gently placed his hand on Gong Fans shoulder, his tone softening.

“Stop crying now!”

He couldnt bear to see Gong Fans tears.

Gong Fan looked up and finally stood up.

He said seriously, “Please take good care of Mommy while Im not around.”

“You dont have to tell me that.

Ill definitely take good care of Mommy.

Its my mission!”

Gong Fan took a deep breath and turned around.

He looked down at Yun Shishi wistfully, then bent down and gently kissed her forehead.

“Mommy, Im leaving…” He lowered his voice, but in the next moment, as he was about to pull away, he saw a tear roll down her cheek.

Gong Fans heart ached even more when he saw this.

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