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Chapter 101: Super Science Fiction! The Star meteorite iron! A new type of weapon!

This time, he looked at it wrong.

He looked for a loyal and sincere prince.

The truth was that there was not a small ambition inside!

There were many ideas and intentions.

In the words of the future, it was…… High eyes and low hands!

After choosing an heir, Bai died like this.

The evaluation of Bai in later times was controversial.

Some people thought that Bai was a successful king!

Some people also thought that the good development of the Xia Kingdom was abandoned in vain because of Bai’s inaction.

What goes around always comes around!

The world would be divided over time!

This was the law of history.

Even if the Xia kingdom had not been spared.

Without Jiang Fan’s interference, Yu succeeded to the throne of the Xia Kingdom.

He was also dedicated to the job and was very cautious about keeping in mind the last words of Bai.

He didn’t dare to make too many moves but with the passage of time, various contradictions that the Xia Kingdom had leftover from the Bai’s era…… were highlighted!

Facing these contradictions, Yu overestimated his ability.

He wanted to finish it in one breath!

One of the contradictions was the resources for technology and research.

After all these years, the three colleges…… had long since ceased to be that mere places of academic and technical research!

There was already a hierarchy in there!

It had become a private place for various sectarian forces!

The descendants of scholars could easily get in and among civilians, ten out of ten thousand people could get in, even if it was not bad.

After a grand celebration ceremony, Yu decided to take on these “scholastic aristocrats”!

First of all, a new college was built!

This move was naturally met with fierce opposition from the people of the three colleges but Yu agreed internally.

Next, various suppression tactics came one after another.

How could the three major colleges not understand by this time

His Majesty was going to attack them.

There were many forces in the academy that had enjoyed the benefits of decades.

How could they accept this!

They fiercely opposed on the surface.

Secretly, it was preparing for the worst.

The study of black powder had been brought up again.

Han in the back even blocked all the information about black powder!

The three colleges also disbanded various research groups.

But by this time, no one cared about that anymore because the life of the family was more important.

The principle of black powder was not difficult because many schools still had some left.

Soon, black powder was re-studied.

Immediately after, it was a matter of mass usage!

Under the investment of the three major colleges and various forces, regardless of the cost, the progress of black powder was very rapid.

It could be said that it was thousands of miles a day!

Shortly after the black powder was re-studied, the more powerful and more practical…… yellow powder was born!

Gunpowder packs, guns, cannons and other weapons were all made in succession.

Of course, these weapons were also very sketchy at the beginning of manufacturing.

It did not yet have the same kind of power as the latter but for the more powerful firearms behind it, a solid foundation was laid!

Meanwhile, the secret research and development activities of the three major colleges were finally discovered by Yu!

Yu made a move that was difficult for everyone to understand.

Instead of stopping these studies, he did not.

On the contrary, after watching the difficult firing of the gun and the blasting of the cannons.

In his heart, he firmly believed that these gunpowder weapons were difficult to make a big difference at all.

There was also a disdainful smile for the three major colleges.

He left it to the three major colleges to study.

During the fifteen years of Yu’s reign, gunpowder was not as practical as Blue Star’s bow and arrow.

With the super high technology, the star meteorite iron and vibranium were added.

At the initial stage of the musket, it was naturally not a match!

Yu also issued a number of orders in his later years.

This time, Yu could be said to be somewhat old and weak.

These orders made the whole turbulent Xia Kingdom even more chaotic.

It also laid the groundwork for the chaos in the Xia Kingdom later!

After the death of Yu, the Eldest Prince Tao succeeded to the throne!

That was right, on the choice of successor, Yu did not listen to Bai’s last words, but followed his own perceptions.

The choice was to establish a long and not a virtuous one!

The eldest prince was not only talented but also ambitious, in addition, very spoiled!

He was a big spoiled brat!

Plus in the turbulent environment in the Xia Kingdom, the fall of the Xia Kingdom was inevitable.

“Is it finally coming No matter how brilliant the dynasty is, it will eventually come to an end.”

Seeing this, Jiang Fan let out a sigh.

He also did not interfere.

This was the normal law of the evolution of things.

The current Xia Kingdom was like a pool of dirty water but there was hope for change!


At the same time, on the second continent, six-legged python in action also became more frequent!

They began to repeatedly invade Dong’s territory and were constantly provoking it.

It seemed that they were ready to officially challenge Dong’s dominance!


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