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Chapter 100: Super Science Fiction! The Star meteorite iron! A new type of weapon!

“The Great Desolate Army

Everyone was stunned to see this army.

Naturally, no one was unaware of this.

However, its reputation had long been lost in the past.

Now, the perception of all the soldiers of the Great Desolate Army was nothing more than an army of tomb guards!

“Where is the forbidden army Where are our men”

Commander Xing hurriedly asked.

“Defeated, all beaten.”

This personal guard was frustrated and said, “Our soldiers were no match at all!”

In forty-two years of Han, the incident of nine princes’ succession intensified after Han announced the heir.

It was the climax!

That night all the nine princes were secretly planning to take over the throne by force!

Among them, the eldest prince, the third prince and the eighth prince had the most power!

No one expected that the army that had been guarding the tomb in the King’s Tomb Mountain Range – the Great Desolate Army, would suddenly mobilize and would start killing in the Great Desolate City!

They surrounded the residences of the nine princes and continuously defeated the city guards and the forbidden army that came to support them!

That night all the heads were rolled.

The Great Desolate Army was on a killing spree!

The eldest prince and other princes were not spared!

This included everyone under their hand.

All of them were killed on the spot!

This was the battle for the throne!

“Those who are kind-hearted and soft-hearted cannot be good emperors!”

Han stood on the high platform of the palace and looked at the fire in the distance.

He remembered what Qi once explained!

The next day, Han passed away in a deep sleep!

Later generations also had a very good opinion of Han.

Everyone thought that Han had lost control of the country in the final years but before he died, he still showed the means of the emperor.

He killed all of his nine sons!

It paved the way for the succession of Bai.

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, Prince Bai officially ascended to the throne!

By the generation of Bai, Jiang Fan had not interfered in the slightest.

Bai was also unaware of Jiang Fan’s existence.

For the Xia Kingdom, a new era opened, as Han predicted.

Bai was unremarkable, but there was simply no imperial means or ability but he was very obedient.

He was ruling according to the guidelines left by Han!

The blind development of medicine was reversed and the development of other disciplines also started slowly!

Bai’s reign was not long.

It was only twenty years.

During this time, there was progress in various subject areas, but unusually…… slow.

This was evident from the size of the population.

When Han passed away, the population of the Xia Kingdom exceeded 1.3 million.

In twenty years when Bai passed away, only 100,000 more people were added to the previous population!

In this period, there were hardly any particularly significant results!

In the entire country, nothing much had changed.

It remained almost the same as the period of Han and Qi.

There were three major colleges for research aspects of technology theory-

Kewu College, Medical College and Tian Gong College almost occupied more than 90% of the shares!

One could say that the only thing that made Jiang Fan’s eyes shine was the wilderness of the Blue Star.

Another brand new metal had been discovered.

This metal’s appearance was very similar to iron.

The various properties were similar to that of iron.

However, it was even better than iron!

It could be said that it was an upgraded and doubled version of iron!

When it was sent to the palace, Bai personally named it Star Meteorite iron!

The appearance of star meteorite iron helped the industrial development of the Xia Kingdom to quickly go to a higher level!

It replaced iron and became part of most weapons.

As compared with vibranium, the role of star meteorite iron was not so obvious but it was even more essential!

Some of the envisioned weapons could finally be created by this, like cannons and guns!

This was something that many scholars had thought about a long time ago, especially after the big competition.

Many scholars were very interested in putting black powder to use.

Many scholars had envisioned a variety of weapons.

But because of the lack of iron ore, these ideas could not be tested!

With the death of Qi, an increasing number of scholars were involved in this area of research.

The weapons made of star meteorite iron were naturally more excellent than ordinary iron!


Inside the Palace, another of the emperor’s greatest problems on his deathbed was the choice of heir!

Bai leaned on the back of the chair.

Weakly, he looked at each of the princes kneeling down.

Suddenly, he had a glimmer of clarity as to why Han had chosen him to succeed the throne.


In the current Xia Kingdom, he did not need those ambitious people.

This kingdom was able to move forward naturally and smoothly just by following the steps!

However, Bai’s rule was very weak but the entire Xia Kingdom was still moving forward, over a period of twenty years.

It was just that this development was not that significant.

Thinking about this, Bai also made up his mind.

One that was similar to him……

An unremarkable and very inconspicuous prince “Yu” was the apparent heir.

It was just that Bai did not have the vision of Qi and Han.

(Thanks for the support from AdamAim and Elleria)


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