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Chapter 112: The first birth of a new intelligent civilization! The super genius descends!

The most obvious was the place to live.

As water droplet people liked light and heat, so what they built was not an ordinary building.

They built pyramids!

Pyramids were not only able to defend against the beasts outside, but it was also due to their special internal structure.

It could absorb and store photo-thermal energy, letting water droplet people grow better!

These kinds of pyramids were almost the pyramids that Jiang Fan saw in his previous life.

They were not exactly the same!

Therefore, Jiang Fan gave this pyramid a new name–

Pyramid of Light!!!

Later, another incredible creature came out!

With the Pyramid of Light, there was a basic guarantee for the survival of the Water Droplet people.

They started walking out of the valley and were slowly expanding toward the outside.

Some creatures on the second continent also discovered this strange intelligent life.

Among them, there was that terrifying giant eel that killed Atomic Dinosaur Dong and the six-legged Python just a few decades ago.

During these decades, this giant eel had always been the overlord of this piece of land!

Although its level of intelligence was not at the level of intelligent life, it was also very high!

Soon, the giant eel realized the potential threat of the Water Droplet People!





Several loud noises followed.

A giant eel slapped a water droplet man down hard to the ground.

Under its huge body, there were even a few Water Droplet people who had already died!

This was a team of droplet people who came out to explore the environment.

All of them were killed by this brutal giant eel.

The giant eel used its absolute force and gave an obvious warning to the droplet people.

Ever since the water droplet people did not dare to go out again.

They were staying obediently in the Pyramid of Light.

The development and continuation of civilization were taking place slowly but for the giant eel, water droplet people were only insignificant and small threats.

It was not taken into account yet.

The six offspring of Dong were the most disturbing factor.

It was just that, in these decades of search, the giant eel almost searched the entire second continent but had not been able to find the whereabouts of these six atomic dinosaurs!

The only one who knew was Jiang Fan who was observing silently.

Jiang Fan cast his gaze to the location where the six atomic dinosaurs were.

They were inside a huge crater.

That’s right, after witnessing Dong being killed by a giant eel, these six atomic dinosaurs escaped to this place.

This was the only way to escape from the giant eel.

This was a place where even Giant Eel wouldn’t dare to come but the atomic dinosaurs were able to endure the heat and radiation of the crater and gradually got used to the environment there.

Over decades of living in radiation, the bodies of six Atomic Dinosaurs were more or less mutated.

It started to be able to absorb radiation and store it in the body.

In an accidental state, they could also release the power of this radiation.

They couldn’t control it by themselves.

After decades of growth, the six atomic dinosaurs were fully grown.

The memory of Dong being killed by the giant eel did not fade, instead, it became more profound!

After deliberation, six Atomic Dinosaurs decided to walk out of the crater and find the giant eel for revenge!

At the same time, on the second continent, there were more peculiar beings hiding in the shadows, except for the water droplet people.


On the first continent.

In the chaotic Xia Kingdom, no one realized that on the opposite side of the ocean, an intelligent species with potential no less than theirs had been born!

They were still caught in a crazy involution!

Xia De, Cao Meng, Sun Quan, and Zhu Chongba had all begun their struggle for the top.

A big search for one scholar after another started.

Firearms and guns were building!

The emphasis on Kewu had reached an extremely high point.

If there were no accidents, the world would be united for a long time and divided for a long time!

It would certainly be unified again.

It was just not clear which side was going to lead.

After all, this was not the Earth of the previous life.

It was the Blue Star owned by Jiang Fan.

Jiang Fan, who had been silently observing the evolution of Blue Star for a hundred years.

This time, there was a new idea!

“System, help me to deduce what is the probability that there will be a war in the Xia Kingdom in the future”

Jiang Fan asked the system.

In Jiang Fan’s mind, there was a bottom line.

If it was below this bottom line, Jiang Fan would intervene.

After all, the war would bring new changes at the same time.

It would also lead to a decrease in population and the size of the Blue Star was strongly linked to the population!

Once below the bottom line, there was an irreversible risk!

The result of the deduction came out soon–

Deduction result: 50%.

“Fifty percent”

Jiang Fan raised his eyebrows.

This result surprised him a bit.

It might happen, or it might not happen.

Shortly before this, Jiang Fan once let the system deduce a result–

There was a once-in-a-millennium scientific research genius!

It would be born in this era.

For Jiang Fan, ordinary scientific geniuses were no longer attractive now.

Only that kind of super demonic figure that could raise the limit of human science by one person was important for him.

It was worth Jiang Fan’s attention.

At the very least, it was also necessary to have the talent of Qi.

As long as the birth of mankind.

He was considered the most talented one.

He was very good in all fields!

From a young age, he was able to realize that this Blue Star was getting bigger and bigger!

Qi was better at technology.

There were few theoretical results and now this monster was born.

In the system’s deduction results.

His talent was one level higher than Qi!

This aroused Jiang Fan’s interest.

Jiang Fan decided to intervene again!!

PS: In terms of various characteristics, the water droplet people should be somewhat similar to the ice sea angel and the lighthouse jellyfish.

Ice sea angels and lighthouse jellyfish are very beautiful.

It’s also a creature of the Earth.

If you are interested, you can search for it.

Therefore, the specific image author added some additional settings.

Don’t be angry! If you don’t like it, don’t spray it!


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