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Chapter 109: A Century of Evolution! A new kind of intelligent race…… is born!

He considered himself competent.

He was just a small general because no one appreciated him.

This trip to the southwest region to suppress the rebellion gave Cao Meng a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

“Don’t rush, don’t rush.”

Guo Jia said, “There’s no rush for the great cause of the world, let alone…”

“Xiliang City has many strong soldiers, if we fight recklessly, even if we can win in the end, it would be a tragic victory!”

Cao Meng was helpless.

Although he was anxious, he was still more receptive to the opinions of others.

He could only endure it for the time being.

Three days later, the opportunity finally came.

The Lord of Xiliang City went out to fight the bandits and these so-called bandits were Cao Meng’s men!

The time had come, Cao Meng led more than 600 of his men straight to Xiliang City!

Cao Meng came from a big family, in addition, he was also a small general, so he gathered a lot of heroes during this time and pulled together a decent team.

The main forces of Xiliang City were taken away by the city lord.

Some old and sick people were left behind.

Cao Meng’s side occupied the city without much effort.

He even released a few soldiers to report the news.

The Lord of Xiliang City who heard the news was shocked and hastily led the team back.

Cao Meng had already arrived in a long and deep valley with his team.

They also set up an ambush on their way!

Cao Meng also developed yellow gunpowder there.

In fact, the method of making yellow gunpowder had long been known.

It was just a matter of equipment and raw materials.

With the full support of Cao Meng, it was naturally produced quickly.

Flintlock rifles were even more than a hundred!

The army of Xiliang City had a total of 2,000 men but after being caught off guard, nearly half of them were killed and injured by gunpowder on the spot.


Again, under the powerful attack of the flintlock rifle.

They could not resist at all.

Even the Lord of Xiliang City was hit by a bullet in the neck!

It didn’t take long for him to die.

The remaining soldiers of Xiliang City dismounted and surrendered!

“Hahahaha ……”

Seeing the soldiers of Xiliang City kneeling on the ground, Cao Meng can’t help but laugh with excitement!

“Get up quickly, you were just following the wrong master.”

After Cao Meng made some false statements, he gathered these soldiers under his name.

He became the leader of the Northwest Region, followed by justifiably occupied Xiliang City!

So far, Northwest, Southwest and South had a relatively clear situation!


In the Great Desolate Capital, Captain Dong, who heard this news, was furious!

“Cao Meng, Xia De, these two criminals actually dare to write a letter saying that they have no choice but to respond to the public opinion”

Captain Dong looked at Cao Meng and Xia De’s letter.

He wanted to tear it to pieces on the spot!

Cao Meng and Xia De were at the suggestion of Zhuge Ming and Guo Jia.

There was no direct flag, instead, a hypocritical letter was sent to the court.

Saying that it had to be done for some special blah blah blah reasons.

“Where is Xianfeng”

Captain Dong shouted.

“Your son is here, what is the order of the foster father”

A tall, handsome young man came in.

Seeing this young man, there was a hint of satisfaction in Captain Dong’s eyes.

He was an adopted son and his name was Lu Xianfeng!

He had the courage of ten thousand men!

“Xianfeng, Cao Meng and Xia De dare to make trouble.

You have to lead the team and take their heads back.”

Captain Dong ordered.

“Yes, foster father.”

Lu Xianfeng took the order without hesitation!


The focus of Captain Dong’s forces had to move to the west because of the actions of Cao Meng and Xia De.

This also led to the pressure on the uprising troops in the east and southeast plummeting!

Lots of teams started to emerge again!

In the southeast zone around a large lake, there were many teams.

The team leaders gathered here one by one.

They were discussing together about the next battle!

In a remote part of the lake, a young man with a poor appearance was standing and was looking at the big lake in front of him.

With a burst of emotion in his heart, he picked up a pendant that had been hanging around his neck!

To be precise, it was a token.

This young man named Zhu Chongba can’t help but think: “This token, it is said that it was passed down from the ancestors, when the ancestors used to follow Emperor Qi, went to heaven and fought alongside the gods! And this token……”

“It’s the reward of the gods!”

“Fighting alongside the gods”

Thinking about this.

Zhu Chongba was fascinated!

Thinking again about his current situation, he couldn’t help but feel a little depressed and lonely.

In the big picture, Zhu Chongba also led the people around him to resist because his ancestors were from the Great Desolate Army.


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