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Chapter 107: Three parts of the world! The Blue Star version of the Three Kingdoms! A technological explosion!

In the southwest where Nanyang was located!

Xia De asked.

“What Mr.

means is that in the future, there will be three rulers in the world, who will dominate these three regions”

Zhuge Ming revealed a hint of profound speculation.

“That’s right.”

Xia De said, “But I’m still a caged bird.”

Xia De was eagerly looking forward to the general trend of the world.

While thinking about his current situation, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Zhuge Ming smiled but did not say anything.

Xia De couldn’t help being anxious, and asked directly: “Do you have a good strategy, sir”

Zhuge Ming did not speak.

Instead, he lifted his pen.

On the white paper on the table, he wrote down two words –



Xia De, Guan Changyun and Zhang Feiqiao were very puzzled!

“This is a history book of the Xia Kingdom, you can read it if you have time.”

Zhuge Ming handed over a book.

After sending off guests, Xia De, who returned to the residence, scratched his head.

He couldn’t understand it!

This seemingly powerful Zhuge Ming…… What the hell does he mean

What is the meaning of the two words “Kewu”

Xia De couldn’t understand for a while.

He could only pick up the history book given by Zhuge Ming and read it carefully.

The history of the Xia Kingdom was not long.

The most exciting part was naturally about the first emperor Desolate and the second emperor Qi!

These two people were saint-like figures in the hearts of all the current people!

After reading the story of Desolate and Qi, Xia De suddenly felt something!

“Does this Mr.

Zhuge means…… that I should follow the example of the two saints and learn from their practices”

It had to be said that Xia De’s patience was still enough.

His comprehension was not bad either.

With a quick insight, it seemed like it was suddenly clear.

Xia De figured out Zhuge Ming’s intentions!

“Kewu! It’s not just the foundation of the Xia Kingdom, the first academy built by Emperor Qi was…… Kewu Academy!”

Xia De thought secretly.

Though he wasn’t really sure what the meaning of the word “Kewu” was, having a direction was enough.

What surprised him even more was that, just a few days later, a group of people claiming to be from the three colleges suddenly came outside!

Xia De himself came out to meet them.

After a detailed chat, he surprisingly discovered that this group of people was really the remnants of the three colleges.


Kewu College, Tiangong College and School of Medicine had been temporarily closed by the royal family.

The people of the college were like rats crossing the street.

Everyone was shouting and fleeing in all directions!

Xia De didn’t know what these people were capable of but there were a lot of people on the other side, and they seemed to have a civilized temperament!

Add the remainder of Zhuge Ming’s words, Xia De didn’t hesitate much and directly let these people in.

This caused resentment among local officials and large clans.

Those nearly a hundred people consumed a lot of food every day.

These people were very thin and weak and they had no strength to speak.

What kind of work could they do

Raising a hundred pigs was better than raising them!

Xia De at this time strongly rejected the demands of officials.

Emptying the family fortune, these people were placed in their own fields.

As a former prince, Xia De naturally had a small territory of his own.


On the other side, Cao Meng, who got the news, was furious.

“What All three colleges have run out of people”

Cao Meng’s beard and hair were open.

He immediately jumped out of the bed of one of his favorite wives!

“My lord, it’s not that they all ran away, there are still some people who haven’t left.”

The personal guard replied.

“So it’s not the same, where did they run off to”

Cao Meng did not wear any shoes and was prepared to go after these people barefoot.

“My Lord.”

The personal guard immediately blocked: “They have long gone and should be dozens of kilometers away now, it is too late to chase.”

“Do you have any idea where these people are running off to”

Cao Meng asked.

“I heard from my predecessors that they were going to the southwest…..

to Xia De.”

The personal guard cautiously said.

“That’s ridiculous!”

Cao Meng was furious, he said: “I was so good to them, I gave them good food, I didn’t expect that these people would all go back on their word.”

“What’s so good about Xia De”

“What benevolence and righteousness It’s all fake!”

“These nerds actually believe it!”

“My Lord, what now”

The personal guard asked.

“If you ask me, who am I going to ask”

Cao Meng was still angry.

“My lord, don’t worry.”

This time, a scholar walked in from the outside.

“Brother Guo, you are finally here.”

Cao Meng was overjoyed.

This scholar was a friend and strategist of Cao Meng…… Guo Jia!

He previously concealed the situation of the remaining people of the three colleges and did not report it.

It was Guo Jia’s idea.

“Don’t we have some people left behind We have the technology and information of flintlock rifles, right”

Guo Jia smiled faintly and said, “In that case, what’s there to panic about”

“Of those hundred or so people of the colleges.”

“There are only a few that are really useful.”

“The others…… just have an extra mouth to eat.”

“Brother Guo still sees things thoroughly.”

The anger in Cao Meng’s heart dissipated immediately.


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