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Chapter 103: Terror Weapons Introduced! The end of the dynasty! A New Era of War

In the dark, the research on gunpowder had never stopped!

In this same year, a new type of firearm was invented.

It immediately replaced the front musket and became mainstream.

This was –


Its appearance and popularity had truly changed the mode of war.

The earlier batch of muskets had a hole in the back of the barrel and shooters needed a gun in one hand.

One hand held the incense to ignite the firing charge inside the musket.

It was clear that this method of holding the gun was very unstable and it was also impossible to aim!

The structure of the matchlock gun was very simple!

All it took was a gunman holding a simple trigger underneath the body of the gun, linked to a brace that held the fire rope.

When pulling the trigger, the fire rope would be sent to the medicine pool.

The ignition of the primer in the pool would subsequently ignite the launch charge in the chamber through the pilot hole.

Then the gun would shoot bullets with the shooter holding the gun steadily and aiming.

The accuracy was greatly increased by the invention of the matchlock gun.

In this era, the conventional weapons of the Great Desolate Army were still bows and arrows!

Those bows and arrows were made of star meteorite iron and they were very strong!

Not to mention, a few of the elite would also add vibranium!

It was even more scary by adding vibranium.

Still, it was not something that muskets could fight against but the invention of the matchlock gun was kind of a start, at the very least.

It let the research scholars hope!

Tao did not suppress the three colleges but he didn’t pay any attention, and the allocations were getting less and less every year!

The scholars had become less popular with changes in the social atmosphere.

There was no qualitative leap across disciplines.

Many scholars changed their careers!

They told random stories and became celebrities.

They could earn a decent appearance fee by this.

It…… doesn’t smell good

A painstaking research work did not produce any results.

In the end, they didn’t even have money for their wives!

Scholars were in turmoil but they could only hold back for now.

Tao’s 27th year was an important year.

This year, improvements to the matchlock took one step further!

The flintlock was born in that year!!!

This was a better firearm than the matchlock.

It was based on the principle of clamping a piece of flint in the jaws of a hammer.

An anvil was arranged at the edge of the fire transmission hole.

When shooting, one only had to pull the trigger.

Under the action of the spring, it would hit the flint heavily on the edge of the fire door and a spark would emerge to ignite the gunpowder.

The emergence of the flintlock rifle greatly simplified the firing process and improved the firing rate and shooting accuracy.

It was also extremely easy to use.

In addition, it didn’t cost much and was easy to produce in large quantities.

This kind of weapon had a bright future.

Its appearances drew the attention of many people from all three colleges!

Later that night.

The first flintlock gun with documentation and maker disappeared!

Almost anyone could guess that it must be some big man who hid it.

After a fruitless fight, an angry scholar took the matter straight to Tao.

Tao was spoiled but his brain was not a muddle.

After hearing the story, he just knew the seriousness of the matter.

Just in time, there were many ministers who could not bear to see the three academies as nobles!

Tao had a hot head, so he directly gave orders.

The case was made into a major rebellion case!

Almost all the principals of the three academies were arrested and thrown in jail!

The truth of the matter was, the man who stole the flintlock was not a certain power, nor was it any ambitious person but he was just a scholar with the same philosophy as Qi.

He also thought that this was a weapon of the devil.

According to him, it should not exist in the world.

When he saw a bunch of friends and teachers being taken away, he was scared and handed the flintlock rifle over to an officer.

The officer owed a large debt for his time at the casino.

With a ruthless heart, the flintlock and related information was sold out to a casino owner.

This casino owner was very close to one of the vice presidents of the three colleges!

The casino owner was a loyalist!

He immediately went to the vice presidents of three colleges who had not yet been arrested.

Together these people decided to rob the prison!

The flintlock gun was mass-produced in a very short period of time!

After one month, the casino owner with men and flintlock, raided the prison of the Ministry of Punishment in the night!

The power of the flintlock caught the guards off guard.

No one expected a jailbreak either.

There were not even a lot of soldiers here!

The result was no surprise!

All the scholars and other prisoners escaped but while leaving the Great Desolate City, they were pursued by the city guards.

After a fierce battle, the crowd scattered to escape!

Tao was furious when he got the news, so he ordered an all-out pursuit.

Most of them were captured, a small number of them escaped with flintlock guns without knowing where to go.

Under the wrath of Tao, all three colleges were closed!

The scholars also withdrew their names one by one!

This incident became the fuse that turned the Xia Kingdom from prosperity to decline.

After losing a large number of scholars, various areas of the Xia Kingdom were no longer developing.


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