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Chapter 108: A Century of Evolution! A new kind of intelligent race…… is born!

“There’s a competition to make progress.”

Seeing the situation in Blue Star, this phrase flashed through Jiang Fan’s head.

Since the era of Qi, finally, this chaotic world has been renewed once again!

Earlier, most of the technology and theories were all in the hands of the royal family and three colleges!

Only a few things circulated among the people.

This was the most important reason why the various disciplines were not popular throughout the Xia Kingdom!

This situation had improved with the loss of the three colleges!

The rapid development of various fields nowadays was also known as the “technology recruitment” era!

The original hundreds of years of accumulation burst out in an instant.



A loud noise rang out in an isolated area.

Seeing this amazing scene, shade covered his buzzing ears, with shock and disbelief in his eyes!

In this world, there really was such a powerful weapon!

This was on the territory of Shade.

A gunpowder experiment was conducted there at that time.

Gunpowder at this time had already developed to the stage of yellow gunpowder.

It was more powerful than black powder!


At this time, Zhang Feiqiao came over with an anxious face and said in an urgent voice: “It’s not good, our research here has been discovered by those of the Ba family! ”


Shade was taken aback and hurriedly asked, “How did it get discovered This place is very hidden!”

Zhang Feiqiao said hatefully, “One of the eaters betrayed us and leaked what happened here to those of the Ba family, and they’re already rushing over with their men!”

“Brother, what should we do now”

The Ba family was in the Southwest.

It was one of the largest clans!

“Both of you, don’t panic.”

A voice suddenly came.

Shade and Zhang Feiqiao turned their heads to look.

A young scholar in white walked over, holding a feather fan in his hand.

There was a smile on his face as if he was an expert.

Next to him was Guan Changyun!


Zhuge, you’re finally…… here.”

Shade was overjoyed.

This young scholar in white was Zhuge Ming of Nanyang.

Nearly 100 scholars from the three colleges joined and sooner researched a variety of powerful weapons!

The ambition to make Xia De unwilling to stay behind others burned even more fiercely!

Yesterday, Xia De sent Guan Changyun to ask Zhuge Ming to come out of the mountain, to be his advisor!

He didn’t expect him to arrive today.


Zhuge, what should we do about this The people from the Ba family are coming to us soon.”

Zhang Feiqiao was impatient, so he asked immediately.

Zhuge Ming smiled faintly and picked up the feather fan and fanned it but he did not answer immediately.

Instead, he turned his head and swept his eyes over the flat ground where the explosion had occurred.

He smiled and said, “Brother Xia De, with such a weapon, why to bother with those people”


Zhuge, you mean……”

Xia De’s eyes widened as he realized.

Zhuge Ming smiled faintly.

There was no sound anymore!

Xia De, who was always used as a puppet by local officials and big clans, reversed at the same time by using yellow gunpowder.

He set up an ambush for the Ba family and the 500 soldiers who stormed over.

It was blown to pieces on the spot.

Under Zhuge Ming’s suggestion, Xia De did his best to mobilize as many men as he could.

A team of 500 people directly charged toward the largest city in the southwest region —

Bajiao City!

Taking advantage of Bajiao City’s lack of defense, they defeated three hastily arriving armies in a row with the power of gunpowder and flintlock!

Finally, the city lord’s mansion was breached.

The local officials, the Ba family and a few other large clans…… were all captured!

They were executed on the spot!

“If you want to fight for supremacy in the world, you can’t deny the benevolence of a woman!”

These were Zhuge Ming’s words of caution.

Shade closed his eyes.

After struggling and hesitating for a long time, he personally ordered the execution!

After these people had just been eliminated, the other forces quickly surrendered.

No one dared to resist.

Xia De successfully took over the entire Bajiao City and became the Lord of the Southwest Region but because of the bloodshed, it still aroused the dissatisfaction of some local people in the southwest.

This was also an afterthought, in the midst of the chaotic world.

Xia De was assisted by scholars and Zhuge Ming and he took the lead in the race for supremacy!


“My lord, if we want to pay the least price and win this Xiliang City, we have to wait a little longer.”

Inside the tent, Guo Jia was pointing at a map and said that to Cao Meng.

“Do we have to wait”

Cao Meng looked anxious.

He kept walking around and said, “In the southwest region, Xia De has already occupied Bajiao City, can I wait any longer”

As for Shade, Cao Meng had always looked down on him.

Although the other party was the uncle of the current emperor, there were a lot of royal disciples in the previous generation.

The name of this royal uncle was not worth anything!

Cao Meng himself was the eldest son of the Cao family of this generation!


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