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Chapter 113: Jiang Fan’s Re-Intervention! A once-in-a-millennium scientific research genius!

Jiang Fan had to step in because if he did not make a move, this peerless genius would…… just hang up!!

For the people of Xia Kingdom, this winter was a little cold.

Inside the palace of the Xia Kingdom, there was a bleak and cold silence.

Ever since Captain Dong took control of the imperial government, the smiles on the faces of the people in the palace became less and less.

The palace maids and eunuchs walking on the road were also in a hurry.

Next to the Great Desolate Research Institute in the backyard, there was a tall building dedicated to observing the stars.

It was named Stargazing Tower!

In the earlier years, it was a very popular place for various scholars.

The most advanced telescopes in the Xia Kingdom were also present there.

Those were used to observe the sky above closer stars.

Of course, these weren’t exactly stars.

Rather, Jiang Fan used the power of the origin to transform a star-like energy mass in order to maintain the normal operation of Blue Star!

Except that there was no entity from the outside.

They were exactly the same as a normal star!

At this time, the Stargazer tower was empty.

Since the closure of the three colleges, the number of scholars in the palace had also decreased.

Only some scholars who were responsible for teaching princes and princesses to read were still there.

There were naturally even fewer people coming to the Stargazer tower.

The entire nine floors of the Stargazing tower were empty.

Only on the highest floor, a little girl who was only four or five years old was standing on her tiptoes in front of that huge telescope.

She was barely lying in front of the telescope lens.

She was looking at the sky with curiosity!

She stood there until the night darkened.

A shout came from outside saying, “Princess, dinner is ready!”

“Got it.”

This little girl took one last look at the sky and left reluctantly.

She followed the palace maid back to the palace where she lived.

After she finished eating, she picked up a book and carefully looked at it.

Her face was full of concentration.

This was a book that recorded the chronicles since the beginning of time.

It also had a series of relatively significant research experiments.

The little girl turned to one of the pages.

After seeing the “Leaning Tower Iron Ball Experiment”.

She couldn’t help but be fascinated.

“Why are these two iron balls, one weighing a hundred pounds and one weighing only one pound, actually able to land at the same time”

She was full of doubts.

She turned down the page while thinking about this, to see the answer on the back but the answer wasn’t too satisfying for her.

There was only one simple explanation.

It didn’t thoroughly explain why

There were also speculations and assumptions about this by scholars.

“It’s so complicated.”

The little girl looked at these complicated numbers and symbols.

Although feeling a little scratchy, she watched it with great interest.

“Princess, it’s time for you to sleep.”

The palace maid came in and put the book away.


The little girl reluctantly collapsed.

“Why don’t girls learn manners and poetry, instead of reading these things”

The palace maid was very puzzled.

The little girl was growing up.

She was even more charming but her interest remained the same.

Sneaking off to the Stargazing tower every day was her favorite hobby.

She loved watching the stars in the sky through that big telescope!

The Great Desolate Research Institute of the Imperial Palace became a place to teach princes and princesses but now, the teachings had changed.

The main study was changed to the etiquette of poetry and calligraphy!

Physics, chemistry, medicine, etc.

that were mandatory in the era of Han were no longer valued.

The few scholars who remained were very embarrassed.

They would have left a long time ago.

Every day in their classrooms, there were a lot of truants.

The only thing that comforted them was a little girl named “Yan”

She was always attentive!

After the class, she would occasionally ask a few questions.

Time went by day by day and great changes had taken place in the Xia Kingdom.

Tao died from illness and Captain Dong got all the power and established a puppet emperor.

This emperor was only five years old.

It was the youngest of the princes and princesses.

The disturbance of the court also affected this side.

Although nothing had changed there, the number of princes and princesses who came to study was decreasing day by day.

The soldiers standing guard were changed.

Their numbers got bigger!

Yan remained the same year-round.

She was not affected by these events.

After the class, she would run to the stargazing tower in a hurry.

Two more years passed and Yan got 10 years old.

She was slender and elegant.

She looked like a beautiful scoundrel!

On this day, after Yan finished her class, she discovered that there was something wrong with the surrounding atmosphere.

There were many soldiers coming outside.

Immediately after that, a tall, well-dressed old man walked in.

He had a very majestic aura.

The old man walked straight in and came in front of Yan.

After sizing her up for a few moments, he nodded slightly and said, “Not bad.”


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