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Chapter 111: The first birth of a new intelligent civilization! The super genius descends!

On the second continent and the first continent where the Xia Kingdom was located, the environmental gap was huge.

It was completely different, thus, many new and exotic species were born.

As the area of the Blue Star became larger, it also gradually showed its unique talent.

At first, the evolution of Blue Star was almost the same as that of the Earth in his previous life but by the end of the day, it was getting more and more different.

One could say that the earth in his previous life was a planet of mediocre talent.

The birth of the species was relatively common.

The only thing that impressed Jiang Fan was the “Water bear” creature.

On the second continent, even without the atomic dinosaur that Jiang Fan threw in, there was still a large number of uncommon species.

In the beginning, Jiang Fan realized that a new species of intelligent life might arise here.

As a result, the First Continent was undergoing an extremely fierce battle for the world while on the second continent’s side, a new intelligent species was officially born unsurprisingly.

Just like human beings, they were not generated out of thin air.

It also evolved from a primitive creature of some kind, step by step!

This intelligent species……

The most primitive comes from a marine creature similar to the ice sea angel.

Due to the extreme similarity, Jiang Fan directly named it the ice sea angel.

Ice sea angels lived in the middle of the ocean.

Their whole body was transparent and looked very beautiful.

They wander in the water, like an angel floating in midair.

Their transparent body had a red digestive part that looked like a fiery red heart.

The orange part of the upper body of the ice angel was part of reproduction and digestion.

Wing-like attachments on the body evolved from feet, allowing it to swim in the marine environment.

Ice Angels were bisexual creatures.

Both males and females had different sexual organs.

In the process of giving birth to the next generation, the two ice sea angels would stay together and then fertilize each other’s eggs in each other’s bodies.

After some time, the little ice sea angel would be born.

Ice Angels had a long history.

A long time ago, they lived in the deep sea.

With the increase in the size of the Blue Star and the change in the environment, Ice sea angels also began to evolve slowly.

It gradually evolved toward the next form.

It was like the transformation of an ancient ape into an ape-man.

This next form was Ice Sea Jellyfish!

It was not really a jellyfish but because of the many similarities with jellyfish, Jiang Fan directly gave it this name.

The ice jellyfish had evolved new characteristics on the basis of retaining many characteristics of the ice sea angel.

Normally, the ice sea jellyfish were like any other creature.

It developed and lived in the normal way.

It could also be born, grow old and die in the traditional way but when they suffer from starvation, physical damage, or other sudden crises, it could take a more unique approach.

Ice jellyfish could transform themselves into droplet-like cysts.

From this cyst, it continued to develop into the primitive life form and then it could grow again into hundreds of adult ice sea jellyfish!

In a sense, it could be said to be immortality but it was not really immortality.

In fact, it was transformed into a new life.

It was like a human cell dividing into countless individuals.

The real reason for the transformation was a huge pressure to survive.

As the ice sea jellyfish had very little combat power, it was the target of many predators to devour at will.

Immortality for them was helpless and sad!

So, a part of the ice sea jellyfish chose to continue to evolve and successfully evolved into the third stage!

The ice sea jellyfish possessed a lot of intelligence.

It was almost the same as the killer whales on Earth in his previous life!

That time they evolved into a really intelligent race!

They broke away from the appearance of ice sea jellyfish and crawled out of the sea.

As they came to land, a new intelligent race was officially born!!

This species retained most of the characteristics of the first two stages, they had a translucent shape.

The way of development was also passed down because the overall shape was very similar to a water drop.

So, Jiang Fan named them water droplet people!

Although both had the word “human” in them, water droplets were very different from humans!

The way they produce offspring was somewhat peculiar.

By having sex with the opposite sex, the organic matter that makes up their bodies would fuse together.

Two-thirds of this material would provide energy for biochemical reactions while another third of the cells would be completely renewed and would generate a new body.

The new body would split into three to five young individuals.

The memory and consciousness of the water droplet people could be partially passed on to the next generation so that a higher civilization could evolve in a harsh survival environment.

Water droplet people didn’t have to talk because they could communicate directly using brain waves.

Their communication was extremely fast.

There was no privacy or secrecy between individuals.

The newly born water droplet people……

Despite being an intelligent race, they were still very weak!

Their combat power was not even as good as that of humans.

Their peculiar appearance was coveted by many creatures of the land!

However, in addition to all of the above, the water droplet people had also evolved a very powerful racial talent – they could control the water to a certain extent!

In the beginning, there were not many water droplets people same as humans.

Their growing environment was even more dangerous.

There were giant predators, atomic dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers and other large predators there!

There were many other beings that should not be underestimated.

Water droplet people could only choose to hide for the time being.

They hid in a remote valley on the continent, slowly growing.

Gradually, the number of water droplet people was growing.

They developed a civilization of their own.

Their characteristics.

Let there be no concept of lies, deceit, or concealment in the culture of Water droplet people.

Living in a cluster was an idealized collective civilization.

That was to say, there would be no internal conflict.

They were different from humans, who liked to fight internally.

But the external threats to the Water droplet people were much, much greater!

“It would be nice if we could combine the characteristics of humans and water droplet people……”

Seeing this, Jiang Fan couldn’t help but think this way.

The development of the civilization of water droplet people was much worse than humans.

The technology tree did not even have roots.


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