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Chapter 11: Win by Quantity! Madly rising planet area!

In Jiang Fan’s mind, the planet’s data has changed dramatically –

【Planet Name: Blue Star

Planet Level: Level 1

Planet diameter: 50.4 km

Planet species: 312

Deduction route: None】

“312 Species” Jiang Fan slightly raised his eyebrows.

If one counted the total number of species since the birth of life on the planet, it’s not just that.

It could be a thousand!


With the emergence of new species.

Some low-level species did not adapt to the new environment or were invaded and occupied.

They gradually died out.

The life force counted the species of life on a real planet.

These extinct species would not be counted.

Although many species were extinct, there were more new species!

And better health provide more life force.

“Evolution continues.” After a brief thought, Jiang Fan continued to accelerate the awakening space.

He observed all this in silence.

From the birth of the planet to now, Jiang Fan hadn’t intervened yet.

But for easier observation, Jiang Fan still divided a few eras for Blue Star.

The most important are four-Ancient, Archean, Proterozoic and Phanerozoic!

Ancient: the first 300 million years, no life.

Archean:300 to 400 million years, the birth of single-celled life.

Proterozoic:400 to 500 million years ago, multicellular life was born.

Phanerozoic:500 million years ago, advanced animals and plants began to emerge, the embryonic form of modern life.

Apparently, Phanerozoic is the key.

Jiang Fan was in the Phanerozoic.

A few more periods were subdivided.

He didn’t follor Earth.

The division was so detailed.

Only a few major periods were planned.

After all, in his past life, the diameter of the Earth exceeded 10000 kilometers!

Blue Star was only 50 kilometers.

It was far from it.

There are not so many species that have developed.

The first period of division, Jiang Fan named—Cambrian!

The planet is in the middle of it’s Cambrian explosion.

Low-grade fishes, paleo-amphibians and paleo-animals appeared successively.

Insects and amphibians thrived.

Paleophytes were dominated by marine algae during this period.

The original plants began to land.

Pteridophytes also developed and flourished to the extreme, forming dense forests, an important coal-forming period.

In the sea, the earliest vertebrates began to emerge—jawless fish!

The level of life was rising further.

At the same time, crustal movements within the planet were also taking place quietly.

The surface of the planet was no longer entirely covered by the ocean.

Many large fold mountains appear.

High mountains.



And so on.

Blue Star’s terrain began to become colorful.

Fortunately, it’s different from the previous earth because Blue Star was much smaller.

Plus Jiang Fan used the deduction system.

So… there’s no extinction here!

Over time, the Cambrian also came to an end.

At the same time, more new species are born!

Jiang Fan was not stingy with the acceleration using origin energy.

A new period arrived.

This is… Jurassic!

Jiang Fan was still too lazy to name, directly adopting the name of the last Earth.

They were the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

Finally, Jiang Fan adopted the name “Jurassic”, the most famous period.

This was also the most important period for Blue Star so far!

—Author’s Notes—

Ps: about the evolution of the planet.

The author won’t write too long, but it cannot be skipped.

Only a few important periods will be picked up.

If you’re interested in them, you can look them up.

The history of the Earth is interesting.


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