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Chapter 106: Three parts of the world! The Blue Star version of the Three Kingdoms! A technological explosion!

They were scattered in all directions, fleeing to all places!

East, West, South, North and more remote locations.

When Cao Meng met this team, it was the biggest team in the South and in the capital city of Xia Kingdom, next to a wide river named – Desolation River!

That river was also the longest and largest river in the entire first continent!

There were natural dangers of the Desolation River.

Xia Kingdom’s management of the south had always been inadequate, especially after the world fell into turmoil.

The local people here directly expelled the court officials!

Although it did not become a country of its own, it was pretty much the same.

Among the locals, the largest clan had the surname of Sun.

The patriarch of this generation was called Sun Quan!

He took over the position of the patriarch at a young age and did a great job!

He was very prestigious in the clan!

Outside, his popularity was also very high!

He was elected as the co-leader of the local people and Sun Quan was not the same as other local people.

He loved to read, especially the books that had been passed down from the three colleges!

And the various contents recorded therein.

Let Sun Quan be amazed!

“There is such a weapon in this world!”

Sun Quan saw a book about a powerful weapon called the ‘Sound Absorbing Arrow’.

He could not help but yearn for it and looked at the longbow hanging on the wall!

It was supposed to be his favorite but now the contrast didn’t smell good anymore!

“This weapon…… The Great Desolate Army back then only had the manpower.

No wonder Emperor Qi was able to subdue the entire world!”

The more Sun Quan thought about it, the more emotional he became!

Because in the era of Qi, a lot of research happened!

A weapon like a sound-absorbing arrow was produced in that era.

It was even more strictly controlled and was not allowed to spread out easily!

Later, after more than a hundred years, a lot of information was either hidden within the palace or after the collapse of three colleges, it was taken away and hidden by the remaining people.

For civilians, there was only basic craftsmanship and there was no outreach to the most valuable things!

That was an important reason why Xia Kingdom’s technology development was very slow for over a hundred years!

It was still ideologically backward.

Even if there were colleges, the three colleges were also shabby!

It was either passed on to the family or passed on to the student disciples.

There was no way out!

Not to mention the locals, who were separated by the Desolate River.

There were not even many people who could read.

Such things for them were like a fantasy!

“If I could get this kind of weapon……”

Sun Quan’s eyes were full of yearning.


He was also aware that even if there was such a craft in the world, it would be very far from this remote place!


This time, a soldier quickly walked in.

“What’s the matter”

Sun Quan asked.

“There are a few beggars shouting at the door, saying that they are people from those three colleges in the Great Desolate Capital and want to see the patriarch, should…… they be driven away”

“From three colleges”

Sun Quan was startled and immediately said, “No, invite them in!”

That was it.

A part of the people of the three colleges was taken in by Sun Quan in the south!

This time, the situation in the world was not obvious.

Captain Dong, who held the reins of government, had a heavy weapon.

That was still the strongest side and other forces were like a cat and a dog in general.

Although the number was large, there was no superior.

Cao Meng, Xia De and Sun Quan invited the remaining people from the three colleges.

Almost no one paid attention to this!

In the eyes of most people.

What good could these nerds do


Soon, the people of the three colleges told the world with facts.

They were not only useful!

In addition, they were also crucial!

With the full support of Cao Meng, Xia De and Sun Quan, these hundreds of scholars burst out with amazing energy!

Many important theories and research were born in this time period.

For example, the word “science” appeared for the first time and it was gradually accepted by everyone.

Analytic geometry was created by a scholar!

Mathematics became an official subject!

Of course, due to the change in time, practicality had the upper hand, especially in the manufacturing of various weapons!

The flintlock was modified again and again!

Things like guns were also developed and further developed!

As for the sound-absorbing arrows that Sun Quan had in mind……

Technically, it was not difficult but the point was that Vibranium was needed as a material.

All of it was stored in the palace treasury.

Naturally, there was no way to make it!

After seeing one result after another come out, Cao Meng, Xia De, and Sun Quan were overjoyed!

In order to recruit better talents, they started to build their own academies without a second thought!

The effect was also quite good.

It attracted aspiring people from all over the world.

As well as, scholars or descendants of scholars who were originally hiding!

These people joined, stimulating the advancement of various areas of technology!

This period was quite popular in the history books!

It was as if a long drought had been met with sweet rain, letting the various disciplines that were going downhill get back on the right track.

And laid a very important solid foundation for the first “technological explosion” later!!


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