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Chapter 105: Three parts of the world! The Blue Star version of the Three Kingdoms! A technological explosion!

In the west, they had been fighting with the rest of the three colleges and Cao Meng, the general of the Great Desolate Army, who had lost a lot, had further thoughts about the people of the Academy!

This general who loved his wife, came from a powerful family!

The ancestors were the famous soldiers in the Great Desolate Army!

It was said that these things that happened a hundred years ago, today, he was already being treated as a legend.

There were not many people left who believed and Cao Meng was one of them.

“A battle in heaven with the gods! This is the glory of the ancestors of the Cao family.”

Cao Meng was standing in front of a high mountain.

Seeing the vast land in front of him, he couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed.

“And I……”

After a long time, the corner of Cao Meng’s mouth showed a wry smile of self-deprecation.

“Now I’m reduced to a minor general, ashamed, very ashamed!”

The Cao family had fallen step by step from being a powerful family back then.

Today, even though Cao Meng was the first-born son of the Cao family, he could only be a small general of this team of 500 men!

Three days ago, during the siege of the remaining people of the three colleges.

The opponent’s sharp firearms killed nearly 100 people directly on the spot!

“There is such a sharp firearm in the world.”

Cao Meng couldn’t help but have some thoughts in his mind.

“It seems that no one else knows the details now, if it can be used by me……”

Thinking about this, Cao Meng couldn’t help but feel a surge in his heart!


At the same time, in the southwest, with the fact that Dong was in charge of the dynasty and had installed a puppet emperor, people here were against it.

Local officials and large clans were even more so.

They did not recognize this five-year-old puppet emperor.

Instead, they elected a royal themselves!

This member of the royal family was named Xia De.

He was the uncle of the five-year-old puppet emperor today!

Xia De was over 40 years old and was loyal and benevolent.

He was quite beloved by the local people.

As this news came out, it also attracted a lot of people to join.

Among them, there were just two good men.

A long beard and red face, nearly two meters long.

His name was Guan Changyun.

A black-faced, short-bearded man with an extremely large physique!

His name was Zhang Feiqiao.

The three men met at once.

It was a three-pronged fight.

That day, in the inner courtyard, the three of them walked and chatted after dinner.


Zhang Feiqiao scanned the surroundings.

Seeing that there was no one around, he lowered his voice and said, “I can see that these individuals are actually making our elder brother emperor for their own interests.”

Neither Xia De nor Guan Changyun said anything.

The two of them were not stupid.

They had long been aware of this truth.

“Third brother, be careful.”

Xia De was a very cautious person, he didn’t dare to talk about it.


Zhang Feiqiao coldly snorted and said, “See, these guys have long been displeased, why should my brother be their puppet.”

“My second brother and I have brought dozens of good men.”

“As long as you raise your arms outside, it’s not difficult to recruit hundreds of good guys, why should you be afraid of them”

“Third Brother.”

Guan Changyun glared at Zhang Feiqiao and said, “Don’t be impulsive, we are under heavy surveillance here, and every move will be noticed.”

“It’s no problem if you want to recruit hundreds of good guys.”

“But how would you bring them back”


Zhang Feiqiao couldn’t help but frown.

“That’s right.”

Zhang Feiqiao’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he said, “I once heard someone say that in the Nanyang area, there is a guy named Zhuge Ming, who is very smart.”

“How about……”

“How about we go ask him for help”

“Let smart people give us advice”

“Zhuge Ming”

Xia De and Guan Changyun looked at each other.

They could see the intention in each other’s eyes!

This was indeed a famous person.

On the very same day, the three of them made an excuse.

They went to Nanyang in the name of traveling in the mountains and playing in water.

In the mountain forest, the three of them used a group of bandits they knew.

The people who followed the surveillance as well as themselves were caught up in the cottage.

Subsequently, they took off again and went to Zhuge Ming’s residence.

However, things didn’t go too well.

After visiting three times in a row, Zhuge Ming received them.

After asking a few questions, Zhuge Ming smiled faintly.

The idea of the three parts of the world was proposed!

“Three parts of the world”

Xia De was shocked!

In today’s Xia Kingdom, all the generals stood side by side but it was still considered complete and unified.

The court had a high power and Dong was the one controlling the court.

Where did the three parts of the world come from!

“From the situation, from the geographical point of view, this future world……”

Zhuge Ming smiled and said, “It will definitely be three parts.”

Zhuge Ming’s finger pointed to three locations on the map, which were –

North of the Xia Kingdom!

The South!


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