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Chapter 104: Terror Weapons Introduced! The end of the dynasty! A New Era of War

Instead, it gradually regressed and Tao didn’t care that much.

There was wine to drink, there were beautiful women to enjoy, there was dance to do!

As for the scrupulous things……

What’s that

After thirty-one years, the extravagance of the entire Xia Kingdom became more and more serious.

Social conflicts were very sharp.

The upper class feasted with wine pools and meat forests, while the people at the bottom couldn’t even get a full meal.

It was the same as the last years of the feudal dynasty in his previous life.

The Xia Kingdom’s land merger problem was also very serious!

In the winter of this year, countless people starved and froze to death!

In Tao’s thirty-second year, the people who had been holding back for a long time finally couldn’t take it anymore!

The first uprising broke out in the eastern part of the Xia kingdom.

There were a large number of salt fields there.

Many people depended on salt for their livelihood.

They were called salt people but food prices had skyrocketed in the last few years!

However, the salary of the salt people working in the salt field had not changed at all.

They worked hard for fifteen hours a day, in exchange, all they got was a steamed bun!

Plus the frequent whipping by the head of the salt farm!

These salt people could no longer tolerate this.

Led by a man named Zhang Tianjiao, they killed the head of the salt farm and all the others!

According to the regulations of the Xia Kingdom, the upper class people could take a single word name.

Lower class people could only take two word names!

Next, these salt people ambushed the officials and soldiers who came to suppress the news.

A nearby county was captured.

They opened the barn and released the grain!

Poor people from the neighborhood came one after another!

This team led by Zhang Tianjiao became more and more huge!

Soon, other salt farmers also followed suit.

Two other larger forces had been formed and the entire eastern part of the Xia Kingdom was completely lost!

This was just the beginning.

Up next, more and more farmers launched a resistance!

The king, the marquis, and the generals were better off!

A person named “Chen Shengguang” was next to a large lake in the south.

He directly pulled the flag of rebellion!

The whole court was alarmed!

Tao gave several decrees to suppress it!

The literacy of the Great Desolate Army was certainly not as good as before but the advantage of weapons let them still have the upper hand.

Soon, a rebellion was suppressed but there was one exception.

In the west of the Xia Kingdom, the Great Desolate Army was defeated by a small team of less than 100 people.

This team was the people of three colleges who managed to escape.

All of them were equipped with flintlock rifles!

Seeing this scene, the general of the Great Desolate Army – a middle-aged man named Cao Meng did not choose to report the matter upwards.

Instead, it was concealed.

In addition, this team was no longer attacked.

Instead, they were stationed on the sidelines and chose to wait and see!

In the Xia Kingdom, the wind and the clouds rose at that moment, incidents were breaking out everywhere!

The army of repression put out fires everywhere!

The ranks of the uprising were becoming more and more formal, with various small forces forming a larger force!

Finally, in a large-scale operation, the Great Desolate Army was careless and light-hearted.

As they were ambushed by the uprising team, they got a huge defeat and rout!

Thousands of people were killed, wounded and captured.

In the history of the Xia Kingdom for hundreds of years, this was……

The first fiasco!

As the saying goes, with the first time, the second time won’t be far behind, the third time also comes soon.

It was just that, the battle strength of the Great Desolate Army was still too strong despite the succession of uprising teams but under the full force of suppression, in thirty-fifth years of Tao, it went up in smoke.

An even greater crisis had appeared, and that was during the suppression operation, each and every one of the generals had the power to take charge!

Almost all of these people came from noble families!

They were representing the interests of the people behind them!

After getting the military power, they won’t give up easily!

Tao, who had just caught his breath, suddenly found himself becoming embarrassed!

In addition to the 10,000 forbidden army and the 1,000 personal guards, he could no longer transfer a single soldier!

At this time, it was already the year of Tao, so once again, a very bad decision was made.

He handed over the military power of the 10,000 forbidden army to the powerful Captain Dong in the court!

Letting captain Dong go forward to suppress and subdue the generals.

This Captain Dong was also an ambitious person.

With such a large military force in hand.

How could he not be tempted

Nonetheless, he did not choose to go into combat.

Instead, he took three months to delay using various excuses, making this forbidden army one of his own.

This time, Tao also noticed that something was wrong.

But it was too late!

After the return of Captain Dong to the capital.

The palace was directly surrounded and Tao was under complete house arrest.

For the first time in the last hundred years, for Xia Kingdom……

It was time to perish!

Not long after, Tao died in a depressed state of illness and endless regret!

Captain Dong had chosen a five-year-old prince to succeed the throne!

He was holding the emperor to command the officers!

Naturally, generals from all sides would not agree and there were many accusations, holding the flag of resistance!

For a time, the world was in chaos!!!

In the chaotic situation, only a few people were doing the right thing.

East, west and south!

Those with long-term vision took in the remnants of three colleges, conducted a secret research and waited for a good time.


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