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Chapter 110: A Century of Evolution! A new kind of intelligent race…… is born!

Zhu Chongba practiced martial arts from childhood and was elected by the villagers as a negotiator!

However, there were only ten people in his team.

It was not even qualified to participate in the discussion meeting of each team!

“I…… can’t lose the face of my ancestors! Now in this troubled world, maybe…… I can also fight for glory!”

After thinking about it for a long time, Zhu Chongba finally made up his mind.

He left the small team of only a dozen people and walked toward a high mountain near the lake.

Zhu Chongba heard people say that this mountain was inhabited by a master.

His name was Liu Ji!

Also known as Liu Tianji!

It was said that he could know about the secrets of Heaven!

He was the descendant of the three colleges.

A real scholar!

For ordinary people, a scholar was a high and mighty figure that they’d only heard of and never seen!

In the mountains, next to a mountain stream, Zhu Chongba met the legendary Liu Tianji.

This was a thin man.

His appearance was mediocre.

However, the aura of a powerful person.

But let Zhu Chongba be sure at a glance that the person in front of him was Liu Tianji!

“I just heard birds chirping and it turned out to be a guest.”

Liu Tianji seemed to have anticipated Zhu Chongba’s visit.

He was not surprised at all.

“Scholar Liu……”

Zhu Chongba bowed respectfully.

Liu Tianji waved his hand and said, “I am no longer a scholar, the word scholar has become history, and now I’m just a village folk.”


Liu Tianji looked at Zhu Chongba and said, “Do you know what a scholar is”

“I heard from my ancestors that scholars used to be the wisest and most respected group of people in the Xia Kingdom.”

Zhu Chongba replied.

“Your ancestors were in the Great Desert Army”

Liu Tianji glanced at the token hanging on Zhu Chongba’s neck, a slight light flashed in his eyes.


Zhu Chongba responded with some pride.

“Then what are you doing here”

Liu Tianji asked.


Zhu Chongba hesitated for a while, but still said, “I want to ask you to help me!”

“Help you Why should I help you”

Liu Tianji smiled slightly and said, “You are just a small leader with only a dozen people under your control.”

Hearing this, Zhu Chongba froze at once.

After a few moments, Zhu Chongba looked at Liu Tianji and said solemnly: “I know some things about you.

If you can help me, when I can win a place to live, it will certainly reopen the college and let you become the leader of all scholars!”

Zhu Chongbai’s dream at this time was still about growing the team.

He was trying to pull together a few hundred people and was trying to occupy a small county.

That would be satisfactory.

After hearing Zhu Chongba’s heartfelt words.

Liu Tianji smiled slightly and said, “You can invite me out of the mountain if you want, but you have to find ten scholars first.”

“Ten scholars”

Zhu Chongbai couldn’t help but stare in disbelief.

Finding one scholar was a thousand times harder than finding normal people.

How he was gonna find ten more

However, to restore the glory of the ancestors, Zhu Chongba gritted his teeth.

He nodded heavily and said, “Okay, Mr.

Liu, wait for my good news!”

After saying goodbye to Liu Tianji, Zhu Chongba went down the mountain with a team of a dozen people.

He no longer fought for the territory, instead, he began to search for scholars that were almost impossible to find!

“Hahaha, look at those guys, all of them are worse than beggars, and they actually say that they are from three colleges, or what…… scholars It really made me laugh.”

On the first day, Zhu Chongba met a general who was escorting the people on the road.

In this era, this kind of human trafficking business was growing.

This general was from the neighborhood.

He was Chief Chen’s general with the largest number of people in the team.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that these people’s skin looks white, I wouldn’t even have them.”

This general spat out.

Zhu Chongba looked into the cage on the carriage on the back, there were people inside, with thin and yellow faces, dirty faces, and looked nothing like beggars.

They were young and old alike.

Zhu Chongba felt the aura of these people, while he was looking at them.

Their aura seemed to be somewhat similar to Liu Tianji.

“What’s the price for these guys”

Zhu Chongba immediately asked.

“One thousand taels and take them away.”

The general glanced at Zhu Chongba with disdain.

One thousand taels

Zhu Chongba suddenly lost his voice.

He simply could not come up with that much money.

He looked at the people inside.

Zhu Chongba gritted his teeth and made a bold decision in his heart!

Later that night, Zhu Chongren led the team’s subordinates and attacked the team.

They robbed everyone!

Chief Chen, who heard the news, was furious.

He sent people after them but Zhu Chongba fled with his men all the way to the deep mountains!

Seeing this, Jiang Fan knew that this young man named Zhu Chongba had already taken the most important first step.

As for the later developments, Jiang Fan didn’t take a closer look.

His eyes moved to the second continent.


At this time, on the second continent.

After decades of evolution, a new kind of intelligent race…… was born!!


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