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Chapter 102: Terror Weapons Introduced! The end of the dynasty! A New Era of War

This was already five years after the Red Flower incident.

Six-legged pythons had a very low profile during this period.

But privately, the development of the race grew even further!

A gifted six-legged python became the new leader of the pack!

It was more than five times larger than its companion!

Even a genetic mutation could not be so exaggerated.

The reason was that five years ago, the one red flower obtained by the six-legged python was fed to this leader.

In five years, it continuously got bigger and bigger.

In the end, it broke the limit of the race of the six-legged python.

Finally, by the end of the day, this super six-legged python sensed that the time had come.

The ambition hidden in his heart began to stir again!

Once again, the road to supremacy began for this group.

On the second continent, six-legged pythons were like a flock of chickens.

Wherever the six-legged pythons passed, everything avoided them!

Even a thousand-kilogram saber-toothed tiger and a big brown bear quickly ran away.

The super six-legged python led the other pythons and came to the largest lake.

Dong was still in its prime at that time.

As the second atomic dinosaur, Dong had a very long life span.

His six children had also grown up but they were not fully adults.

Dong became furious when he felt the six-legged python’s aura.

He opened his eyes directly, and slammed on it!

“Here it comes, here it comes……”

Jiang Fan was watching with great interest.

It was a great battle between giant beasts……

This time, the body sizes of Dong and the super six-legged python were comparable.

The fight was amazing because both of them were equally matched.

At this level of struggle, the other six-legged pythons could not help at all.

They could only stand aside and be a cheerleader!

After a day and a night of great battle, when both Dong and the super six-legged python were exhausted, a gigantic crescent-shaped creature appeared!

This was also a giant creature that had taken a red flower.

It turned out to be a very common eel.

After taking the red flower, the figure became enormous.

By this, not only did the size of the body become larger but the wisdom had increased even more.

It was hiding in the side during the battle between Dong and the super six-legged python and was ambushing nearby.

He was waiting quietly for the opportunity.

When both of them were exhausted, it suddenly burst out, straight to Dong!

Dong was killed!!!

He was unprepared and exhausted, it was no match for the giant eel at all!

After being tackled to the ground, he struggled desperately for a few moments.

But then, he was killed by this giant eel!

After killing Dong, the giant eel did not stop and turned to the super six-legged python on the side.

The super six-legged python couldn’t even run away because it didn’t have much strength either.

It also followed the footsteps of Dong in this battle of the behemoths for supremacy!

But before dying, Dong let out a roar that resonated through the sky!

This was a warning sound for the six atomic dinosaurs.

After that, the giant eel claimed the entire continent and constantly hunted the race of six-legged pythons.

From nearly 200 six-legged pythons in their heyday to the last, there were only a few left to hide everywhere like bereaved dogs!

On the cliffside, they were facing the giant eel coming after them.

A six-legged python took two small pythons and pushed them down into the sea.

That six-legged python was killed by the giant eel!

The giant eel looked at the small six-legged python that sank into the sea but did not dare to chase them down.

There was something odd with these two small pythons!

One of them had two heads while the other one had too many teeth!

After settling the six-legged pythons, the giant eel’s gaze was directed to Dong’s six atomic dinosaur offspring!

However, the giant eel searched for a long time but still failed to find the whereabouts of the six little ones!

At the same time, other races had also evolved on this ground

Back then, the creatures that had taken the red flower gradually grew up and ambushed in the shady forest.

They were getting ready to launch a surprise attack on the giant eel at any time!

The giant eel seemed to sense the crisis, so he restrained his actions, gradually.

Peace had been restored on the second continent ……!

This peace lasted for half a century until a new intelligent race was born!


Seeing nothing major happening on the second continent, for the time being, Jiang Fan could only turn his gaze back to the First Continent as well.

In the First Continent, the environment was excellent in most of the places!

It was perfect for human habitation!

At that moment, the Blue Star was not very big.

The main reason why the population kept growing was that the conditions were much better as compared to Earth in his previous life.

However, what often destroys a dynasty was not a natural disaster, it was a human disaster!

The Xia Kingdom was unaware of it and it also lasted for hundreds of years.

When it came to Tao’s generation, the atmosphere of the whole Xia Kingdom had slowly begun to change!

There was a long-lasting peace plus there were no external threats.

It could be said that singing and dancing were too peaceful.

Academic research became more and more painful

Gradually fewer and fewer people worked on it.

Entertainment’s spiritual life gradually became the mainstream!

Casinos, restaurants, taverns, and so on, business was getting more and more prosperous.

Even Tao, the emperor, was also obsessed with parties and banquets!

There were more and more concubines in the harem!

By Tao’s twentieth year, this atmosphere had reached an unprecedented level!

People were after all kinds of entertainment celebrities.

The one-time appearance fee of the so-called talented girl of the opera and the brothel could be tens of thousands of tales of silver.

It was more than a year’s salary of an ordinary scholar!

Under the surface of this prosperity, it was also surging in the dark!


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